Dutch State Visit to Ireland: Day 2

A second day of events in Ireland yesterday saw Queen Máxima in a repeated pumpkin straw hat with sidesweeping brim. The design, which hasn’t been seen in six years, is simply trimmed with a slim straw hatband.

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I suppose as far as diplomatic equality goes, it was only fair to follow Máxima’s green hat on the first day of this visit with something representative of the House of Orange. This warm shade is one she wears well and while the hat isn’t anything terribly exciting on its own, provides a decent balance for the sequinned skirt of her ensemble well and forms a surprisingly good backdrop for those amazing citrine jewels. Not every hat needs to take center stage and this one, in a colour we don’t see many royal hats, is a good supporting element.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: June 3, 2013; November 5, 2009

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this hat on the Dutch Queen- what do you think about it, this time out?

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26 thoughts on “Dutch State Visit to Ireland: Day 2

  1. With this hat being made of heavier milan/hemp/wheat braided straw, it does make the signature slice shape a bit harder to make and maintain, hence why this hat doesn’t look as refined as the other straw slices, which are usually made of sinamay.

    Nevertheless, I do love that this has returned again after so many years in hiding; I also love the raw silk top and that gorgeous brooch! While this could definitely be a nod to the House of Orange, it also could be a nod to the orange on the Irish flag, although that may cause some awkwardness depending on how your politics run; maybe it is safer to say it’s for the Dutch! (I lived in Northern Ireland for 5 months, so I tend to overanalyze with colors sometimes, especially in an Irish/British political context haha.)

  2. I like this hat and the whole outfit, which is not matchy-matchy – especially with the darker scarf and camel coat on – but perfectly blended!

  3. I really love this hat. It’s such a wonderful and slightly uncommon color on QMax and is a great example of how even a large hat doesn’t have to take over an outfit. I love its pairing with the sequin skirt too- makes it come off not too matchy-matchy.

  4. it’s a good look, and one which I thought we had seen more often, so I was surprised that it’s been several years. I also had to check myself that this blog has been going for six years!

    The colour is an intriguing one, pumpkin is probably the best name for it.

  5. That orange colour really brings out the burnt umber/ burnt toffee/lights in her brown irises – I’ve never noticed that before. A fantastic colour choice.
    The awesome brooch is so heavy that it is pulling the fabric of the top down. I doubt that normal-brooch reinforcing hacks would work with a decoration of this weight — it probably needs nothing less than a boned corset as its support base- which I suppose is what it started out being attached to, more than a century ago. And I would have gone for silver earrings, so as not to create competition with the brooch. Nevertheless I enjoy this outfit a lot, and it’s always a good day when i see Maxima in a slice hat.

  6. I loved the big hat for day 2 – signature Maxima style!
    The Ascot choices above look amazing – we are in for a royal hat bonanza this year!!

  7. this is her signature hat this is Maxima, her uniform hat if you will,
    the hats don’t have a lot of embellishments, I wonder what she is going to wear at Ascot…. can’t wait

      • Great suggestion HQ! this hat has size, drama and a touch of fun, which fits the Ascot bill perfectly. Do you have any information to suggest that this could be the hat Maxima will wear?
        On the subject of suitable hats from Maxima’s collection, I think these also have enough drama for Ascot:
        Embed from Getty Images
        Embed from Getty Images
        and this one has so much veiling that it would fit right in with the current full-on veiling trend:
        Embed from Getty Images
        More hat suggestions for Maxima, anyone?

        • I would LOVE LOVE to see the hat from the Luxembourg wedding (the big giant pheasant feather) again. If I had to pick one favorite non-gala look from Max of all time it would be that outfit. That hat is flamazing, and Ascot would be perfect for it!!

          • Something went wrong – I’ll try again.
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          • Mittenmary, every time I see your hat suggestion, and others of Max’s like it, I immediately think of the ending to a wonderful “I Love Lucy” episode from 1951, when Lucy accidentally falls into a swimming pool while wearing a not-so-over-the-top hat like Maxima is wearing, trying to impress Hedda Hopper. Should the queen show up next week at Ascot wearing your choice, let’s hope it’s not raining! Enjoy the first minute and a half. Happy weekend, all.

          • LOL, Jimbo — the perils of dressing to impress! But I don’t remember rainy days at Ascot during the time I’ve been following this blog. Perhaps it may only fall after sundown, as the song from Camelot stipulates.

            Of course, this one would be awkward for whoever sits next to her in the carriage ride…

          • mittenmary, sadly, it does occasionally rain at Royal Ascot. Tuesday of 2016 it POURED down rain! So much so that the garden area became a mud pit. Kudos to the grounds people though because by Wednesday they’d laid wood chips so that there were clean pathways. But the rain on Tuesday was really rough when you’re wearing your finery. We almost left since we had 2 more days on the agenda. But fortunately the rain abated by the time of the carriage procession. All that said, in the 11 total days I’ve attended Ascot that was the only rain I’ve experienced. That’s pretty good in a rainy climate like England.

        • No, I don’t have any inside information on this! (I wish I did!). The hat from the Luxembourg wedding is another excellent guess!

          And Mittenmary- I had forgotten about this one. It’s another great guess.
          Embed from Getty Images

      • Is there confirmation that the King & Queen are attending Royal Ascot this year? I’d not heard that. Alas, this is our off year.

        • First King Willem-Alexander will be installed in the order of the Garter and after that they are going to Ascot or vice versa anyway
          such a shame you are both not there, but wie will see the photo’s

          • Ah, thank you hats off for that info. I’ve not seen anything about him receiving the Garter. That means Tuesday will be packed with people because they’ll all want to see the Dutch monarchs as well as the possible attendance of the Sussex’s. Last year the place was swarming with people on Tuesday because Harry & Meghan were expected to be there. Within about an hour of the carriage procession entrance most everyone had left.

          • Have you read confirmation that the Dutch king and queen will be at Royal Ascot? Of course, I hope to see them there but I’ve not seen confirmation anywhere yet.

        • I do believe that King Felipe and Queen Letitia will be there also. Both Wax and Felipe are being invested in the Order of the Garter and are expected to attend Ascot at the Queens guests. I can’t wait to see the ladies hats and since Letitia hardly ever wears hats it will be nice to see her.selection. I hope you’re doing well ChicagoChuck, I haven’t seen you comment very much lately. Hugs.

          • Well we sure chose the wrong year to miss!

            I am well, thank you for asking. After a rather low winter I’m in much better mind and body. Losing ~60 lbs. helps!

  8. I like this hat and am surprised that it hasn’t been worn more often. The jewelry is gorgeous and her top and pashmina coordinate very well. I just don’t care for the skirt. Hoping that she wears this hat again, it’s lovely and very becoming on Queen Maxima.

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