British Royals Celebrate Christmas- Part II

After a brief Christmas Day break here at Royal Hats, we continue  with hats worn by remaining members of the British Royal Family to attend Christmas Morning Service at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene near Sandringham. The Countess of Wessex topped her oatmeal coat with a burgundy velvet padded bandeau headpiece trimmed with a birdcage veil.

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It’s a quieter millinery look for Sophie than we usually see her wear, although still very much on trend. The burgundy headpiece and purse brighten her neutral ensemble, giving it a festive pop of colour. Beyond that, there’s really not much to say.

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Designer: Jane Taylor It is the Velvet Small Moon Headband With Veil from AW 2019. Coat by Suzannah. 
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new

Lady Louise also joined in the current craze for bandeau headpieces with a braided design in muted pink velvet. It wouldn’t be my first choice to pair with her checked coat (one some of you might recognize as one previously worn by her mum) but I see the appeal of this piece, particularly for a young person, and Louise wears it well.

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Designer: unknown. Coat by Stella McCartney
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new

Princess Anne repeated her deep purple felt fedora with deeply creased crown and extended brim, which raises around the back, trimmed with a twisted bow and curling feathers on the side. The scale and colour of the hat are great on her and pull her ensemble forward, counter balancing the oddly large 70s referencing lapels on her coat.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: Dec 30, 2018; Aug 26, 2018March 16, 2018  

The Countess of Snowdon was also in purple, her heather-hued felt fedora trimmed with a pale Petersham ribbon hatband and a large spray of pheasant feathers on the side. Serena’s style is an effortlessly glamorous one and this hat falls in line with this aesthetic, wonderfully pairing her chic hat and pink tweed coat for an unexpected but stylish pairing.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jess Collett. It is The Cheltenham from AW 2019
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Lady Margarita-Armstrong Jones joined the bandeau trend in a deep teal silk velvet padded bandeau embroidered with sprays of red and gold beaded leaves in a criss-cross pattern and topped with a a birdcage veil. You can see more detailed views of the design from the milliner’s portfolio here and here.


Designer: Jess Collett. It is the Bardot Hairband from AW 2019
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new.

Lady Sarah Chatto, who is visible behind Prince George in the photos below, repeated a navy felt hat with squared crown and wide cartwheel brim. The hat is finished with a slim hatband and small ribbon bow at the front; it follows the elegantly streamlined millinery style Sarah favours and carries off so well.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Stephen Jones custom version of ‘Facetime’ from Miss Jones AW 2019
Previously Worn: Dec 25, 2017

That wraps up this year’s British royal Christmas Day hats- which ones stood out most to you?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

24 thoughts on “British Royals Celebrate Christmas- Part II

  1. I love the countess of snowdon’s hat as well as lady Sarah charros. Princess Anne’s is great too but i just really am not on board for these bandeaus.

  2. Princess Anne is on to a real winner here! And unlike some other commenters, I think the “70’s referencing” coat looks great.

    Lady Louise’s bandeau – well, I’m not a great fan of bandeaus, but this one does seem very suitable for the wearer (if she doesn’t mind the cold) but I don’t know that the coat is doing it any favours.

  3. Personally, I love the hat band trend (I think Bea’s and Sophie’s are my favorite) because it’s so accessible. I rarely have the chance to wear a hat but I can totally pull off a hat band for the holidays, a wedding or even with a dress for work (I may have 3!). It’s a fad and will likely go away soon but it’s nice to be able to spend $10 and feel a bit like a royal. Though I do love the hats too!

    • You make a GREAT point. I’ve seen several bandeau headpieces at Christmas events this year and I live in an area where formal hats are simply never worn. They are easy to wear and because of their current popularity, are available ready-to-wear at affordable prices which, as you say, makes them very accessible.

  4. My favourites are the purple hats of Princess Anne and Duchess Camilla. I loved how the 2 of them had a compare and giggle about both wearing purple after Camilla got out of the car with HM.
    It is high time IMHO that head bands were….BANNED! I hate them, sorry:-)
    Lady Sarah Chatto never fails to bring elegance to the group. HM was very jolly in red.

    • I’ll let this comment remain because it’s Christmas but wishing a particular style of milliner be banned (a style that is VERY popular globally right now) is over the top. It’s fine not to like them- I understand MANY do not- or to wish their current popularity decreases quickly but let’s remember the ones we see are handmade items, made by a real person and keep our words kind.

  5. I think I agree with Bentley1530 in wishing that the headband craze would go out of style. I won’t risk reprimand by claiming that they’re not “real” hats, but I honestly think that a headband instead of a full-sized hat doesn’t do justice to anyone older than the teenage years, no matter how elegant it is. I’m really quite disappointed in Sophie’s look this year.

