British Royals in New Hats for Christening

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex christened their son Archie this morning in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle.

The Duchess of Sussex opted for an all cream ensemble topped with a new hat. A straw formed beret-base percher, the design is trimmed with a monochrome crin (or silk organza?) ruffle and finely woven veil.

Designer: My guess is Stephen Jones. Dress by Dior.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Cornwall added another ecru hat to her growing collection. A smaller version of this design, also in textural braided straw, the hat features a modified cloche shape with upturned brim. The hat is simply trimmed with a monochrome knotted bow in the same braided straw on one side, which balances the slightly raised brim on the other.

Designer: I believe it is Lock and Co. Dress by Anna Valentine
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Cambridge topped her salmon pink dress with a red straw bandeau headpiece trimmed in a wide braid of silk abaca. Kate has embraced headpieces of this shape and scale over the past year- the colour and braided motif of this one are really lovely on her. I also really like the unexpected red accessories with her pink dress.

Designer: Juliette Botterill bespoke beandeau version of the Pleated Pillbox from SS 2018. Dress by Stella McCartney.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

My favourite hat of the day is the draped, pleated salmon pink turban worn by Doria Ragland. The design strongly references an African head wrap while brilliantly updating the turban shape in a fresh, modern and very flattering way.  The fabric draped hat, which I strongly suspect was designed by Stephen Jones, has such a different sense of volume and fluidity than Doria’s streamlined dress and coat in the same fabric, the pieces compliment without looking overly matched.

Lady Jane Fellowes and Lady Sarah McCorquodale, elder sisters of the late Princess Diana, were included in the family photograph (a statement in an of itself). Jane wore an almond straw fedora with gently curved brim and black ribbon hatband while Sarah’s modified cloche in cream straw features an ostrich feather wrap and pink piped looping side bow.

What do you think of the hats today at Windsor Castle?

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated 

21 thoughts on “British Royals in New Hats for Christening

  1. I’m late to the commenting party because I’ve been looking at some of the hats for a few days, trying to make up my mind. The two royal Duchesses’ hats are nice. I think like some others I might have preferred the Duchess of Cambridge’s as the full pillbox. I don’t care for Lady Jane’s hat. I’ve struggled with Ms. Ragland’s and I think, finally, it just seems to me too big for her face. I don’t mean it doesn’t fit her head; it just seems to me to overpower her delicate features. It could be that I’m used to seeing her in hats with a much smaller profile, but I don’t really think that’s it it. I think I just don’t like this hat on her. So, though I am not 100% sold on the shape of the crown, I’ve finally come to my favorite hat being Lady Sarah’s. To me it’s extremely flattering to her and I like its floofy decoration for a joyous occasion like a baptism.

  2. Altogether a great group of hats, it’s hard to choose a “winner”, but if I have to, it would definitely be Mrs. Ragland – what a beautiful ensemble that complements her skin color perfectly, and I love the suggestion of African styling in the shape of the hat, I’m sure that was no accident. Like some others, I do not generally care for the bandeau style of hat, but this one of Kate’s goes so well with the dress, and I agree with HQ about the red in contrast to the pink dress.

    • I did indeed find that interesting, Matthew! Sounds like a talented young man. Let’s hope that there is enough hat-wearing for him to have a successful career.

  3. Amazingly enough I find Kate’s bandeau is my favourite – colour me surprised! I love the jewel hue that ties in with her shoes, and the size of it. Her look is fresh and youthful and she pulls it off exceedingly well (I’m having to ignore the bow, but that’s my problem).

    Lady Sarah looks great; I agree with others that Lady Jane’s hat is too casual; Camilla’s hat appears to obscure one of her eyes so may be titled too far or is sitting too far down on her head but otherwise it’s fine. I’ve never been a fan of turban-style hats but Doria wears this well and fits right in. Her brooch lifts a good outfit to a great one.

    I wish Meghan and Harry had worn darker clothing. A coloured dress would have set off Archie’s christening gown beautifully (yes, I know Kate’s worn cream for all her christenings and I have the same minor critique every time). Harry just looks better in blue, is all.

    Oh, for a Zara-style hat somewhere amongst this group!

  4. What a fun mix of hats and styles for this low-key christening. Meghan looks fine, but unfortunately we can’t discern many details, and the white isn’t terribly exciting; I love that Harry went with this khaki suit, although I wouldn’t have worn black socks, especially with brown shoes.

    On most people this wouldn’t be a small hat, but for Camilla this one seems twee on her. The hat she wore to the Diamond Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving on 5 June 2012 would’ve been a good contrast to her white dress and paired better colorwise with her shoes:
    Embed from Getty Images

    The red and pink color combo was unexpected for Kate, but one she pulls off extremely well! Bandeaus will never be my favorite hat style, but it works well at this low-key event and I think looks better than a pillbox would on Kate.

    Doria Ragland was my favorite of the day! A great color for her, and the stylized structured turban/headwrap hat is a fantastic look for her. That brooch is a great addition to her outfit as well.

    Lady Jane’s panama straw fedora was an unexpected choice of hat, but it pairs nicely with her blazer, and again fits in with the low-key theme. Lady Sarah’s hat was also a good choice, but I would’ve put it at a bit of an angle to her right so it would look a bit more balanced on her head.

