Royal Ascot Day 5: Wrap Up

Additional Royals enjoying the races today included Zenouska Mowatt in a wheat coloured open weave straw waved disc (on a straw base) with black silk ribbon and gold feathers by Jane Taylor, paired beautifully with a Carolina Herrera dress

and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, again without Princess Haya.

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While no photos have been released of the second, third and fourth carriages in this morning’s parade, a view of the Queen’s carriage shows a trio of gleaming antique silk top hats on the Duke of York, the Queen’s racing manager John Warren and William Vestey, son of the former Master of the Horse.

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Before we close with the non-royal hats that caught our eyes today, I want to take this opportunity to chat a little with our guest milliner, Rafa Peinador about his Ascot experience yesterday:

Royal Hats: Rafa-one of your beautiful hats was worn at the races yesterday by Rosie Tapner. Can you tell us how this came about?

Rafa Peinador: I am currently finishing my Higher National Certificate in Millinery at KCC (Kensington and Chelsea College). For the second year running Longines has organised a millinery competition for the students. They selected a well known personality and the students had the opportunity to design and create a bespoke hat for this person to wear at Ascot. This year’s personality was model and presenter Rosie Tapner. She came to college to talk to us about herself and her preferences so that we could create something that was really personal to her. Once we had the designs and mood board she came back to give us her feed back. The next step was to make the hats and present them at the private view party for our final collection. During this event she chose the winner which happened to be me! As a winner I was invited to Longines private box in the Royal enclosure on Friday. Throughout the whole process I was lucky to have the support and precious advice of Rachel Trevor Morgan and of course all the teachers at KCC

Royal Hats: Tell us more about this special  hat. What inspired its design?

Rafa Peinador: When Rosie came to college she mentioned that she wanted something special and close to her heart. Her love for horses had to be taken into account. So the first layers of petals in the flower I created were shaped using the outline of the white mark on her  horse’s forehead. The rest of the flower is a deconstructed watch. The ribbons going up represent the straps, the base circle represents the cage, the stems represent the minutes and the hour hands. The twelve outside petals represent the dials. The pattern has been modified in order to have a total of 60 elements to represent the 60 seconds in one minute.

Royal Hats: Wow- what incredible thoughtfulness is behind the design. I think the black flowers are exquisite. What are they made of?

Rafa Peinador: I used PETG plastic, hand shaped with heat and spray painted later

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Royal Hats: Yesterday was your first time attending Royal Ascot, I believe? What are your impressions of the day?

Rafa Peinador: Yes it was my first experience and what an experience it was! First time and in the Royal Enclosure was an amazing treat. I was surrounded by top milliners that I admire and respect very much like Rachel Trevor Morgan and Edwina Ibbotson. The atmosphere was incredible and for someone who loves hats there is no better event in the world. However I was constantly checking the finish, taste and position of the hats. Once you become a Milliner you will never look at the hats in the same way!

Royal Hats: Congratulations, Rafa, and thank you so much for sharing this experience with Royal Hats!

We end this year’s Royal Ascot coverage with a handful of final non-royal hats that caught my eye on this, the last day of this year’s races:

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Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey in an ecru straw calot with flying bow by Rachel Black Millinery
Equestrienne Lauren Hough in a grey straw beret percher with yellow flowers by Rosie Olivia

Presenter Charlotte Hawkins in a black straw percher with curling bows by Edwina Ibbotsen
Presenter Rosie Tapner in a blush Rachel Trevor Morgan disc with handmade flowers

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Kate Tikhomirova  in a fuchsia Awon Golding straw button percher with yellow pouf
Valerie Stark in a fantastical white and yellow maribou pouf hat, also by Awon Golding
Kara Goodley in a Prudence for Lock & Co Pink brocade bow hat with pale green veil
Racing Journalist Liz Price in a pale pink bandeau headpiece

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Great looks from several unidentified race goers (milliners unknown as well)

Embed from Getty Images
Presenter Francesca Cumani in a black percher with crin and purple flowers by Guilia Mio
Unnamed racegoer in a black mini percher pillbox with soaring rings

Nicky Malone in a stunning deep magenta Juliette Botterill floral headpiece
Cream straw hat by Bundle MacLaren with beautiful ombre blush, pink and purple feathers

Milliner Merve Bayindir in a curving pink straw hat with floral trim
Cavan Mahony in a
Jane Taylor hat with pink ombre dyed pleated crin
Olivia Daisy Hills’ lace trimmed red saucer hat by Jenny Roberts
8th Sign co-owner Melissa Barton in a pink flower trimmed hat from Millinery By Mel
Mary Davin’s black curving headpiece by American milliner Aurturo Rios

My immense thanks to Rafa Pienador for joining me today, not only to share his thoughts about on this day’s royal hats, but to share in his Ascot millinery adventure. Muchas gracias por acompañarnos, Rafa!

