Danish Royals Celebrate National Flag

According to legend, the Danish flag, Dannebrog, fell from the sky during the Battle of Volmerslaget in Estonia on June 15,  1219, providing Danish soldiers, led by King Valdemar II, strength to persevere to victory. Today, on the  800th anniversary of this event, members of the Danish royal family took part in celebrations for this popular, well-loved national symbol. Queen Margrethe arrived in Tallin, Estonia, aboard the royal yacht Dannebrog this morning in her repeated red bumper hat with side bow in the same navy and red painterly print as her dress.

Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: May 5, 2018July 1, 2017June 29, 2017June 1, 2017Oct 4, 2016Sep 5, 2016May 24, 2016

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended celebrations in Vordingborg, Denmark’s medieval capital and location of King Valdemar II’s castle (now just remains). The Crown Princess topped her red dress with a repeated vertical saucer hat in natural straw studded with diamanté, trimmed with large silk roses and flying coque feathers.

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This has always been a great hat on Mary- the scale is really good and the hat’s neural colour scheme comes to life paired with vibrant items such as this red dress. The mix of neutral and vibrant items from head to toe (make sure you also peek at her shoes!) makes for a polished ensemble that feels very suited to the celebratory nature of today’s events.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: June 15, 2016; May 22, 2012July 2, 2011

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended celebrations at City Hall in Copenhagen. Princess Marie wore a new hat in a pale pink textured straw with cartwheel brim and shallow, flat crown. The design is simply trimmed with a striped natural straw bow on the side. The hat is clearly designed to sit on an angle on the head (evidenced by a base beneath the crown that sits on the head) and this angle really makes this hat work. It’s a charming design on Princess Marie.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new

It’s always great to see the Danish royal family all in hats to celebrate an event (even if the celebrations are in different locations!). What do you think of these Danish hats today?

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11 thoughts on “Danish Royals Celebrate National Flag

  1. I think the bumper hat looks very well on the Queen. Only thing I’m not keen on is the matchy bow because that limits how she can wear it I just noticed Queen Margarethe appears to be carrying a bouquet of her namesake of her nickname, Daisy.

    Mary’s hat is lovely. I love the teaming of it withe a vibrant red dress and her shoes are just perfect for the day. Very cute Princess feel which suits Marie’s petite figure.

    Overall, a rather good turn-out for the hats in Denmark considering they don’t have many hat events.

    Love Marie’s hat and dress.

  2. I liked all three hats! What a treat from the Danes! At first glance I thought Mary’s hat looked the best ever with the red dress, but when I looked back I couldn’t decide which of the colored dresses it paired with the best. It is a very versatile and beautiful hat! I had not seen a hat recently quite like Marie’s hat and was enchanted by the style and the angle the hat sits on her head. Well done!

  3. The little matchy-matchy bow on the side of Margrethe’s hat always bothers me, but otherwise it’s a fantastic hat and outfit for her.

    Mary’s hat has gotten better with age on her, and so has the styling! Definitely approve of the vibrantly-colored outfit with this neutral-colored hat, and the shoes are amazing! And her hair this time (and at Ascot) shows how she’s better hidden the large headband that helps anchor this hat. Brava!

    I’m usually not a fan of color schemes like this, but Marie pulls off this pinkish-beige ensemble very well; her longer dark hair helps make a nice contrast to break up things a bit. I think the concept of this hat is good, but it doesn’t look great at every angle IMO; if it was a bit larger and didn’t have such an obvious base underneath, then I think it would look even better.

  4. I like all of these. This is a good hat on the Queen, it just manages to avoid the appearance of baldness that can afflict her! I love this hat of Mary’s, and Marie’s looks good on her.

  5. Personally I’m not a great fan of Marie’s new hat. The style, size and poorly finished brim (imo) makes it look like a kid’s craft

  6. Daisy looks fantastic in her red coat and hat. I adore Marie’s dress and hat. I think this is the best outfit I’ve seen Marie wear in a long time, every aspect is flawless. Mary looks like the perfect princess. Her red dress is lovely and her shoes are to-die-for!!!!!! I was enthralled with the hat when she wore it in June 2016 at Ascot and my sentiments are the same today!!!

  7. I like all three hats, especially Marie’s, although she dressed for the flag the least! I’m amazed Mary’s hat is so old – as you say, the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing something similar this month too, the style is still very popular.

  8. Crown Princess Mary’s hat is very chic, and so is her dress – but the latter’s vivid colour seems to relegate the hat to the background, which is a pity considering what a very fetching hat it is.

    • Mary has worn 4 different outfits with this hat (we’ll look at them when Ascot is over and we slow into ‘summer mode’) and while, in theory, I see your point, I think you’ll be surprised how much more this hat shines when paired with a bright colour than when paired with other neutrals.

  9. CP Mary’s hat has always been one of my favorites since she debuted it at the Monaco Royal wedding. It was avant garde back then, and has remained stylish and contemporary all these years. She looks fantastic in it, and it’s such a wonderful color and design that it suits so many different colored dresses. Her red dress and shoes are so so so lovely. Just a stunning outfit overall.

    I actually love Princess Marie’s hat! It suits her so well. Very chic!

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