Allied Leaders Attend D-Day Commemoration

Leaders of the Allied Nations joined Queen Elizabeth (and the third day of the American state visit) in Portsmouth yesterday on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion to commemorate this historical event.

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Queen Elizabeth stood out in a repeated pink ensemble and hat. The hat follows a familiar Angela Kelly shape with square angled straw crown and wide straw brim with upturned kettle edge – this design’s brim edge is wrapped in the same silk crepe as the ensemble’s matching coat (something we’ve not seen a good view of until today).  The hat is trimmed in two rows of rope made from the same silk crepe fabric, placed just above the base of the crown, which finish in a figure eight bow, anchored by a pink jeweled button (again, same as the coat) and surrounded by pink ostrich feathers.

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I really like the lightness that this design’s straw brim lends it- you can see light gently filtering around the Queen’s face- and the textural contrast it provides to the smooth crepe on the coat. My main quibble here is wishing for more tidy feathers (a few arrow trimmed feathers sweeping around the design, maybe?). Not many can wear this shade of pink, especially to such an event, and it certainly made Her Majesty stand out in a sea of navy suits.

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Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: May 5, 2019; July 4, 2018

Because the American state visit is officially still underway, I’ll give a nod to Melania Trump’s hat- a sleek, wide-brimmed straw saucer. It’s a great design (so great to see her in a Philip Treacy design!) and I particularly admire how great the scale is on her (particularly paired with her cream, belted coat) and the perfect angle she placed it on her head.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy

Thoughts about these hats yesterday in Portsmouth?

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14 thoughts on “Allied Leaders Attend D-Day Commemoration

  1. I think the ostrich feather, which is a nice change from the feathers we usually see, looks better than it did during previous outings. The sinamay crown is also a nice touch to lighten the feel of the whole hat. Overall a win for HM, although it will never be a favorite.

    A great choice of hat for Melania, but I agree with mcncln that Meghan wore this hat better because of the angle.

  2. I’ve really looked at the pictures of the Duchess and Melania and tried to figure out why I don’t like the hat on Melania. I believe you are right it’s the heavy coat versus the light dress . Also, this is my impression , Melania wears very heavy eye makeup and makeup in general whereas Duchess Meghan wears a lighter look. Somehow it just looks wrong with the light straw .

  3. I like the ostrich feathers for the very reason that some DON’T like them — the way they move about in the breeze. The movement makes them light and fun. But I do agree with everyone that there are few public figures who can wear Pepto Bismol pink as well as HM!

    Looking particularly at the 3rd photo in the 2nd Melania gallery, I think that photo expresses best why I think this hat doesn’t work well with the coat, and why Meghan’s hats work better. I like Mrs. Trump’s hat, and I like her coat, but not together — the hat seems too “lightweight” to go with the somewhat heavy looking coat. Whereas Meghan’s hats are both being worn with very light dresses with a degree of exposure — the lightness of the hat therefore goes well.

    A “tip of the hat” also to Mrs. May’s hat, which I like quite a bit. I think what saves it from the light hat/heavy coat issue of Melania’s ensemble is the fact that there is contrast between her coat and dress and so much of the dress shows — I don’t feel like she’s bundled up in her coat the way Melania is.

    • I enjoyed the movement of the feathers in the breeze too. And why am I not surprised that the Queen continued her speech without missing a beat while wrestling with that breeze for her paper!

  4. The shape and cloth of the cream coat makes it rather heavy and therefore unflattering. The saucer hat is also a bit too flat in combination with this coat and on Melania. I like the “Meghan version” of the hat more.

  5. Call it bubble gum, hot pink, or Pepto Bismol, I LOVE it, but either tame the feathers, or perhaps add an accent color from the dress beneath. It’s great to see this Hyacinth Bucket look-alike ensemble again, this time with the coordinating coat.
    WOWZA, Melania looks uber fantastic! Let’s hope we see her in more millinery here at home when she’s out and about. It could rekindle a whole new interest in chapeau wearing here!
    Theresa May looked very nice today, also. The group photo at the top of this post could have benefited from more color and hats on the other women.
    HatQueen, I hope you don’t think the following is inappropriate, due to the solemnity of the day, even though many of the event’s photos showed a light-hearted enjoyable atmosphere at times.

    CAPTION THIS: What’s On Their Minds?

    CHARLES: Please let Her Majesty pass through – mummy’s had enough.
    HM: I’ve had enough. I DO hope they liked my hat. (a la Hyacinth)
    DONALD: I DO like her hat! Hey, what’s for lunch?
    MELANIA: Hey, what’s for lunch? My dogs are barking!
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  6. I love this colour on the Queen and the hat is a nice one.
    I thought Melania did very well in her hat selection on this state visit. For someone who doesn’t usually wear hats she didn’t go with small, discreet designs. I wish more non-royals would follow her example on state visits.

  7. Beautiful hats – and how nice does HM look in this vibrant pink? The way the breeze ruffled through those ostrich feathers was mesmerizing!

  8. I agree with what everyone else is saying about the heap of feathers – I could do without them altogether. The general look is lovely though

  9. HM in pink again – always a gorgeous look; and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ostrich feather I didn’t like
    Having seen Duchess Meghan wear 2 Treacy hats very similar to this one of Melania’s, I’m trying to put my finger on why this one has less appeal for me. I think it’s the position on her head; I like this style of hat when worn at a sharper angle, as demonstrated below by Duchess Meghan in 2018:
    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

  10. I also agree that this hat has a wonderful lightness. And I also think the ostrich feathers are a bit unkempt, but really, all I see is Her Majesty’s smile. How lucky we are to have her as our Queen! And she does wear that odd bubblegum pink awfully well.

  11. You’re right about the straw on this hat, compared to the one she wore for the Derby it just has lightness that the straw provides compared with that heavy fabric. I like the shape and the colour, but the ostrich feather just looks a bit unkempt. When Treacy does this look (see Camilla 100 times), the natural shape of the feathers is celebrated, but in this hat they just look a bit of an afterthought and a distraction. Coat is well cut though. And the colour just makes her pop against a sea of blue and great, as well she should!!

    • JamesB, I don’t usually like ostrich feathers, and I think you’ve pinpointed the reason. I’ll keep an eye for for how they are used on Treacy designs.

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