Royal Ascot 2020 At Home: Day 2

The second day of the races today saw the exciting conclusion of the Windsor Castle Stakes race, won by a horse whose owner was undoubtedly cheering from her Windsor Castle home!

Those of you interested in following the #styledathome ascot hat auction fundraiser can follow it here. What Ascot hats at home stood out to you today?

Photos from social media as indicated 

37 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2020 At Home: Day 2

    • Wow! That is gorgeous right down to those gloves.

      Hat Queen, is this one of the milliners you said yesterday you wish would make some hats for Camilla? I’m on board with that!

      • Trish, before your comment I thought, “Camilla needs this hat!” haha. I also think it would look fantastic on Marie-Christine (Princess Michael of Kent).

        • Yes, Trish, this is indeed one of the milliners who I suggested for the Duchess of Cornwall and yes, Jake, this would also be a great hat for Princess Michael!

      • Agreed! I find this year’s “At Home” is so nice as we get to see so much of the entire outfit and so many beautiful hats that we normally don’t get to view. I marvel at how wonderful everyone looks!

  1. Too bad we didn’t get to see HM today. She looks so tickled when her horse wins:
    Embed from Getty Images

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