Ascot Hats: Princess Haya

During past Royal Ascot weeks, the royal arrivals I’ve anticipated most each day has often been Princess Haya. Her Ascot looks are often head turners and an easy choice to feature and celebrate today for Ladies’ Day. Here are the 58 designs Princess Haya has worn to the races over the years:


Cerulean blue Dior brim with flowers June 15; Aqua and cream straw upturned brim designs
with stacked, ruched crowns June 16 & 17; Black straw layered cloche with side twists June 18


Ruched ecru straw turban June 14; Cream and navy straw wide brimmed Philip Treacy
designs with silk bows on June 15 & 16; Purple pleated pillbox with back bow on June 18


Natural straw oblique brim with side bow June 20; Navy windowpane straw pillbox June 21
Cream silk petal headpiece June 22; Almond silk abaca hat with embellished hatband June 23


Pale grey calot with green beaded detail June 19; Red straw picture hat with navy binding & flowers June 20:
Ivory silk petal callot with taupe rose June 21; Ecru straw hat with pleated hatband June 22


Cream textured brim hat with feathers and veil June 17: Brown straw waved brim with feathers June 18:
Large red straw saucer with straw braided trim June 18; Black silk ruched lampshade with bow June 20


White straw and crin hat with feathers June 16; Grey straw picture hat with nude roses and feathers June 17;
White picture hat with veil June 18; Navy straw hat with veil & feathers June 19; Chocolate crin headpiece June 20


Ivory straw picture hat with blue flowers June 15; White &red straw hat with red roses June 16; Green straw hat with blue and green flowers & feathers June 17; Black straw hat with flowers June 18; White crin hat with blue flowers June 19


Pale lilac-grey straw hat with purple flowers June 14; Smooth navy straw rolled brim design June 15:
Burgundy straw percher with spiky feathers June 16; Chocolate straw picture hat with cream scarf June 17


Black pleated crin headpiece June 19; Dark blue velvet Philip Treacy hugger with twist June  20;
Fuchsia Philip Treacy slice hat with roses & ruffles June  21; Nerida Fraiman black angular straw with lace June  22



Black braided saucer with silk roses June 18; White straw Stephen Jones pillbox June 19;
Black crin Stephen Jones headpiece June 20; Ivory straw Philip Treacy picture hat June 21


Navy straw Nerida Fraiman percher with feathers June 17; Mint saucer with cream crin bow and brim binding June 18;
White straw Philip Treacy slice with black lace & feathers June 19; White Philip Treacy percher with twists June 20


Black flower saucer June 16; Black straw waved hat June 17, both by Philip Treacy


All from Philip Treacy- Feather covered pyramid June 14; Oversize ivory silk pillbox June 15;
Red straw picture hat with feathers & twists June 16; Black silk veiled rose headpiece June 17

White straw brimmed hat with navy lace by Juliette Botterill June 20;
Black and white Philip Treacy waved disk with feathers June 21; Red picture hat with oversize roses June 22

Ivory crin Philip Treacy saucer with twists and oversize roses June 19;
Cream straw veiled Philip Treacy hugger June 20; Black flower trimmed percher June 22
There’s so much here to admire, both in terms of individual looks and overall millinery bravado. The Philip Treacy fuchsia slice in 2012 is one of my favourite royal hats of all time, the white straw slice with black lace trim by Philip Treacy in 2014 is a masterpiece and the navy lace trimmed Juliette Botterill hat in 2017 is just plain pretty.  Princess Haya is not usually included in conversations about the bravest royal hat wearers which is a shame- there are numerous looks here that few other royals would even dare try pulling off. Granted, not all are successful but my goodness, her commitment to each look is so solid that even the less successful looks are still noteworthy.  Her absence at last year’s races was strongly felt, especially after learning the dire circumstances behind it. I hope things are resolved for her in a way that enables her to confidently attend Royal Ascot again, as it’s just not the same without her.
What do you notice about Princess Haya’s millinery style evolution? Which of her Royal Ascot hats stand out most to you?
Photos from Agencja Fotograficzna Caro/Alamy; Action Plus; Van Parys Media; PA Images; Van Parys Media; Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty; Alan Davidson/​Shutterstock; HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein; ShutterstockTim Graham Photo Library via Getty; David Hartley/Shutterstock, Tim Graham Photo Library and Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty; Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein; Chris Jackson and Samir Hussein/WireImage via Getty; Reuters; Mark Cuthbert/UK Press, Samir Hussein/WireImage, Chris Jackson, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty; HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein; Eamonn McCormack/WireImage, Max Mumby/Indigo, and Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty; Alan Davidson/Shutterstock; Chris Jackson, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty; Shutterstock; Ben Pruchnie/FilmMagic/Getty; Shutterstock; Steve Parsons/PA Images, Max Mumby/Indigo, Max Mumby/Indigo, Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty; Rex Features/AP; Julian Parker, Max Mumby/Indigo; Stuart C. Wilson/Stringer, Chris Jackson, Julian Parker, Alan Crowhurst, Julian Parker/UK Press, Kirstin Sinclair, Julian Parker/UK Press, John Walton/PA Images, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press, Max Mumby/Indigo, and Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty; Arabian Royal Agency; Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty

