Note About Royal Ascot 2020

As you all know, Royal Ascot is going to look a lot different this year than in years past. Don’t worry- despite no spectators at the races this year, we are still going to have much hat-related fun! Each day, Royal Hats will feature a retrospective of past Ascot hats worn by a royal woman whose millinery style has enthralled us at this event.

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The Ascot Racecourse also invites all of us to join in the races in a unique way:

Each day of the races, a midday post will go up here on the blog to share any of the ‘home’ Ascot hats that caught your eye. Share your at home Ascot look or follow others at #royalascot or #styledwiththanks on Instagram and please, tune in here each day to discuss your favourite hats.

Royal Ascot and the British Hat Guild, led by legendary milliner Stephen Jonees have collaborated on a campaign to celebrate milliner and raise funds for four British  frontline charities: The National Emergencies Trust Relief Fund, NHS Charities Together, The Care Workers Charity and the Berkshire Community Foundation. British milliners were invited to create based on a rainbow, which will be auctioned throughout Royal Ascot week. Make sure to check out all of these brilliantly beautiful hats here– my favourites by Jess Collett, Lisa Tan, Juliette Botterill and Ian Bennett are below.

To kick off next week’s Ascot retrospectives, on Friday and and next Monday we’ll dive into the closets of two more royal women for a look at the hats they have worn to Trooping the Colour and The Order of The Garter. Stay tuned!

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Photos from Getty and social media as indicated 

12 thoughts on “Note About Royal Ascot 2020

  1. Fabulous collection of rainbow hats, and how wonderful that they are being auctioned off for these charities. In addition to HatQueen’s picks (especially Juliette Botterill’s), I love Beverly Edmonson’s — hoping that the Countess of Wessex bids on this one! I’m selecting Edwina Ibbotson’s for Max and RTM’s for someone — anyone!

  2. I think we’re going to host a Royal Ascot closing day breakfast watching party, full on with Royal Enclosure attire. Sadly, the only day being broadcast in the US is Saturday, closing day, unless you utilize a VPN. Champagne, nibblies – with formal morning attire, hat for the lady, and top hats for the men. Doubly sadly, it will be only four of us since we’re still being vigilant against Miss Covey. What a crazy year!

      • Yes, we were supposed to depart Chicago for London tomorrow evening. Plans for 3 days at Ascot (as well as attendance at the Chicago Cubs v St Louis Cardinals baseball game). I guess the upside is the cancellation saved us some coin.

  3. Wow HatQueen, you have done the impossible. I’m now looking forward to Royal Ascot! These rainbow hats are so beautiful. I think my favorite is Rachel Trevor Morgan’s but I always love her hats!

    Thank you so much for Royal Hats. I was worried that after your mother died (may she rest in peace) you would throw in the towel, and I totally would have understood. This blog is one of the thing’s that I look forward to every day. HUGE THANK YOU for keeping it going!

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