Cheltenham Festival 2020 Day 4

The Cheltenham Festival wrapped on Friday with a day of racing that saw numerous members of the British royal family in attendance. Princess Anne led her family in her pale green brushed felt trilby.

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We see Anne in so many dark hued hats during the winter, this paler one stands out as a lovely change. The stacked crown shape is an interesting design detail and the colour, which is lovely on Anne, works so well with her green printed coat, lightening and brightening the overall ensemble.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Dec 25, 2016Nov 10, 2014;  March 16, 2012

Peter Phillips repeated a well worn chocolate felt fedora with slim ribbon hatband.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Mar 15, 2019; Mar 16, 2018; Mar 17, 2016; Nov 13, 2015 

Autumn Phillips topped her dark green coat with a wide-brimmed fedora in pale pink felt. The hat is simply but effectively trimmed in a dark green hatband under a slim band of black braid.

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The scale is lovely on Autumn and the shape, while a classic, feels as far away from stuffy or mumsy as one can get. The colour here is what stands out for me- not only is a great hue on Autumn, it’s not a shade we often see on a fedora which, soft and lovely as it is, makes it feel so modern and fresh. The darker hatbands are a wonderful contrast that link beautifully with Autumn’s outfit, the hat standing out amidst the dark green. And who doesn’t love a royal hat that becomes the shining focus of an ensemble?!

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Designer: Camilla Rose Dawn Fedora in pink and green. Coat and blouse by Really Wild. Styled by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new.

Zara Tindall topped her plum coat with a matching felt percher hat trimmed with a large gold metallic textured flower.

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Again, there’s much to love here. The colour is lovely on Zara and the shape of the beret base, with a slightly elevated back to support that amazing gold flower, works so well against the funnel neck of the coat, drawing the eye upward and giving subtle lift to the look. Zara has not put a foot wrong in the style stakes this week and both she and her stylist get some applause from me.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Sarah Cant. It is a bespoke version of from . Claire Mischevani coat. Styled by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new.

What do you think of these final four hats at this year’s Cheltenham Festival?

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10 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2020 Day 4

  1. Princess Anne looks exceedingly dapper here. The hat is not, perhaps, particularly outstanding on its own, but as part of the complete outfit it’s a winner.
    Lovely look on Zara Tindall, too, though I can’t help hankering to see her in a large hat a little more often.

  2. A very good lineup. Like Shanon, I am distracted by Anne’s slightly crumpled brim, but I love the color and the way this has shimmers in the sunlight.

    I think it was Bristol who pointed out last week that Zara has gone to slightly larger hats, which are more flattering. This one is another example. Not sure I can pick a favorite of the week from her since they are all so good!

    I think going with the coordinated hat color rather than monochrome scheme is one of the reasons Autumn wears hats so well. It certainly works here!

  3. This ensemble just says Anne to me. The shiny sea foam green should feel more dated, but the tailored coat with the modern high collar keeps it rooted in today. Brava!

    Peter looks great in his fedora; it suits him much better than the cap from yesterday. I saw a photo somewhere which showed he wore black shoes with this brown hat and coat and navy suit, and that still bothers me (one too many neutrals together for my taste); should’ve stuck with brown shoes. Otherwise a fantastic outfit!

    Casual and chic for Autumn. Tying in the teal green hatband with her outfit is not often how one color coordinates, but I like it very much, and the pale pink is a great contrast color that works great for seasonal transitioning. It’s interesting how Peter wore the same hat and Autumn chose the same shape from the same milliner for Day 4 two years in a row (

    Another gorgeous ensemble for Zara! She rocks this deep purple, and the bronzed leather flower is so perfect to top this cocktail percher. And while another well-tailored outfit from Mike, I still lament his lack of headwear this week.

    Finally, a couple more hats I liked from Gold Cup Day:
    Embed from Getty Images

    And let’s not forget Natalie Pinkham’s great trilby by Sally Ann Provan:

  4. My only quibble with Anne’s hat is that it looks like it got squashed a bit too much at the front. The bend is not so smooth. Other than that, it is a great color and shape on her. Might trilby’s be the perfect hat that works on everyone?
    Great fedoras on both Peter and Autumn Phillips. It’s so nice to see them still enjoying time together. I particularly love the color on AUtumn. The pink is a lovely promise of spring.
    Zara’s hat is so beautiful. The color and scale work so so well. Closeup, and far away, it’s wonderful. She just gets better and better sartorially speaking.

  5. I feel so indulged seeing the quality and quantity of beautiful hats at this year’s Cheltenham, and Day 4 brought more delight. I especially like seeing more trilbies and fedoras in modern, brighter colours. Anne’s green fedora and green coat combination is as sharp as ever (though I don’t understand the gloves being blue — and grey boots would look better than the black). Peters’ styling of his trilby is his best ever– his jacket tones beautifully with the brown of the hat, and his tie coordinates with Autumn’s lilac fedora. I love how the green of her trim is echoed in her blouse and clutch, and the black on the trim is picked up by her black boots. For me the classy, integrated simplicity of this couple’s outfits is textbook, right up there with the effortlessly elegant “relaxed” style of Japan’s Akihito and Michiko.
    Zara looks head-to-toe gorgeous in every detail of her outfit. I do wish the petals of the flower trim didn’t look oddly crumpled from certain angles, – and I’m a bit concerned about how the rear view might look — but that said, it’s a minor quibble. Still another lovely hat for Zara.

  6. I agree with you, Hat Queen – Zara has been outstanding this week, with four different, but all stunning, hat and coat ensembles. I love the colours of today’s outfit – the pewter flower with the purple is perfect.
    Again, I’m loving the trilby and fedora hats. The Duchess of York and Countess of Essex have also worn nice examples not so long ago – I hope this is is signs of a fashion trend to combat the hair band style which I’m not loving. These are proper, sit on the head hats!

  7. I loved all of the hats, but especially the pale green one worn by Princess Anne today, and it looked lovely on her. It was perfect with the patterned dark green coa. When I first saw it in the first photo, I actually thought it was a bit metallic. Everyone looks happy–was it a winning day? Zara has looked wonderful every day this week; she has a great style, and great coloring for many different colors of hat and coats. I wish there was another day of the festival for more hats!

    • Hurray for all the beautiful fedora’s and other hats on those four days of Cheltenham! I love fedora’s, they are very “wearable”, also for non-royals at non-Royal occasions.
      About Princess Anne’s sea green fedora: the material is a beautiful vintage long haired fur felt. If brushed with a damp brush it will shine as if polished. The reason the brim looks somewhat crumpled is because she turned it down on the righthand side, whereas originally it must have been rolled up, I think in an effort to modernise the shape. Probably both sides were turned up, the lefthand side slightly more than the righthand side.
      It would need steam and a milliner’s hand to do it properly and even then, the brim binding might make it difficult to change the brim shape.

  8. The fedoras win.Really like the one Zara wore the other day with the leather decoration on the side. Princess Anne looks lovely. Autumn and Peter look so happy.

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