19 thoughts on “Ascot Hats: Princess Haya

  1. What an amazing selection. The word that comes to mind is that Haya wears everything with panache. Some of them are beautiful hats (such as the 2004 black straw, the 2012 blue velvet, the 2011 navy straw and burgundy percher) and would be excellent on another occasion, but to me they lack the exuberance that characterises the perfect Ascot hat. The pillboxes too, good of their kind, just don’t seem to make the most of the event.

    My favourite year is 2014, as I think all four hats are great. Two of them are among my very favourites overall, the white with black lace is superb, and the white percher with twists is wonderfully dramatic. The fuschia slice and the red straw from 2016 are also wonderful.

  2. Très distinguée et très belle,courageuse et très forte Princesse Haya!!
    Que Dieu vous protège avec vos chers enfants.
    Tous les chapeaux sont beaux et chics mais le second du 2013 a la préférence pour moi car le visage et les cheveux sont très çlairs et nets.

  3. Interesting to see the progression from very nice to full-out fabulous! While it’s tempting to call Haya the model for all ladies attending Ascot, really, no — like HM, she is in a category of her own. The big brims are a signature look for her, but she has really worn a great variety. I can pass on the pillboxes, but she carried off the perchers and the two wave designs beautifully. But I think HatQueen’s three choices are my favorites, too.

  4. THANK YOU HAT QUEEN! It was my 16th wedding anniversary yesterday and I feel like this is the best present ever (well, besides my kids). I unabashedly adore Princess Haya and missed her so much last year. I hope she comes back confidently in years to come as she leaves a huge gap in millinery and style excellence.
    This might be my favorite post ever. Thank you thank you thank you!

    – 2005 blue pillbox. Love it!
    – The 2007 calots. So pretty on her. The detail on the pale grey one is incredible.
    – The 2008 black lampshade is so chic.
    – 2010 was certainly all about picture hats and flowers!
    – 2012 – Philip Treacy velvet hugger and fuschia slice are both wonderful. The fuschia is such a bold hat and color, and I’ve loved her for wearing it.
    – 2013 black hat with yellow silk roses is an unusual combination, but she made it work. So stylish!
    – 2014 Philip Treacy white hat with black lace is a masterpiece in what an Ascot hat should look like.
    – 2014 Philip Treacy white percher with twists is the hat that made me fall in love with hats. It’s my favorite of all time. It’s clean, versatile and whimsical. It’s perfect.
    – 2015 and 2018 hats are all wonderful.

    Princess Haya is so confident and stylish – right down to her lipstick shade. Her hats are a focal point and wonderfully compliment her outfits. What I’ve noticed about her hats are how she starts the trends. Calots have become big in the past few years. She wore them 13 years ago. The Philip Treacy wave hat she wore 3 years before it was popularized by Priyanka Chopra at the Royal Wedding and the Duchess of Sussex at Ascot that year. Princess Haya’s collaboration with Philip Treacy is wonderful and I hope it continues for many years. She is missed.

  5. Oh my gosh- – so many noteworthy hats!
    Princess Haya just exudes confidence and enthusiasm in all of these photos. These are traits that cannot be taken from her! Not sure to what extent we’ll be seeing her, but wish her all good things.

  6. I knew a Haya retrospective was going to happen on Ladies Day. 😀

    I didn’t start paying attention to her hats until 2009 (although later I saw a couple of earlier ones, but didn’t realize she’s been attending since 2004). Haya certainly has been fearless in trying all sorts of hats, and while many were odd or unsuccessful, there are more successes; plus, there’s no better place to hat experiment than Ascot!

