Queen Máxima Opens Science & Humanity Exhibition

Queen Máxima opened an exhibition on humanity at the Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam this morning. For this event, she repeated her deep, midnight navy felt fedora with relaxed brim and tall pinched crown, trimmed with a wide navy hatband with flat, folded bow at the side.

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On paper, a relaxed fedora, chiffon dress and ruffle necked coat don’t seem like a good combination but the intensity of colour, and the pattern of the dress drawing everything together, makes it work. I’m surprised how much I like the pairing of chic, less formal hat with the floaty dress (again, I think the pattern makes it work) and find the balance of the overall ensemble, from dark hat to scarlet shoe, to be surprisingly good. Styling sometimes elevates a hat and I think this was the case today.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Oct 5, 2017; Oct 3, 2016

This is the third outing we’ve seen of this fedora- I’m warming to it more and more. What do you think?

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16 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Science & Humanity Exhibition

  1. For me as well this is the best outing of this hat. Also because the hat is placed slightly angled. A small difference but a huge effect.

  2. I just don’t care for a fedora on women. I don’t know why. Also, I think dark shoes would have been a better choice than red. LOVE the red coat, though.

  3. What a fabulous look! The ‘wow’ factor all over again. The simple elegance of the hat and its beautiful colour act as foils to the exuberant red of the coat (looking far better when worn cape-style) and the patterned chiffon dress. Queen Maxima has nailed it once again!

  4. When Maxima wore this coat 3 weeks ago, I commented that a large wide hat would suit it better, so it’s great to see this combination in action today. I didn’t recognise the coat at first, but now I quite like it– worn cape-style, it reminds me a little of Queen Mathilde’s stunning red cape-and-wide-hat outfit which she wore in Canada in 2018.
    I can’t say the same for the chiffon dress however. Even when the coat-as-cape is mostly covering the dress, in my view the dress is too lightweight, and too busily patterned to team well with this felt hat, and detracts from the impact of the hat and coat together. So this wearing gets a thumbs down from me. But I do hope we see the navy fedora again soon.

  5. Definitely the best appearance of this hat yet, although I have enjoyed it previously. The styling here is great and an unexpected mix of bright red with navy blue. While opening the coat and using at as cape is better, I still can’t get past that scrunched collar; I also find the one red glove on her left hand to look odd when the coat is removed, but other than those small complaints, this is a great outing.

    P.S. The Nemo is a fun and interesting architectural contrast in Amsterdam, and better seen lit up at night IMO (preferably on a canal cruise haha).

  6. It’s is fabulous. For me it’s the coat that does it, and that she’s worn it as a cape (nobody else does this any more, it’s old style glam isn’t it!) When worn before the hat jarred with outfits, but the coat provides a fab contrast, and the dress underneath does the same. I like it much less without the coat, the dress isn’t a match on its own.

    Yet again, Máx shows how she does it like nobody else!

  7. Absolutely agree with all of you — the hat looks superb with this ensemble, even when she takes the coat off. The purse, shoes and gloves are an excellent addition to the red coat worn informally over her shoulders. This is so much better a showing than the previous two appearances of this hat!

  8. I like the hat better today and it just fits beautifully with the ensemble. The coat, too, is significantly better loose over the shoulders rather than buttoned up as it was previously worn. All together a great look. Kudos to Queen Maxima.

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