Photos from Getty as indicated 

18 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 5: Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for a week of amazing coverage. It has been so much fun to go to my computer and see new posts so often.

  2. Dear Hat Queen:

    I have been following your blog for about a year- just because I love hats.

    I have learned so much about the fine points of millinery and have enjoyed every single moment !

    Thank you so much. You really deserve a solid day three days off.

    Be well !

  3. Congratulations Rafa! and thank you so much for sharing your impressions today, and the background to the competition which you won. I really enjoyed the video too.
    It was fascinating to hear Rosie Tapner describe her reactions to each hat and the reason why she chose yours, and how it made her feel. It made me realise that I don’t know how the royals I follow actually feel about the hats they choose. I would love to know what prompts a client to choose a certain hat over others. If only I could interview them, or be a fly on the wall in a hat salon….I think it’s time for a reality video series, like “say YES to the dress”- call it “Say YES to the hat”! I know I would find it addictive 
    HQ, thanks again for yet another great Ascot series. You produce professional posts under difficult time constraints. I feel like you should be charging us to view your content!
    The guest milliners are a treat to have on board too. For me, millinery appears rather like an occult discipline — many hats look so improbable that I can’t help feeling that they must be held together by supernatural forces, and the people who make them must be nothing less than wizards. Conversations with these magicians are always appreciated!

    • You raise such a good point- we don’t know how the wearers feel about these hats. Seems to me that’s an important piece of the puzzle!

      In the nearly 7 years I’ve written this blog, my appreciation for milliners and the complexity of their craft has grown and grown. Somehow, I find myself in a position to shine a little light on this and that’s something I’ll continue to do, however I can! Wies’ posts about flower construction had me googling “courses to make millinery flowers”. That’s something I’d really like to learn more about!

  4. Congratulations, Rafa! You must be happy that Rosie Tapner wore your creation so well. Thanks for your informed critiques.

    HatQueen, you’ve outdone yourself in the coverage this year. I remember that you’ve had guest miliners before, but getting an in-depth look with a different one each day has made it extra-special. Some commenters have recommended a nap for you; I say you’re due for some champagne. We’ll all offer a virtual toast to you!

  5. What a fun week! Thank you to HatQueen and to all the guest milliners for fab commentary and insight. I enjoyed every minute! Now put your feet up and get some well-deserved rest!

  6. I miss Princess Haya..the mystery is where is she? She is a fixture of Ascot for many years and friend of Queen Elizabeth

  7. That video was really interesting to watch. I enjoyed seeing the process and all the preparation that goes into making a hat. Congratulations Rafa on a well deserved win and thank you for your excellent commentary!

    Thank you Hat Queen for the stellar posts this week. It’s been fun and enlightening and I so appreciate all your enthusiasm and hard work!

  8. Embed from Getty Images

    • My favourite non-royal hat of the day. To top it off, when the hat and the dress look as if they were designed around each other, the effect is at a whole other level. Sash-worthy!

  9. Here are a few additional favorites of mine for Day Five:
    Embed from Getty Images

    Many thanks to all the milliners this week for all their valuable insights and willingness to participate, and many thanks to HatQueen for bringing them all together for us! I certainly appreciated all the efforts by everyone, including my fellow commenters trying to keep up will all the madness and excitement that is Hat Christmas! You all make this space so special for me! (okay, enough with the exclamation points haha)

  10. Congratulations Rafa on your win and your beautiful hat! And thank you for sharing your Ascot adventure with us.
    Hat Queen, thank you so much for your amazing coverage and multiple photo’s of this week and for letting me be part of it.

    • No- thank YOU! You five milliners (my new Dream Team) have made this such an enjoyable week. I admire your dedication to your craft and your willingness to share it with the rest of us!

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