    2008’s black lampshade is simpler, but very elegant, and I’m a sucker for a good large bow. 2009 featured one of my favorite Haya hats: the June 19 navy and mauve hat set at a beautifully jaunty angle and was so flattering; the June 18 white hat with cerulean outfit is another great look, even though the details of the hat are lost unfortunately. I’ve long loved pink and orange as a combination, so 2012’s slice with the large floral trim is another favorite. While 2013’s black braided saucer with the orange flowers was not executed so well, I’ve always liked the concept and its feel of old-school Italian charm. 2014’s black lace trimmed Treacy hat ranks as one of my all-time favorite royal hats; what else is there to say? I love 2017’s blue lace and white hat, but still think the beauty of the hat is lessened by the fact its pattern is repeated on the dress.

    Looking back, I’ve probably been a bit unfairly harsh with some of Haya’s choices, but she’s always managed to keep us guessing over the years, and for that I’m grateful. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope this isn’t the last of Haya’s fabulous millinery adventures.

  7. HQ my compliments, this is a lovely tribute to Haya, I sincerely hope she will return to Ascot one day in good health and with lot’s more hat’s to admire.
    I remember the Philip Treacy black and white lace 2014 blew me away when I first saw it. The 2017 black and white Philip Treacy is so elegant
    The vibrant red 2016 hat was another one I like.
    You can tell she clearly makes an effort each year.

  8. The 2007 pale grey calot with beaded trim, 2008 black lampshade, 2013 black braided saucer with silk roses and the black crin Stephen Jones, and that awesome crazy black lace trimmed Philip Treacy! I’d love any of them. I admire how much variety she brings each year, except 2010 where she clearly was in a mood for some shade and lots of flowers.

  9. I think 2010 was consistently the most beautiful year, all 5 outings. None were large or small in the extreme.
    When Haya comes to mind, I immediately think of the 2014 “My Fair Lady” black and white hat – fantastical!
    HQ, I agree with you, the 2017 white/navy lace hat is just wonderful.

    • I agree, Jimbo. Those flowered hats are all beautiful. There are so many beautiful hats here it’s almost overwhelming to think they all belong to the same person. I hope she was able to take them with her when she left Dubai because they really should be showcased in a fashion exhibition.

  10. You did a wonderful job assembling this collection! I can’t even begin to imagine how much time it took. I do admire her bravado. I think she has such a beautiful way about her. I hope she’s doing okay. She was always one of my favorites to watch. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Generally, I like her in black hats. I think it’s a hard color for some to pull off but she looks fabulous. She has an amazing spirit.

  11. wowzers! now theres a hat collection, and a bibliography in hat styles. for me, princess haya found her hat zing from 2008, with 2009 also a great year for her. i dont think i’m familiar with any of these pre 2013, so many thanks hq for highlighting such a wonderfully amazing catalogue. i remember there have been a few non-finishers (especially when you see the whole outfit), so this hat-only gallery is superb. i find it very difficult to choose an overall favourite. i applaud her for experimenting, and think she wears the different styles very well – including the perchers and pillboxes amongst the many picture hats. hq i’m with you on the 3 which you mention – and the fuchsia slice from 2013 deserves a medal – and to coin a phrase, it’s A-MA-ZING!

    • The 2013 ruffled fuchsia slice hat is one of my favourite royal hats of all time, especially paired with that melon silk coat. The pink and pale orange combination was unexpected but oh-so delicious!

  12. She looked stunning in the White straw Philip Treacy slice with black lace & feathers in 2014 and Black and white Philip Treacy waved disk with feathers in 2017

  13. Heavens, that’s a lot of hats! She definitely had a very couture look. I don’t love them all, but the looks do seem more streamlined and elegant over the last few years. That said, I really love that cream picture hat with the green and blue blooms from 2010.
    You’re right, the way she left the scene and the violence surrounding it was just horrible. I hope she and her family are safe and well, and that we will see her again.

  14. First up, how did you find all these hats???

    Second, more than any other royal, her hats show what was at the cutting edge of couture fashion each year. Incredible.

    Third…. can she take us on a tour of her hat closet??? Please!!!

  15. I don’t expect we will see Princess Haya at Ascot again and she will indeed be missed. I liked all the hats you picked and i also liked the Black silk draped lampshade from 2008, which seems to have been the year she really embraced big hats. I also liked the black braided saucer with flowers in shades of yellow from 2013. As I seem to be choosing black hats, on the less good side is the see through straw (looks black to me!) from 2011, which from the front makes her look weirdly like a blonde!

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