Royal Ascot Day 5: The Phillipses

Royal Hats

I’m delighted to be joined today by Spanish milliner Rafa Peinador, creator of his namesake London-based millinery brand, to chat about all of the royal hats (and some others!) we see today on the final day Royal Ascot.

Autumn Philips chose blue for her last Ascot outing this year in a jumpsuit and hat described by the milliner as  a “hand-made straw medium sized saucer hat, trimmed with two silk satin roses with feather accents.”

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Royal Hats: My goodness- it’s our favourite royal hat from Ascot last year (which ultimately went on to be named our top new hat of 2018) but in blue!

Rafa Peinador: Autumn Phillips was wearing a nice saucer hat with silk satin flowers and feathers placed between petals. The hat perfectly matched the colour of the outfit. I would say that the chess effect on the sinamay is absolutely gorgeous and very tasteful. The incorporation of the feathers in the roses made it look different from a lot of similar hats seen in last few days. I would have incorporated a cream or ivory element to accentuate the chess pattern.

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Royal Hats: Great idea, Rafa- some cream flowers would be a great compliment and lend quiet contrast to the all blue look. Although, I like this all-blue look- the textured hat is the perfect pairing with Autumn’s solid colour jumpsuit and works far better than a solid hued hat would. The scale and shape are great on her and the colour, well, it’s terrific. The patterned straw lends a beautiful lightness and airiness to the look. So fresh and summery

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Designer: Sally-Ann Provan. It is a bespoke version of the Greta Saucer Hat. Bespoke Claire Mischevani jumpsuit.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Peter Phillips repeated his black felt top hat.

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What do you think of Autumn’s hat today?

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17 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 5: The Phillipses

  1. This is one of my favorite looks of this year’s ascot. The jumpsuit looks so effortless (I’m sure it isn’t but it looks gorgeous). I liked Sophie’s jumpsuit earlier in the week, but I think this is more successful, both because I don’t think the pants are too long (as Sophie’s were), although that could just be the views we have. More importantly, I think this hat is much prettier and fits the jumpsuit much better than the one Sophie wore. I especially like the spiky blue feathers, it prevents the blue from looking too romantic or twee IMO. Also, I love the blue monochrome, I think that also gives a sort of modern vibe where cream flowers or feathers might have made it look more romantic. Anyway a fabulous look.

  2. Great hat, great outfit (though the trousers are probably slightly too long given that one photo appears to show her hitching the leg up as she walks). I’ve already said this about Autumn during our Ascot viewing, but she seems to have an innate sense of style that serves her well. Not always as experimental as Sophie or the York girls, but then she doesn’t need to be as she’s not in the public eye so much nor does she have a ‘position’ within the Royal Family.

    Buffy said ‘breezy’ and that’s exactly what this look is. Autumn looks gorgeous but comfortable and that’s a GREAT trick to pull off.

    Amazing that this is Bea’s hat in a different colour. What a great eye and memory you have HQ! I hear what people are saying about perhaps adding some ivory to the flowers/feathers but it looks pretty good as it is and the trim does appear to contain some different shades of blue.

    No one can beat Maxima this week for me, but Autumn is doing a darn fine job of having a go.

    Thanks so much HQ and to our guest commentators for a stupendous week of top-flight examples of millinery arts and fashions – and to all those in the Comments section. I have thoroughly enjoyed it all. Chin-chin.

  3. I think Autumn looks stellar! I’d tweak the width of the pants slightly and take the hem up just a tad, but otherwise she looks breezy and comfortable. This color is wonderful on her. I never would have guessed this was a twin of Bea’s hat, what a difference the color scheme makes. I love the spiky feathers accenting the rose, so different!

