This Week’s Extras

Princess Alexandra repeated a grey straw hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan on Wednesday for a visit to Leeds Castle in Kent to celebrate its 900th anniversary
On Thursday, Princess Benedikte attended the opening of the Jacob A. Riis Museum the Southwest Jutland city of Ribe in her repeated navy textured straw picture hat with curving, sideweeping brim.

Queen Mathilde and Princess Elisabeth were in Africa this week, visiting several UNICEF projects. After meeting with the Maasai in Kenya, they came away gifted with names “Namayiana” (blessed one) and “Nasieku” (first born) and these traditional headdresses

On Friday, Queen Margrethe presented a military award, repeating her new terra cotta orange straw hat with navy hatband. Yesterday, she took part in events commemorating the 75th anniversary of the execution of a Danish resistance group in her refined pink straw hat with white trim.
Princess Hisako and Princess Tsuguko took part in American Independence Day celebrations today at the Tokyo American Club. Princess Hisako wore a biscuit straw hat with very short, rolled brim while Princess Tsuguko topped her floral dress with a lovely wider brimmed hat trimmed with flowers.

Make sure to cast your vote in the 2019 Millinery Association of Australia Design Award People’s Choice category– there are some truly astounding hats

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Orange parsisal button percher with peach blossom vine by American milliner Karen Morris
Kokoshnik bandeau headpiece covered in pink pearls by British milliner Jane Taylor
Black and white straw design with flying bow by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Blue straw percher with crimson silk floral trim by Australian brand Felicity Northeast Millinery
Fanciful maribou-edged brim on this grey, pink & white ombre design by Danish milliner Mathilde Thoe Førster
Green leaf shaped disc hat with gold quills by Irish milliner Teresa Nugent
Striking stripes! Trio of eye catching striped hats by American milliner Behida Dolić
Slate blue saucer embroidered with tropical birds by Australian brand Amanda Lynn Millinery
Chic pink and cream straw fedoras with slim silver hatbands from French milliner Laurence Bossion
Stunning transparent brim on this navy and marine blue picture hat by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Dusky pink straw percher with flying bow and chenille rosebud veil by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Lovely textured sage green Florentine stitched straw summer hat by British milliner Siana Yewdall
And two hats that made me catch my breath- first is this natural straw beret percher with exquisitely ethereal handmade silk iris flowers and leaves by Leicester-based milliner Guilia Mio

and second is this stunning turquoise design with parasisal crown, two-toned double layer sinamay brim, hand rolled flying bow and turquoise guipure lace applique by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit. Truly- this hat caught my eye before I realized who made it!

A possible answer to widespread questions about Princess Haya’s absence at Royal Ascot. Whatever is going on in this situation, I’m sure you all join me in wishing her and her children safety and peace.


A few lovely snaps taken from the religious wedding of Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam held yesterday in Saint-Rèmy-de-Provence.

Photos from social media as indicated

19 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Man, that iris hat is stunning! It’s really too bad Ascot is over! Maybe I need to just splurge and wear it there next year!?

  2. 1. Wies: that turquoise hat is gorgeous!

    2. So happy to see photos of Princess Alexandra. She is, for me, always the exemplar of classic elegance,

  3. I was going through Camilla’s hat inventories and enjoying them as usual and I noticed that this hat is not in the cream/ecru/beige inventory. On my monitor the hat looks white and the flower pink. Is the hat pinkish as well?
    Embed from Getty Images

    Hope it’s ok to ask here, since comments on inventories are closed.

      • Thank you!
        This now makes it 7 pink hats for Camilla that I’ve been able to find. Nowhere near the 29 cream or 23 blue hats she has, but no small number.
        Alas, only two purple hats so far.

  4. Princess Beatrix at the Zeeland Day of the Horse on June 29:

    Better view of hat here:

  5. On June 24th, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako hosted a tea party for recipients of the 75th Japan Art Academy Awards
    Crown Prince Akishino, Crown Princess Kiko, Princess Mako, and Princess Kako also attended.,%202019&sort=newest#license

  6. Princess Alexandra visited Romney Tweed Community Interest Company on June 26:

  7. I’m convinced that we’d rate Japanese royals hats more enthusiastically if we only had better photos of them. The

    Lovely to see Princess Elisabeth learning the trade with her mother.

    Wies, the “Océan”hat is yet another I’d love to see on your Queen. (I know, I say something similar almost every week…) Do you make the guipure, too, or do you collaborate with a skilled lacemaker? Your flowers are exquisite!

    I can see why the iris percher caught HatQueen’s eye — just beautiful!

    Great repeats by the royal Danish sisters.

    • Ha! No, I don’t know how to make lace. If I did, it would take God knows how long to make a hat like this (it is bad enough as it is!) I don’t think anybody still makes guipure by hand. The lace is machine made and quite expensive but I only need small quantities.
      I stiffen the lace, cut out the patterns, position them so that there are no seams and hand sew them, all around each pattern. It is labour intensive but mind soothing work.

      And I think you are right about the Japanese hats. Such a pity we don’t get to see more close ups. They seem to be very well made and often full of delicate details.

  8. Wonderful traditional outfits and headpieces on Queen Mathilde and Princess Elisabeth. They look to be having a wonderful time!

    Charlotte Casiraghi is such a beautiful bride! Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple.

    – The striped hats in 3 different shapes by Behida Dolić are absolute fun! Princess Beatrice is made for these.
    – I love the rosebud veil on the pink straw percher by Dusky pink straw percher by Jill Humphries. Very chic! I’d like to see Zara Tindall wear it.
    – The irises on the Giulia Mio are a work of art! They look so real! Just a beautiful, beautiful hat.
    – Beautiful hat by Wies Mauduit! The color is drop dead gorgeous!

  9. So many interesting and accomplished hats to choose from in the MAA 2019 Design Contest! Very difficult to decide who treated the theme “chiaroscuro” best.

    When reading Princess Haya’s story I almost had the impression of seeîng a Hollywood script for an adventure movie. The thought that this concerns real people is rather alarming. Let’s hope her close kinship with the Jordanian Royal Family will guarantee the Princess and her children safety.

    I love the poetry of Giulia Mio’s irises and I thank you Hat Queen, for featuring my “Océan” hat.

    • Such a good point about Princess Haya. She is indeed a real person, and this sounds like a very precarious situation.

  10. Lovely hats for Princess Alexandra, Princess Benedikte, and Queen Margrethe. Good to see traditional headpieces on Alina and the Belgian royals.

    I wondered about Princess Haya missing Ascot. Wow, yes, I wish her and her children safety and peace.

    Congratulations to Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam!

    Awesome new millinery designs. My favorites are from Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova, Danish milliner Mathilde Thoe Førster, and Irish milliner Teresa Nugent.

    More of the Takamado princesses on June 29

    Princess Akiko with the President of Turkey in Kyoto on June 30

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