Cheltenham Festival 2020 Day 3

Thursday saw just one royal hat at the Cheltenham races, a navy blue felt trilby with jaunty brim worn by Zara Tindall. The design is trimmed with a spray of handmade leather flowers that wrap around a curled navy quill on the right side of the hat.

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Zara’s first two hats at this year’s Cheltenham Festival were stunners (see here and here) and this one keeps her millinery streak a winning one! The colour is lovely on her, the dark hue standing out so well against her fair features and the paler blue coat (brilliant styling, again, to pair this hat with a coat in a different shade) and the angled brim giving such a saucy turn. The floral trim is fantastic in its detail and I adore how the shine of the leather stands out so well against the luxe nape of the felt. For me, this is effortlessly chic.

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Designer: Justine Bradley Hill. It is a bespoke version of the Edna Trilby from AW 2020. Coat by Pip Howeson, dress by The Outnet. Styling by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new. 

While I’m a great fan of this hat for Zara, I’m curious- what do you think of this design on her? Stay tuned tomorrow for our look at the final day of this year’s races, and a great trio of royal hats.

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11 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2020 Day 3

  1. What’s not to love here? Zara has always worn trilbies well, I love the leather floral trim cascading up the side, and the combination navy blue with smoky blue is fantastic. But seriously, Mike, where are your newsboy caps from previous years?

    A few other hats I thoroughly enjoyed from St. Patrick’s Day:
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. It is great to see Zara in a non-percher style! As much as I like her perchers, variety is the spice of life! I think the hat is perfect and I love the dark detailing near the wrist of her coat that brings it all together for me. I agree with mcncln that nazy boots would have been perfection,but if she already owned the black boots I am glad she didn’t buy a new pair just for this outfit alone.

  3. Shout out to Mike who looks amazing in that jacket, although it screams for a hat to polish that look to perfection.

    This hat is great on Zara. The trilby is a great design and this hat with it’s great color and leather trim is another winner.

  4. Zara’s hats are very often really attractive, and look good when seen in a headshot of her, but I find they are also often too small when seen in the context of the balance of the whole outfit on her. Even though the brim on this hat is of modest proportions, I see it as vindication of my view as it makes the whole look appear very well balanced.

    • You raise a really good point Bristol. Something about her hats have always pleased, yet puzzled me. It is definitely the scale when the photo pulls away to reveal her entire look. The hat is too small, but on close ups, it’s just right. This trilby works so well overall, but the smaller scale hats look great on her face, but small when looking at the entire look.
      We see this on reverse with Queen Letizia. She is so petite that some hats overwhelm her. Very interesting point!

  5. Zara is indeed, just as in years past, thrilling me with her winter hat choices this Cheltenham. This gorgeous trilby is set off very thoughtfully in a monochrome outfit of graduated blues, with the head-to-toe interest provided by the different textures of the materials. I do love the slightly sixties “mod” feel of outfit, captured in the delightful first pic in the second group! The over the knee boots and short handled bag are a spot-on choice for the simple mini-length coat. My one styling quibble is the boots being black- it’s too dominant for the palette in the same way that HM’s black shoes often are – navy or dark grey would have been perfection.

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