  4. Love at first sight! this hat and outfit do something which doesn’t always happen, but which I hope for every time, because its what a hat can do – it accentuates her beauty.
    First the colour: Autumn has warm colouring, which for blue-eyed blondes is less common, so she understandably often ends up wearing the more common cool colours — which harden her look. This warm, light aqua blue adds a fabulous aura of freshness to her hair and face.
    The jumpsuit: we’ve seen many versions of early ‘seventies styling this Ascot, including on royals, with one or more of the Edwardian puffed shoulders and gathered cuffs, the high collar, the tie belt, and the drapy fabric. The look can easily make the wearer look prissy, uptight, schoolmarmy, or little-girly. This bespoke jumpsuit suits Autumn to a T, thanks to these flattering variations – the 3/4 sleeve length (far lovelier than full length on 90% of women anyway,) the narrowest possible cuff, and the tie belt suitably heavy, wide and long to match the proportions. The gathering across the yoke, and the collar split at the front, effectively open the face and neck, frame the hat, and relax the top of the outfit —so that it doesn’t look “stitched up”, and doesn’t fight the relaxed feel of the drapy fabric.She looks herself, relaxed and comfortable, and I bet she feels that way too.
    Her hair: the romantic styling complements the hat beautifully. I love the sidesweep over the forehead at 90 degrees to the hat brim, supporting the hat’s angle.
    The hat: it’s all been said already. What a winner, 2 Ascots running…!!
    Of all the blue outfits we’ve seen this Ascot, this one is my favourite.

  5. Wow Hat Queen you have a great eye! This hat on Princess Beatrice was my favorite last year, and it looks so lovely on Autumn this year. I thought it looked familiar, but thought it was similar to the Duchess of Cambridge’s hat on Day 1. I love the checkered blue and white, and agree with Rafa that maybe some cream flowers or feathers in it would bring it over the top. I think Autumn is also wearing it differently than Beatrice did. Beatrice wore hers more vertical and it almost looks like Beatrice had one more flower as well. Either way, just a stunning hat.

    Claire Mischevani is such a beautiful designer, and I’m glad that Autumn, Zara and Beatrice have all embraced her clothes. This jumpsuit is fabulous and Autumn looks very chic. I’m really impressed with her style the past few years.

  6. Wonderful colour. Blue was the star this year. Really liked the top of her hat..the weave almost looked like a gingham affect as well. The pants seem too long but there must be a reason for that choice by the designer or Autumn. I am not a fan of blue but these blue outfits are starting to change my mind.

  7. I didn’t like the hat at first, but on closer examination, I fell in love. The feather accents make the flower look like a star, so I’m glad it’s all teal instead of mixed with cream. Not a fan of the hair style, but she’s so lovely, one can overlook that.

  8. Like JamesB, I much prefer this jumpsuit to Sophie’s, and I didn’t recognize it as a twin to Beatrice’s hat.

    I can definitely see the color contrast advantage of having white feathers instead of blue, especially as the feathers come out of all parts of the floral trim, but I also love it as is. Once again, brava Autumn!

  9. Wow, I would not have recognized this as a twin to last year’s favorite. The blue works as well for Autumn as the black and off-white worked for Beatrice. Since I love blue, there is no such thing as “too much” for me, but I’ll buy in to cream flowers for contrast. The loose waves work well with this style. Lovely.

  10. I love the color and checkered pattern and have to say that I spotted it right away as a blue twin to last year’s Hat of 2018 that Princess Beatrice wore to Ascot last year. I agree that adding some cream/ivory feathers or flowers or both would have balanced the hat and enhanced the pattern. Palazzo pants are too long but like the concept with the matching blouse which is lovely. Not loving the hair, makeup, jewelry and accessories are good. Overall a win for sure!

  11. It’s not a jumpsuit; its a blouse and palazzo pants. You can see if you look at some photos, where the blouse is tucked into the pants. I think that’s why it looks better. I still think the pants are too long and wide; but I love the blouse and this hat. I hadn’t spotted its Black and white twin either, but like it much better than Kate’s saucer and blue flower.

  12. Oh I LOVE this hat. Loved it in black and white too! Autumn looks amazing in this shade of blue and the two-colour weave is fantastic.

  13. She looks beautiful. I was so down on Sophie’s jumpsuit but love this one, I think because it’s a softer colour and silhouette.i hadn’t clocked its Bea’s hat in blue, but it so is. It’s a perfect accompaniment to this really stunning look.

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