Monday Multiples: Crown Princess Mary

We’re taking a quick detour from Jimbo’s wonderful series on multiple pairings from Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe (which will return next Monday) to dip into another royal closet. Crown Princess Mary has a beautiful wheat coloured straw saucer with ecru silk flowers and feathers by British milliner Jane Taylor that she has paired with three great ensembles:

Look 1: with a teal silk knotted Prada dress on July 2, 2011 at the wedding of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene in Monaco

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look 2: with a gold chevron striped Strenesse dress and textured white bouclé coat at the May 22, 2012 christening of Princess Estelle of Sweden

Embed from Getty Images

Look 3: with a sienna orange pleated bodice dress with wide sash from Marc By Marc Jacob at Ascot on June 15, 2016

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look 4: with a scarlet Raquel Diniz  dress worn on June 15, 2019 for the 800th anniversary of the Danish flag

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So, dearest readers- which look to you think works best with this golden saucer hat?

Photo from Getty as indicated

27 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Crown Princess Mary

  1. Estelle’s christening is defintely my favorite ensemble with this hat! Dress one is just a tiny bit too shiny, dress 3 is a bit too casual and the red dress was too much of a contrast.

    • I agree entirely. The hat is lovely and does no harm to any outfit, but I’m not a great fan of any of these colourful dresses. The put together look for the christening is my winner too.

  2. I think #1 is a great match – loving the clutch. The shape of the dress is a little unusual for the CP, so I did a little checking. The event she attended in photo #1 was in July 2011, the same year she gave birth to twins in January. I think given that data, it makes the dress even more wonderful.

  3. This may be a first for me, but I really can’t decide — the hat looks great with every one of these ensembles — the three in the original post, plus the fourth added by Shanon. I do think that CP Mary is one of the most stylish women of her generation of royals, and she can carry off must about any look in a very natural way.

    Regarding the details of the dresses themselves, I agree that the busy-ness around the waist detracts from the dress in Look #1 (which by rights I should like best, since that’s my favorite color) and also some sort of necklace is needed, even if a very small subtle one. The chevron design and color of Look #2 is lovely, but I would have liked the combination with the coat better if it had not been such a stark white. Look #3 is also great — the pleats on the bodice and the detail around the waist add interest, but the short gathered sleeves do seem too “little-girly” for the sophistication of the rest of the outfit. Look #4 — I initially thought the hat was too summery to go with the long-sleeve dress (and based on other people in the photos, it must have been cool that day though it was June), but as I look at the full-length photo, with the beige/tan handbag and the red shoes, there is nothing to criticize in this ensemble.

    So there you have it, I can’t choose. Every look has something to say for itself. I can’t wait until this hat appears again in Look #5!

  4. What an amazing hat! I love it!

    I love the color of the first dress, but the dress itself is not good. It looks cheaply made, and I know it’s not!

    My winner is #2, although I’d ditch the boucle jacket.

    I’m not a fan of the color of the orange dress, but the dress itself is cute.

    I like the color of #4.

  5. Gah! I can’t decide. It’s a beautiful and happy hat that looks SO nice against her dark hair. I am leaning toward the chevron pairing – muted but perfect! – but the white coat dampens the effect a bit, I think.

  6. For understated elegance, I think look 2 would be hard to beat. It isn’t eye-catching in the same way as the other three outfits, but it is a great tribute to the hat that it pairs so well with very different dresses, to create a successful look each time.

  7. A stunning hat in a neutral colour, which goes beautifully with all the colours shown — indeed any colour.
    However, because of the huge eye-catching flower in the trim, I think this hat pairs best with a dress with simple detailing. I adore the teal dress #1 on Mary — but the large tie detail in the centre of the dress is competing for attention with the hat’s flower – and the shininess of the dress fabric isn’t helping. I’d prefer a simpler hat with this dress, e.g. a pillbox or wide-brimmed hat.
    The gamine styling details of the bodice of the red dress #3 (the tiny puffed sleeves too short for her arm length, the high neckline, the fussy pleating and the high wide waist)–are a bit small for Mary’s athletic torso, and would better suit someone less tall.
    For me, Dress #4 is a better version of dress #3, having the perfect sleeve length for Mary’s proportions. That only leaves the high neckline — which I feel forms the base of an awkward triangle around her face,which is completed by the diagonal lines of the hat.
    But Dress #2 I like, because of the way its lines complement the hat. My favourite.

  8. Look #3 is my favorite, although look #1 is wonderful also. BTW, recently the word “chevron” was used a lot, describing one of HM’s hats-from-the-past, after which I needed to look it up. “Zig zag” was the elementary term I had been using. And I pass a Chevron gas station every day!
    Haha, I learn so much here at Royal Hats! Thanks again, HQ!
    The last gallery of photos shows CP Frederik in an unusually large top hat, no?

  9. This hat has been one of my all time favorites, and you can tell CP Mary agrees. It’s so perfect on her. It’s got height, it’s got a gorgeous flower, and is the perfect neutral tone to work with anything.

    My favorite dress pairing is the orange dress worn at Ascot 2016. The dress itself is a gorgeous style and color on her, and the hat complements it so well.

    • I agree that the red is beautiful. The cold colors work so well with this hat.

      Embed from Getty Images

  10. I can’t decide — they are all gorgeous. She’s a walking how-to lesson in how to pair a hat with different colors and ensembles. Hope we see this one again, maybe with a summery floral?

    Great waistcoat for CP Frederik, too!

  11. I love this hat and all three looks here on CPM are fabulous. The light hat looks phenomenal with her dark hair. My preference is for the bright swingy dress of #3 (I think CPM should be at Ascot every year along with Max), but the subtle pattern on dress 2 is great too. I think judging look 2 is just a bit tougher because the light fabric doesn’t particularly pop against the brightly lit background/light walls of the cathedral. Also I think the dress from look 2 is really pretty- the gold and chevron are great, but I don’t care for the stark white of the jacket- it feels a bit off from the dress and hat. Overall some really great Mary looks and a superb hat to top them off.

  12. #3 is my winner! The whole ensemble is flawless; a very flattering dress, great (and not overdone) accessories, a polished hairstyle (which covers the headband), and the hat to top it all off.

    #2 is a lovely and well-coordinated look, but very bland and the hat doesn’t stand out; as others have pointed out, this hat pairs best with bright colors.

    #1 looks great with the teal, but I don’t find the dress as flattering, and her neckline looks quite bare IMO. It’s too bad Frederik didn’t repeat this fantastic waistcoat at Ascot!

    • I’ve been thinking about the less vibrant #2 and while it doesn’t “pop” as much as the other two ensembles, I think it’s perfect for what it was- an event where another family was at the center of attention. For a godmother’s ensemble at a christening, I think it’s spot on.

  13. All three are great looks, but 1 and 3 are stellar, they’re beautiful bright toned dresses and the hat just pops against both. Mary is one of the most elegant royals out there in my book, she never looks less than fantastic.

  14. They all look wonderful (It’s CP Mary, of course they do!), but my heart belongs to Ascot. One of my very favorite Mary dresses paired with one of my very favorite Mary hats at one of my very favorite Royal venues.

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