Royal Ascot Day 3: Princess Anne & Vice Admiral Laurence

I’m so happy to welcome Ellie Vallerini, creator of Sussex-based Ellie Vallerini Hats, here to chat about all of today’s royal hats at Ascot!  

Princess Anne paired a new silk teal dress and muted teal coat with a matching hat. The straw design, in the same muted teal as the coat, has a rounded crown and high, sidesweeping brim and is embellished with a curling, multi-looped straw bow interspersed with trimmed feathers.

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Royal Hats: Happy claps! A new hat for Princess Anne!

Ellie Vallerini: How great to see Princess Anne in a new hat! The shape of this hat is fantastic, it’s always a flattering angle and a perfect size for her. I like the colour on her, although feel she could have gone a few tones darker. Although the hat itself is a bit safe the outfit altogether looks very elegant and I like the look of her dress colour underneath.

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Royal Hats: I’m with you, Ellie- the shape and scale are wonderful and the curling straw bow and feathers are a lively but still refined decoration. A few shades darker would have been great,although I think this one works thanks to the darker teal silk from Anne’s dress repeated on the hatband and piping on the bow and jacket lapel edges. It’s so good to see her embracing some softer, less severe hat shapes than some of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s designs still lurking in her hat closet!

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Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Anne arrived with her mother in the first royal carriage, along with her husband Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, and younger brother, the Duke of York, both who wore a black antique silk top hats.

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What do you think of Anne’s new hat today?

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22 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 3: Princess Anne & Vice Admiral Laurence

  1. The Princess Royal gave her daughter a run for her money today in the sartorial stakes. This is a beautiful hat and agree the arial shot allows us to appreciate the exquisite trim.

  2. I always enjoy the Princess Royal’s ensembles. As others have pointed out, she doesn’t trouble to keep up with the fashions, but what of that? She chooses what suits her – and she’s probably the poster-royal for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 🙂

  3. The Princess Royal looks splendid today — I can’t think of a single criticism of any aspect of her ensemble. And bravo to you, HatQueen, for finding that photo looking straight at the top of the hat so we can see such a perfect view of the trim. Maja, love those old photos, especially the one with the butterfly (?) on the hat! Hopefully, some close friend or relative will take Tim aside and advise him on better placement for his top hat the next time he’s wearing one.

  4. A new hat and a total winner for Anne!
    I have a feeling the two previous hats were due to rainy weather. She usually pairs the beige outfit with a different hat.
    I was looking up some info about Ascot and came across a lot of photos of Anne.
    So, I’m hoping she repeats these looks (she’s the one we can count on for repeats):
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

    And we all know she still has it
    Embed from Getty Images

  5. What I’ve been waiting for all week for Anne! Gorgeous color scheme, a more modern shape that is very flattering for her, and a fantastic outfit. Brava!

  6. 3 cheers for hrh. a new outfit. a new hat, and no shades of chocolate brown or navy in sight! i am thrilled.
    im afraid i dont see any fashion awards coming her highnesses way any time soon, but she does look very elegant today.
    this hat looks especially lovely, as well as modern and fresh. i hope she invests in some more similar styles v soon.

  7. Perfect colour combo when sitting beside the Queen. Well done. At first I thought a darker colour would have been better but so perfect when she is with her Mom. The hat is smart. Pleased.

  8. Hurrah for Anne! A lovely new hat today and a beautiful dress yesterday, amazing. The hat suits her and is a lovely colour, shape and size. Can’t ask for more.

  9. I will say, the Duke of York wears his top hat very well. It helps that he has a very fine silk hat, but just look how he places it on his head as compared to Sir Tim. Well done Your Grace!

    • Chuck, the placement of Tim’s hat caught my eye immediately, thanks to your comments past, present, and future!
      I think the best top hats so far have been worn by brothers Andrew and Edward, agree?

      • I agree with you Jimbo. And ChicagoChuck’s observation was spot on. The silk topper’s placement on Sir Tim was the first thing that caught my eye in that picture! The hat should have been placed further forward and squared up and just over the ears and across the brow. Hope I said that correctly?

  10. Anne looks dynamite! I love the color of outfit and hat on her. The sweep design of her hat is so lovely on her and the frills on top make it a party! She looks fabulous!

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