Swedish Monarchs Support Art At Waldemarsudde

The Swedish King and Queen attended an annual Association of Friends of the Artists event today. The event was held again this year at Waldemarsudde, former home and gallery of Prince Eugene, fourth son of King Oscar II who was an accomplished landscape painter, art collector and patron (at the time of his death in 1947, Prince Eugene’s private collection included 3,200 works by the himself, and 3,500 works by almost 450 other artists) who created a Swedish Artists’ Support Fund Foundation in 1937. For this fundraiser, Queen Silvia wore a picture hat red straw hat.

A quick trip back in the photo archives shows this hat’s last outing was over a decade ago on May 5, 2008 during a state visit to Portugal. Photos taken from this visit show the hat has a wide, sidesweeping brim in triple-layers of very thin red straw and is trimmed by an oversize straw flower with straw petals cascading over the crown (which appears to be a nearly transparent, single layer of straw) and lower side of the brim.

Embed from Getty Images

It’s not my favourite hat on the Swedish queen- I think the scale is too large on her. Wide brims are great unless they leave the impression of swallowing up their wearer, something I think is the case here.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: I suspect Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: May 5, 2008

It’s always curious when a hat that’s not seen the light of day for a decade makes a sudden return. Photos of today’s event aren’t good enough to tell if there’s been a renovation of this hat’s crown (it looks square in today’s photo)- hopefully, we’ll not need to wait another decade to see it in closer detail to know for certain. What do you think of Queen Silvia’s reappeared red hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

12 thoughts on “Swedish Monarchs Support Art At Waldemarsudde

  1. The colour is beautiful against dark hair, but I agree with everybody else: this hat should have stayed in retirement. The brim is too large for the queen´s petite frame, and the many floppy, unstructured layers give the hat a boho quality, that may work on e.g. princess Caroline or perhaps queen Maxima, but not on the always very classic and formally dressed queen Silvia. I understand that the queen wanted to experiment with a more relaxed, arty hat for this event, but this hat does not work on her anymore and should not have left the palace.

  2. HQ, this hat looks crownless to me — in the first pic Sylvia’s dark brown hair is showing both underneath the curl of a petal and above it, and in the second pic (expanded), her backswept highlighted coiffure, looking blonder in the sunlight, is showing to the left of the flower.
    I don’t always mind crownless hats, but I do prefer them left for less formal occasions, rather than a state visit.
    I agree with everyone that the brim is just too wide. We don’t see much of Sylvia in wide brim hats these days, which is something I miss – she used to wear some beauties.

  3. I’m all for a wider brim on Silvia, especially in such a great color on her like this red, but I’m not thrilled with the design details of this hat. It does warrant better photos and further inspection, but I’m afraid it suffered from the experimental organic shaping of Fabienne Delvigne that was often prevalent in her hats from the late 2000s (and still is sometimes) that unfortunately was/is rarely flattering.

  4. I’m always a fan of variety, so I like seeing Silvia in something more unusual. It is perhaps just a smidgen too big for her, but I do like its drama.

  5. It is a lot of hat for someone who doesn’t wear that many, isn’t it? The dramatic style is more Max. I’m imagining a closet-cleaning scenario in which Sylvia thought she’d give it another try before retiring it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the kind of hat the princesses would wear, either.

  6. I love the shape, bit quirky and the lovely colour. Something like. This would be much nicer on Meghan than her boring berets and teardrops , more like her black and white hat at Ascot last year that was fabulous

  7. This hat is not to my particular taste for Sylvia- as Hat Queen mentions, the proportions feel a bit off. I might feel differently if the pictures from the prior outing didn’t make it seem like it was covering up her face. However, I love the idea of a larger brimmed hat on the queen and wish we’d see them more often.

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