Favourite New Royal Hat: Cheltenham Festival 2020

Back in March, we had no idea that the Cheltenham Festival would be the only royal attended racing events we would see this year. As such, we’re going to take a specific look at the seven new hats that made their debut at Cheltenham and choose a favourite to put forward for Favourite New Royal Hat of 2020.

Please click on each caption link to jump to original feature posts with additional views, information and discussion on each hat. Here are the seven new hats we all admired at this year’s Cheltenham Festival, shown in the order they were worn:

1.    2.
Zara Tindall’s navy bandeau with cut feathers by Juliette Botterill worn March 10
Autumn Phillips’ black felt percher with olive silk camellia blooms and leaves by Sally Ann Provan worn March 10
3.  4.
Zara Tindall’s claret felt curved percher with cutout bow and arrow feathers by Juliette Botterill worn Mar 11
Duchess of Cornwall’s charcoal felt fedora with aubergine hatband and fringed side bow by Philip Treacy worn Mar 11
5.     6.    7.
Zara Tindall’s navy trilby with leather flower spray by Justine Bradley Hill worn March 12
Autumn Phillip’s pink felt fedora with teal and black braid hatband by Camilla Rose worn March 13
Zara Tindall’s purple felt beret percher with bronze leather flower by Sarah Cant worn March 13
This poll will remain open until Monday, July 13  at midnight GMT.  As usual for these polls, each computer or mobile device can vote twice per day for as many hats as you wish. Happy voting!

6 thoughts on “Favourite New Royal Hat: Cheltenham Festival 2020

  1. Racing in March can still be quite chilly, so my votes go to the fantastic navy trilby (along with Mittenmary) and the two fedoras. They just look “right” for this event. After any extended amount of time outside in winter and early spring, I just can’t keep warm enough, especially if I don’t have a hat on! The other four, beautiful as they are, are better suited for church or indoor ribbon cuttings, IMO.

  2. What a hard decision! I could only narrow it down to three: Zara’s claret percher and her purple percher with golden flower, and Autumn’s green and black creation. They all had something special and little out of the ordinary to me.

  3. A very, very good lineup all around. As much as I like the cutout trim on the claret percher and Autumn’s pink fedora, I’m going with the navy trilby.

    • I agree, hats off, and hope that HatQueen will continue to feature her hats if she does, just as hats worn by the Duchess of York are occasionally included.

  4. Seems like such a very long time ago! Zara had some ace hats at this event, so although I was tempted to vote for Autumn for nostalgic reasons (good hats, maybe few more viewings of her in hats) I went with the wonderful claret with the cutout bow. The whole look was lovely.

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