    I do particularly like Princess Anne’s and the Countess of Snowdon’s hats, as well as the way all the purples and blues coordinated — I love that photo of Anne and Camilla next to each other in the 5th slideshow. And a thought about Anne’s out-of-style coat — while I generally admire her thriftiness in wearing the same clothes decade after decade, I wish she would engage a seamstress to make just a few minor modifications to make some of these outfits a little more up-to-date, and possibly less recognizable. It would not have taken much to modernize those lapels!

        • I was trying to gently point out that, unlike many of Anne’s coats which have been around since the 1980s (or older), this one is a ‘new’ design. You suggested a seamstress make some minor modifications to bring it into the 21st century but I believe it was made last year! So, this isn’t so much a question of wearing her clothes across multiple decades (which I respect and admire) but choosing new a new piece that looks dated from the start.

          • I believe Matthew is confused because you used the word hat instead of coat in your sentence above (first occurrence).

          • Thank you, Karen Dylia, that is indeed what I was confused about, and thank you for clarifying, HatQueen. It does seem odd to me that someone who seems to have such a large collection of actual retro clothes would have a “new” retro outfit made, but I agree that it must be new, I couldn’t find any photos online anywhere of Anne wearing that coat prior to 2018 Cheltenham races, and she is not one of the royal women whose designers or fashions are that much written about. Incidentally, really good views of the embellishment on Anne’s hat in that March 2018 post if anyone is curious.

  6. Sophie looks fine in this bandeau headpiece and the whole look is nicely coordinated, but overall it’s quite underwhelming and seems a bit lazy for her considering her past choices.

    I can seem the headband trend being a good choice for Louise, but this one seems weirdly oversized and wide, especially when paired with the too-large coat. Not a good look unfortunately.

    At first I thought Anne had worn this at last year’s Christmas, and then remembered it was the turquoise twin to this ensemble. Both are great looks, but she often wears them so close to each other, or at similar/same events; it confuses me sometimes, and I think diminishes the beauty of both looks unfortunately.

    Serena is definitely my favorite of this group, and wins the day with Kate and Camilla. The purple is a great color for her, and you know I love those pheasant feathers!

    Nice to see Sarah repeat this hat, but unfortunately we still don’t get a great look at it! As Rafael said, it looks like some extra trim was added to the front. I do wish we could see her try a little more color for Christmas.

    P.S. I received the book “Our Rainbow Queen” as a Christmas gift, so I’m excited to delve into it and see what hats I’ve been missing from over the years. Hope everyone has been able to relax and enjoy the holidays for a moment or two!

  7. Serena is my winner here. She looks fantastic, that’s a great colour pairing and I love the width of the brim. Sarah also looks fab. Anne’s getting wear out of this purple ensemble and rightly so. The Wessexes are a symphony in beige. Nice enough but nothing special for Christmas.

  8. Princess Anne FTW today- I’m very happy to see this hat again. If I could tweak her look slightly, it would be to (following Camilla’s lead) swap the nude hose for sheer black hose, and those too-short 3/4 length boots for her knee-high boots; and to swap the distracting patterned scarf for a plain soft mauve one)
    Lady Sarah loves her downward facing brims, and this one is a showstopper — but being a person of average height, a more open, flatter neckline would counteract the shortening tendencies of this style; also a lighter colour coat would lift the overall heaviness of the ensemble. Lady Serena’s splendid fedora looks a little wide for her slender shoulders and a little tall for her; a trim trilby style would probably be more in keeping with her proportions.

  9. Lady Sarah’s hat is beautiful. The shape is fantastic on her and goes so well with her coat. I would love a closer photo of her to see the finer details on her hat, as well as that brooch!
    The Countess of Snowdon looked very chic. I love her hat and coat pairing. Very festive!
    Princess Anne’s hat was fantastic! The color and style is great on her.

  10. Princess Anne is my winner here. She looked great in the colour and it’s a good hat on her, that went well with the coat
    Sarah Chatto may have scored higher if seen more clearly – she is always elegant.
    Serena’s hat was fine, and went with the tweed coat, but the huge bunch of pheasant feathers at the side were too many and too vertical for me.

  11. Your info about Lady Sarah Chatto is 100 % accurate. But the hat was modified specially for this occasion, holly leave and berries were added. The leave made with three different tones of navy blue felt, were cut, folded and hand shaped one by one. I wish I could send you a better photo.

  12. The Countess of Snowden for the win in this group! “Effortlessly glamorous” is a perfect description! I like Princess Anne’s hat, but am foolishly wishing for an updated coat. I am glad Sophie’s headband had a veil-that uplifts the style slightly. Ah, Lady Louise, you are swallowed up in that coat. Cute headband, though. It was good to see Lady Sarah with her “elegantly streamlined” hat there, too.

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