Danish Queen Arrives At Summer Home

Queen Margrethe arrived in Aarhus Harbour yesterday aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, en route to her annual summer residence at Marselisborg Castle. For this trip, she wore a new hat in dark peachy orange straw. The hat follows a simple shape with rounded crown that extends to a modest length brim and is trimmed with a navy hatband tied in a side bow.

There’s much to like here- the hat’s simple shape is enlivened with an interesting colour scheme and beautifully turned angles on the brim (they play so well against the jacket’s lapels). It’s impeccably finished and tops an ensemble that certainly coordinates, but uses colour blocking and different textures to its benefit. This shade of orange is a brave one to wear and I think it’s handled really well in this ensemble. ​

Designer: Mathilde Thoe Førster
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of Queen Margrethe’s new hat?

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13 thoughts on “Danish Queen Arrives At Summer Home

  1. Fabulous! Great style, beautiful color. Queen Margrethe looks impeccable. I think this is a strong contender for Royal Hat of the Year!

  2. Gorgeous! Margrethe used to wear wider-brimmed hat styles like this quite often, and they’re a great choice for a taller person like the Queen – but we haven’t seen so much of them in recent years; so I’m thrilled to see her wear a look that works so well for her. The new suit is also a very flattering and welcome update on her standby 2-colour dress-and-jacket look.
    But that coral –what a perfect colour! Margrethe tends to wear cool colours,but as her colouring is warm, cool colours make her skin seem pale and impart a fragile appearance which, incidentally, I don’t think really conveys her energetic personality. This warm coral casts a glow on her complexion which radiates freshness and vitality.
    We know we’ll see this hat again,- what I’m also hoping is that we see this style repeated, in different warm colours.

  3. It’s just right for her — crisp lines, flattering colors, and a great shape. Even though it was made to go with this dress and jacket, I can imagine it with a floral summer dress, too.

  4. This is lovely. A simple hat but in a great colour scheme. It’s a good job we like it, as we’ll no doubt be seeing a lot more of it!

  5. It’s a perfectly good hat, nice colour which she wears well, and it certainly appears to be made to a very high standard. But, oh dear, I always hope for something more exciting from Margrethe and I never learn that it’s unlikely to happen! She is so bold and inventive in some areas of her life (including for example evening gowns) that I do wish she had an interest in hats to match, it might produce some splendidly interesting things. Instead I always feel that with one or two honourable exceptions that really *are* interesting (Teletubby hat…), so many of her hats look as though the design is available off the peg at any department store. That’s fine if that’s her style, but it’s less interesting for a hat-watcher!

  6. Wonderful new outfit – the color combination is great. The 2nd photo in Mathilde Thoe Forster’s Instagram shows a great close-up of the new navy/white boater worn on June 16, at a church in Estonia. Also a real beauty.

  7. I love this hat on Queen Margrethe — the color is great on her and the style is perfectly suited to the shape of her face. That is also a wonderful jacket, both in terms of the color combo and the styling. If I had any criticism at all, it is only a tiny one, that her pin/brooch should have been placed on the blue part of the jacket so as to show up better.

  8. Someone once told me that the two shades that suit most people are teal and coral. This looks like a shade of coral to me and certainly looks good on the Queen. She, like the senior Queen, likes her whole outfit to match, but without being so flowery. I approve!

  9. Look! Jake! Simple hat shape, neatly finished brim, quite possible!
    This lovely orange staw is not parasisal, but some other kind of braided straw but the way to handle it is the same.

    Great look for Queen Margarethe, I love the colour scheme of the lapels.

    • Haha, I was just coming to also point out that brim edge! Such a perfect new hat for Margrethe, especially in an unexpected color. Love it!

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