Top Royal Hats: Ascot 2019

Despite stiff competition, you had some clear ideas about your favourite royal hats at Royal Ascot this year, dearest readers. Here are the results for favourite repeated hat and favourite new designs worn at the races this year:

Princess Alexandra’s pink straw picture hat with bow and feathers by Rachel Trevor Morgan worn on Day 1

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Autumn Phillips’ lattice straw saucer trimmed with flowers and feathers by Sally Ann Provan worn on Day 5
Queen Máxima’s tawny pink straw saucer covered in feather flowers by Berry Rutjes worn on Day 1

Jump over to the poll for favourite new hats here and favourite repeated hats here to see the results in greater detail.  
Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Top Royal Hats: Ascot 2019

  1. Lovely choices, all! Sally Ann Provan clearly has a winner with the same hat winning two years running. She should put it in her hall of fame/permanent production if she hasn’t already! Honestly, it is such a good hat that I’d love to see it in many colors/fabrications.

  2. I’m quite surprised at the results for best new hat, as there were lots of comments and love for Zara Tindall’s deep teal saucer. I honestly thought it would come out the winner based on all those comments.
    It was a jam packed category of beautiful hats. I know I had about 5 favorites, not just one. It was a tough category to decide, but the top two are well deserved!

    Princess Alexandra was divine in her hat repeat.

  3. I wonder if Alexandra’s hat won by the largest margin ever here at Royal Hats; certainly seems like it! And there were so many good new ones to choose from for Ascot, I was pretty much guaranteed not to be disappointed by the winners.

  4. Since Autumn Phillips’ hat already won last year in another color combo I wonder if this is a premiere on the blog? I also wonder if we will see it next year in red or yellow 😉 I don’t mind – it’s a beautiful hat.

  5. Even though my favorite royal hat is Zara Tindall’s deep teal saucer by Juliette Botterill on day #3 of Ascot, I also admire the chosen two especially the Sally Provan on Autumn Phillips. Queen Maxima’s is a work of art but it was awfully big. Do both of the two new hats go on for the Best New Hat of 2019?

  6. Princess Alexandra was my favourite repeated hat, but I really loved Zara’s third placed teal, of the new hats. Can’t really argue about the winners though – they were lovely hats!

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