Top Royal Hats: January & February 2020

Results for your favourite new hat and repeated hat worn in are in with two clear winners:


Embed from Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth’s oxblood wool silk crepe and straw hat with cherry blossoms by Angela Kelly (made by Stella McLaren) worn for a visit to MI5 Headquarters on February 25

Embed from Getty Images

Duchess of Cambridge’s blue felt Hicks and Brown fedora with pheasant feather hatband worn to church at Sandringham on January 5

Jump over to polls for favourite new hat and favourite repeated hat to see the results in greater detail.  
Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

4 thoughts on “Top Royal Hats: January & February 2020

  1. I thought Kate’s hat was such a beautiful, vibrant color. I am happy to see it on the “charts,” so to speak. HM”s hat was a surprise to me, but again, it is such a nice saturated color!

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