Favourite Repeated Royal Hat: April 2019


A reader reminded me that it’s been a while since our last hat poll…  indeed, we’re two months behind. Before things get really busy next week, we’re going to look back at the top repeated hats we saw in April and choose a favourite.

Please click on each caption or photo link to jump to original feature posts with additional views, information and discussion on each hat. Here are the eight repeated hats you most admired in April, shown in the order they were worn:
1.    2.
Queen Elizabeth’s green felt cloche with quills and celtic knot by Rachel Trevor Morgan worn April 13
Empress Michiko’s eggshell sparkling saucer with crin brim and silver striped bow worn April 17 and April 25
3.    4.
Queen Máxima in a black felt Philip Treacy teardrop percher with deep crease and quill trim worn April 18
Queen Elizabeth’s yellow straw hat with bows and colourful feathers by Rachel Trevor Morgan worn April 18
5.    6.
Empress Michiko’s pale blue-grey rimmed saucer hat with layered silk bow worn April 19
Queen Elizabeth’s pale blue silk and straw hat with fuchsia trim by Angela Kelly worn for Easter on April 21
7.    8.
Princess Beatrice’s copper straw saucer with curling feathers& pink roses by Juliette Botterill on April 21
Duchess of Cambridge’s grey felt Jane Taylor teardrop with organdie bows worn April 21
This poll will remain open until next Monday, June 17 at midnight GMT and we’ll peruse the results after Ascot. As usual, each computer or mobile device can vote twice per day for as many hats as you wish. May your choice be victorious!

7 thoughts on “Favourite Repeated Royal Hat: April 2019

  1. I voted for the pale blue Angela Kelly hat with fuscua trim only because I saw Her Majesty in it at the Easter service at St George’s Chapel. We sang Happy Birthday to Her Majesty and received a smile and wave in return.

    • James, can anyone go to services at St George’s Chapel, or were you there as a specially invited guest? I once saw Princess Diana in the royal box at a performance of the Welsh National Opera, but that was in a public theater and I bought a ticket at the box office as anybody could. I always thought St George’s Chapel was private.

  2. Princess Bea for me, such an inspired remodel and looks so good with her colouring. When she gets it right…. she gets it RIGHT!

    • I’m not often wholeheartedly in favour of a Beatrice outfit, but I loved this. It’s partly the clever matching with the dress, and partly the colours on her; but lovely.

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