Hat From the Past

Royal Hats thirty years to March 21, 1990 and a tour of Cameroon that saw Diana, Princess of Wales in a wide-brimmed pink straw picture hat with layered hatband and slightly pinched (like a safari hat!) crown by Philip Somerville.

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7 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. “Gelato Tints”, from the eloquent and very sharp mcnln!

    Really like this hat, which could easily be worn today.

  2. This is a great hat and could still be worn today (although the choice of what looks to be an optimo crown is interesting). I agree with Matthew that the color combo is not great, especially in pastel. Overall though the look is a pretty classic choice!

  3. I remember this hat! I didn’t like the yellow/pink combination of the suit very much (style – yes, color combo – no) but the hat was fantastic. It had such a wonderful sheen when the light hit it. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if her hair had been just a tiny bit longer at that time.

    • Good points Matthew. I think the shine adds something very special to this hat, which is just classic enough to be worn right now – say, to Ascot, with a pink pantsuit (which is all the go).
      The exaggerated proportions of the skirt suit do not stand the test of time, but colour-wise, I always melt at any combination of soft pastel gelato tints. So great to see this again.

  4. I remember this hat and outfit. The color and shape looked fantastic on Princess Diana, and complemented her yellow outfit. Her collaboration with Philip Somerville was always a great one.

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