  5. An interesting selection of hats I think Meghan’s is probably the best one though. Do you think it has a button in the dip of the crown of the hat? I keep seeing a button on it anyway! I think Camilla needs to stick to her trademark big brims this one looks so small on her. Lady Jane’s hat is a complete miss way too casual for this event, Lady Sarah’s hat is ok, Doria definitely always looks polished but I am not loving the hat – maybe it’s a touch too heavy with the block of colour being too much it needs something to break it up a bit, but kudos to her for trying out something different. Kate and the bandeau – it’s a pretty look but I am not a fan of these headband “hats”.

  6. Well done all around. I really dislike turbans in general, so I choose to think of Doria’s as sort of a pouffy beret. The use of draping is lovely, and she looks as regal as any of the Royals. It’s hard to discern the details on Meghan’s, but the shape and veiling are pretty. The smaller cloche shape works well for Camilla. I like Kate’s bandeau better than the higher kokoshniks she has favored. Red works well with her hair.

    Very nice to see the Spencers included at this event. I know HM doesn’t always attend the christenings of her great-grandchildren, but it’s always fun to see her at these occasions.

    And Master Archie is adorable!

  7. Doria’s hat: just lovely. I like how the salmon colour of her ensemble coordinates with the salmon colour worn by Duchess Kate. (The colour scheme for these photoshoots is really well thought out. Charles and William both in navy blue, for example, but not Harry — very balanced).
    Camilla’s hat: For me it’s missing that wow quality that I’ve I’ve come to associate with Camilla’s brimmed hats. I feel the curve of the brim (on her left side) is not as becoming on Camilla as that of her other brimmed hats, nor the shape of the crown. The angle of placement doesn’t seem right for her either, and neither does the overall smaller size. Camilla hasn’t used Lock and Co much at all for straw hats — I do wonder why she didn’t order from Treacy, given his track record of successful styles for her.
    Catherine’s hat: I like this bandeau a lot. Kate’s youthful, ultra-trendy look is very of the moment, in contrast to the low-key classicism of Meghan and Camilla. The red accessories worn by Catherine to accentuate her pink dress is a style move typical of Queen Maxima and looks fresh and interesting. Too bad though, that I cannot look at the mock-antique clergyman neck ruffle dress without thinking that this dress is precisely the sort of thing that Princess Anne would wear, courtesy of the ‘seventies section of her wardrobe. I hope to see this bandeau again, but with a different dress.

  8. Most favourite hat is that of the Duchess of Sussex. Like the colour, the position and how well it goes with her beautifully styled hair. Catherine’s hat is a lovely colour but I, too, would have preferred full pillbox. Camilla’s and Lady Sarah’s hats are okay. I applaud Ms Ragland for trying something different but much prefer the neat hats we’ve seen her wear previously. Lady Jane? .She must have something more appropriate in her hat closet. Anything really!

    • Suggesting that a fedora hat at this event is inappropriate is unfair and untrue. It’s fine if you don’t like the hat (I suspect many of you don’t!) but there’s nothing inappropriate about it.

      • I found Lady Jane’s hat far too casual for this event it was like an after thought like she declared – “oh heck I need a hat” and grabbed the nearest one. It’s a miss for me too.

      • I keep coming back to this photo of Lady Jane’s hat, especially after seeing the other fedora worn by the Duchess of Sussex at Wimbledon. Somehow this particular fedora seems more masculine in styling than others I have seen worn by women. I can’t tell if it’s due to the angle of her head in this particular photograph, or the outfit she’s wearing it with, or the hat itself. Does anybody else see this but me?

          • I’ve just spent some time looking at various women in fedoras online. It’s hard to say with just the one photo from the christening for reference, but yes, both of your suggestions are possibilities, and two other additional things I’ve noticed — Jane’s hat is placed quite squarely on her head, not tipped back as some women wear their fedoras, and also, it’s not just the height of the crown but many women’s fedoras seem to narrow the crown a bit at the top, including Meghan’s at Wimbledon. We have a Congresswoman Frederica Wilson who is well-known for her love of fedoras (absolutely not the slightest bit couture!) — there are entire pages devoted to photos of her hats, and even hers look more masculine when the crown is not narrowed at the top.

            Thanks for the feedback!

  9. I love Camilla’s hat. What a flattering, substantial but not overwhelming hat – just perfect on her.
    I also love Kate’s bandeau – it’s an unexpected colour and texture that adds some ooomph to the outfit. I hope to see it again some day with a white outfit, or a print?
    I’m trying to love Doria’s hat, but can’t work past my aversion to peach. It’s just a lot of peach. But I admire the heck out of her for being confident enough to wear something more prominent than a pale beret or pillbox.

  10. A expected outfit from DoS and DoC, both are nice anyway. Not sure about DoCam, the headband is fine but I still prefer the original pillbox version which Eugenie has worn before. Honestly I personally dislike Doria’s turban (or should be I simply dislike any turban) but I do admire that it gets reference from her family heritage. And that color flatters her. (and was she wearing a brooch? Looks lovely)

  11. Overall, great hats by everyone. The Duchess of Sussex looks nice, but I wish we could see more of her dress. She looks so happy!.
    Doria looks impeccable. Fabulous hat and color on her. Her brooch is gorgeous.
    The Duchess of Cambridge looks great. I don’t mind the bandeau.
    Master Archie sure is a little cutie!

  12. All very lovely. My absolute winner is Doria, yet again. She’s a very elegant woman and this is edgy yet still appropriate. She looks fabulous. Meghan looks lovely, but we can’t see much and it’s another monochrome look. I was sure Camilla was in a repeat but I now see it’s not. And I’m back and forth on Kate’s look, but she’s going a bit out there for her, so I’m inclined to like it… still not crazy about this bandeau fad she’s going through though, she’s got so many of them now!

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