Favourite New Royal Hat: Royal Ascot

Of the 24 new royal hats we saw at Ascot this year, 13 were met with particular admiration, based on your comments. It’s now time to take another look at these baker’s dozen of millinery beauties and choose two favourites to put forward in our year-long quest to name Favourite New Royal Hat of 2019.

Click on any photo or caption to jump over to a feature post with additional views and discussion on each hat:

1.    2.   

Queen Elizabeth blue hat with peaked brim and velvet flowers by Angela Kelly worn on Day 1
Queen Máxima’s tawny pink straw saucer covered in feather flowers by Berry Rutjes worn on Day 1

3.    4.

Duchess of Cambridge’s wide blue straw saucer with underbrim flowers by Philip Treacy worn on Day 1
Princess Beatrice’s blue straw matador boater with tassels by Bundle MacLaren worn on Day 1

   5.    6.

Zara Tindall’s pale blue saucer with flowers and twists by Juliette Botterill worn on Day 1
Duchess of Cornwall’s pale aqua straw Philip Treacy picture hat with peaked crown worn on Day 2

7.    8.    

Queen Elizabeth’s silver straw hat with pleated crin brim overlay and gold flowers by Angela Kelly worn on Day 3
Princess Eugnie’s teal saucer covered in feathers with gold quill by Bundle MacLaren worn on Day 3

9.   10.   11. 

Princess Anne’s muted teal straw hat with sidesweeping brim, looping bow and deep teal hatband worn on Day 3
Autumn Phillips’ cream satin & straw percher with pink dyed silk ruffle by Bee Smith worn on Day 3
Zara Tindall’s deep teal saucer with ruffled back, flower and quill trim by Juliette Botterill worn on Day 3

12,   13.

Princess Michael of Kent’s ivory picture hat with black brim piping and bow worn on Day 3
Autumn Phillips’ lattice straw saucer trimmed with flowers and feathers by Sally Ann Provan worn on Day 5

This poll will remain open until next Sunday, July 7 at midnight GMT.   As usual for these polls, each computer or mobile device can vote twice per day for as many hats as you wish. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Favourite New Royal Hat: Royal Ascot

  1. So the Duchess of Cambridge didn’t make the list?????? Yet again, of course you would leave her out!!!!

    • She is #3 in this poll.

      This poll is based on reader comments- hats that receive positive response from readers move on to the poll each month. Since this is your first comment here, you might be unfamiliar with this process. Perhaps you’ll participate in discussion about future hats?

      Every one of the hats worn by the Duchess of Cambridge since this blog started in late 2012 has been featured here. One of her hats was among the readers’ top 5 Favourites of 2018. You suggest she’s been excluded but I can confidently assure you that’s not the case.

  2. Hard decision! So many beautiful (really beautiful) hats and most are also complementing so well the rest of the outfits. Honestly, I like Autumn’s hats best of the selection. Outstanding. She’s found a great sweet spot between her years of experience as a member of the Royal family and a selection of great tailors and milliners. She lately seems dedicated to Claire Mischevani dresses lately and it works well (with very rare exceptions). So I went for Autumn’s blue hat, even if it’s a different version if last year’s winner. But her other hat is quite amazing, and I love her dress and how well they work together (so romantic but also fresh and interesting!).

  3. Anne’s #9 hat is in my top 3 of this post, but……what if she wore it at the same angle as Max did earlier this week in an almost identically shaped hat? My eye is drawn to Anne’s diagonal aqua hat band, and am curious if it would perhaps look better at a more horizontal angle, maybe not quite as low on the forehead as Max however. Food for thought. Happy weekend, all.
    June 25, 2019
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. I would love to cast a vote for HM’s floral-trim hat on day 2 … but it’s not here! Sigh. Will have to be content with her grey and gold combo.

  5. What a great selection! In a rare situation- I think two of the best Ascot hats this year came from HM, day 1 and day 3, although I also adore adore adore QMax’s hat, and Autumn Philips’ hat and on and on. I’m so glad two will get to move forward- I like every one of these better than any of the repeated ones we saw earlier.

    Interestingly, there are a few where I loved the overall outfit (like DoCam) but the hat, while beautiful wasn’t a standout (in this field of amazingness anyway). And a couple the opposite as well, like Zara Tindall on day 3- her hat was phenomenal and looked amazing above her beautiful face, but I didn’t care for her dress.

  6. I’m disappointed that none of Sophie’s hats made the cut! I really loved the floral wide brim from day one and the monochrome saucer. I wasn’t also a fan of Eugenie’s yellow butting from day 1 too. No matter, Eugenie in that lovely teal does it for me I think.

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