Dutch Queen Spends Day In Rotterdam

Queen Máxima was in Rotterdam this morning for a series of events that included opening an exhibition at the Tax museum and visiting a stable that offers therapeutic riding. For this day out, she wore a new hat in pale grey straw with sidesweeping brim, finished with a monochrome straw hatband and slim bow at the back

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The hat’s brim follows a less sharply upfolded angle than Máxima’s signature ‘slice hats and its this shape variation that leaves me a bit torn. From some angles, it’s good but from others, the brim shape is a bit awkward.

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I hate to be a broken record here but the photo below also suggests some very uneven finishing on the hat’s brim. I like the scale and the bow at the back is a nice touch but the colour leaves me a bit bored. Of course, even Queen Máxima needs hats in neutral hues and while this one pairs beautifully with her dress, I’m less certain that this colour is a great one on her.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think, dearest readers? Am I being overly harsh about this new hat?

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24 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Spends Day In Rotterdam

  1. Jake, I don’t quite agree with you.
    A neat para sisal brim edge is possible when you cut of the rough bit, fold over the edge twice and then hand sew it. Of course this takes a little bit off the width of the brim, about 1,5 to 2 cm.
    I think that maybe the hat is not positioned as it was intended to. It looks, as some readers commented, as if it sits a bit low on the head. And also as if it should be worn slightly more tilted.
    Note that Queen Máxima too has taken off both gloves to feed the horse. This must be standard Royal etiquette when interacting with horses!

    • Ah, well I’ll admit I don’t recall seeing (in person) this double folded edge for parasisal yet unfortunately, hence my original hesitation to say straw brim edges (unbound) can be as neat as felts. But also my descriptive language can sometimes be lacking on here, and it’s sometimes hard to truly translate what I mean without photos or showing it in person. I’m grateful for all the knowledge I’m learning here!

  2. The biggest problem for me (and therefore, the hat) is that the brim is not the same size all around, but in fact at least 3 different widths, which would work on a more upswept slice, but with it being much flatter, the width should be more uniform or balanced.

    As for the brim edge: I looked at a parasisal cloche hat I have from a very reputable milliner (the same material as Máxima’s), and while the shape of the edge is straight, the part folded underneath isn’t quite straight, but is less obvious because the whole brim comes down (if that description makes sense). I think straws will have a slightly less refined edge (unless bound in a fabric) because that’s just the nature of woven straws, and therefore some slight imperfections is just to be expected (made more obvious in bright sunlight).

    Overall, I like this hat for a different color on Máxima, but the shape does create angle awkwardness, and it’s pairing with this dress (even with the silver belt) isn’t my favorite.

  3. I think the icy blue of the dress looks great against her tan, but on my screen the hat is grey and it’s just not the prettiest colour combo. Possibly it worked much better in real life. I don’t mind Max taking a breather from flamboyance once in a while and I do like this hat and hope to see it again with a different outfit.

  4. I agree on all points, HQ. It’s always interesting to see how slight changes to the width and angle and curve of a brim can take a hat shape that is tried-and-true on a wearer from fabulous to meh. A becoming colour might have pulled this hat over the line; but as it is, this more conventional hat is not so much Maxima Lite — instead, it almost seems as if, along with the unflattering dress style with its very odd pleat over the tummy, and the small earrings, Maxima has borrowed the entire look from someone else (say, Stephanie of Luxembourg).
    Still, given how successful Maxima’s many hats are most of the time, a miss or two is neither here nor there. I’m looking forward to more new hats from her before the holidays start.

  5. Could it be the hat is sitting too far forward on her head? The color looks ok with her dress but I think the hat would look better if her hair were a bit more polished, less casual. And a touchup of her lipstick too!

  6. The finishing of the brim seems to be structural which is a shame because we notice it every time and it distracts especially when the light emphasizes it
    However I do like that the scale of the hat is smaller then usual and it is summer the light blue tones is a nice choice however it has grey tones in it which I don’t like.
    still I like the hat,

  7. Yes, I agree with happydyz about the calmness of this. True, the hat doesn’t break any new ground, and Max generally looks her best in warmer tones, but it works well enough.

    • The Tax Museum, really? This is from their homepage:

      Proportionally, we give more than half of our income to taxes; from sweets to inheritance taxes. But how does the tax system work? The museum takes you as taxpayer through a few topics that answer the most common questions. Take a look at the world of Customs too. They’re active in the Rotterdam Port and oversee the border trade of goods.

      I learn so much from this blog!

  8. It took me a few views, but I decided that I like this hat. I like the scale and the angle of the brim. Having been well educated by reading this blog, I of course deduct points for the sloppy finish on the brim.

    Recognizing that Maxima’s often bombastic sartorial choices are positive PR for the Dutch monarchy, I was pleased to see that today’s hat and dress reflected Maxima’s natural beauty. As another poster said so well— a “calm” look. Refreshing change!

    • I’m with you on this one. I really like the overall summery look and I like the hat too. Not my favourite, but I like it.

  9. More an etiquette question than hat related but hopefully some royal followers will help here…. why does Maxima nearly always tend to wear one glove and hold the other? The late Queen Mother also regularly did this.

    Elizabeth II always wears both, as does Anne. While Kate rarely bothers to wear gloves, I am glad to see Meghan Markle regularly wearing formal gloves like Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

    • Dd, I’ve noticed that Queen Elizabeth removes her right glove whenever she signs something – smart.
      Here’s someone at a different horse related outing, holding BOTH gloves!

      May 10,11, 2017: Windsor Horse Show
      Embed from Getty Images

    • I always thought she removed a glove when shaking someone’s hand and then put it back on. If she knows there are more hands to shake she might hold the one in her hand.

      • No, she keeps the glove on for hand shaking – helps to protect from bruising when she has to shake multiple hands a day, apparently.

          • I don’t have an official source for the tidbit, HatQueen, but it’s something I also recall hearing or reading about Queen Elizabeth decades ago and always assumed was true. Perhaps Elizabeth Davies who originally mentioned it will come back with an official source. I also remember as part of the same bit of possibly useless trivia that her lady-in-waiting carries an extra pair of identical gloves, in case the original pair becomes soiled from a lot of hand-shaking.

  10. I like the size and proportions of this hat. Bad brim finishing and neutral color comments aside, I was amused by the great photos of Queen Max, PONY tail and all, interacting with the beautiful horse.

  11. I like occasionally seeing her in more neutral colors, but I agree with hat queen that this cool icy blue doesn’t suit her best. I also agree about the brim finishing. On a fairly spare hat, the imperfections on the brim are noticeable. I mean, she’s going to have more up close pictures taken of her hats than any person in the whole world except for HMQEII (and maybe DoCam), so smooth finishing doesn’t seem like too much to ask. On the other hand, I’m not a milliner, and I feel kind of bad dinging it, because she looks gorgeous, but it’s just not super-Max! I do like the neckline shape and giggled at some pictures on IG in which it looked like the horse was about to eat her brooch.

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