Dutch Queen Attends Union Conference

This morning, Queen Máxima attended CNV Vakmensen’s (a very large Dutch union) anniversary conference, repeating her textured pink bandeau headpiece. The embroidered fabric used on the headpiece and coat are studded with small sequins.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

There are numerous things to like here- the scale is great, large enough to give the headpiece some presence but not overwhelm, the fabric texture gives great dimension and the sequins add subtle sparkle when in motion. These things all balance the pale shade, making a very polished yet interesting ensemble for the Dutch Queen, who wears it very well.

Thoughts about this headpiece today on its second outing?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

12 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Attends Union Conference

  1. I’m a bit surprised it took so long to repeat this, but it’s lovely to see this ensemble again! It was styled well for a state visit, and also transitions well to a more informal event like this. My only real complaint this time is her hairstyle, which doesn’t do her justice like that of 2018; I also would’ve preferred bigger earrings, but I can also live with the smaller ones haha.

  2. Maxima wears small hats and headpieces so well. I loved this hat on its last wearing, the State visit, where the styling was impeccable. This bandeau is actually quite bulky–very high and broad — so it suits a hairstyle with added volume, which we can see in the 2018 side views. The off-centre overlap of the coat is very cleverly echoed in the off-centre part of her 2018 hair, and nicely balanced by the off-to-the-side 2018 brooch. The 2018 drop earrings also add pleasing visual volume.
    Maxima can be counted on to vary her styling when she repeats an outfit, no matter how successful the original, and this time there may have been a desire to casualise the look a few notches, given that this occasion is less formal than a state visit. Sadly I feel that the result does not do justice to this amazing and beautifully crafted ensemble. The tight symmetrical hairstyle is practical, but that’s all, and side views show that its flat surface makes the bandeau look disproportionally large: https://www.yvwfotografie.com/Royals/Koningin-M%C3%A1xima-Jubileumcongres-CNV-Vakmensen/i-KnJZDGK/A And without the long earrings and the brooch, the focus falls too heavily on those horizontal lines on the coat and the belt, (which I agree is too wide, adding a stiff blocky component to this ensemble).The belt was a lot less noticeable in 2018, when the jewellery and hairstyle raised attention more towards the Queen’s face. Maxima has an incredible collection of “smart casual” jewellery which she could wear with this outfit, and a more tousled version of her previous high volume formal hairstyle with this hat is something I’d love to see in the future.

  3. I like the bandeau. The scale and color look beautiful. From this angle I thought it was a pillbox. I am curious to see it from the back. I am not sold on the styling. Too much pink which doesn’t work well with blondes. I would have preferred a darker more vibrant color like burgundy or navy blue.

    The outfit with the various horizontal lines look choppy. Maybe a darker color would have made the lines less prominent.

  4. I agree that while this is a nice look, and that the headpiece is lovely, the belt is too wide, and as Sandra posted, is corset-like. I am also not sure about the color, but suspect that this looks better in person than it does in photographs.

  5. The headpiece looks very nice. It’s a good size and is a pretty colour for Max. The belt however, to my eye, ruins the outfit. It’s far too wide – chopping her in half and looks like a corset, ie uncomfortable.

    • I agree, Sandra. The hat is pretty and looks lovely on Q Maxima, but all those choppy horizontal lines on the outfit itself aren’t attractive at all.

    • To my eye the horizontal lines add interest to the outfit and don’t chop it up because of the similar colors. Maxima is long waisted so the large belt doesn’t bother me, either. I love this outfit! I think Queen Maxima looks very polished in it and the bandeau tops it off to perfection.

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