Top Royal Hats: April 2019

Despite some tough competition, results for favourite new design and favourite repeated hats worn in April are clear (and it’s about time we review them!):

Princess Beatrice’s copper straw saucer with curling feathers and pink roses by Juliette Botterill on April 21

Zara Tindall’s navy felt percher with veil and leather flowers by Justine Bradley-Hill worn April 4

Jump over to the poll for favourite new hat here and the repeated hat poll here to see the results in greater detail.  
Photos from social media as indicated 

3 thoughts on “Top Royal Hats: April 2019

  1. This was a stellar look for Bea. Alas we won’t see it again as she rarely repeats, and when she does she mixes it up.

  2. Even though I selected several hats in each category, entirely because I couldn’t make a decision, I am glad to see that Zara’s and Princess Beatrice’s hats won top honors! I love the redo on Princess Beatrice’s hat which matched so well with her dress embroidery, just lovely with her hair color. Zara’s hat is an explosion of navy blue flowers and I especially like the dotted veil. Can’t wait for May’s poll results!

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