Inventory: Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Purple, Burgundy and Pink Hats

Crown Princess Mette-Marit celebrated her 47th birthday last week,  something that calls for celebration.  What better celebration is there, dearest readers, than a dive into a royal millinery closet?! This time, we’re looking at her hats and headpieces in shades of purple, burgundy and pink; here they are, in order of introduction:

1.  2.    3.
Designer: Philip Treacy; unknown; Philip Treacy
Introduced: December 10, 2003; May 22, 2004; Sep 22, 2004

4.  5.Embed from Getty Images   6.
Designer: unknown; Mona Strand; unknown
Introduced: June 9, 2005; Oct 25, 2005; Jan 21, 2006

7.   8.  9.
Designer: all unknown
Introduced: May 17, 2006; June 11, 2006, Jan 20, 2009;

10. 11.
Designer: unknown
Introduced:  April 18, 2009, May 17, 2009 

12. 13. 14.
Designer: all unknown
Introduced: April 26, 2010; July 2, 2011
; Nov 7, 2017

I initially prepared this as two inventories but brought them together when several designs (#8 and #11) didn’t classify definitively as either purple or pink. This merge uncovered some interesting trends. First is the division of darker and lighter tones- with the exception of #4, this collection is almost evenly divided between darker hued designs at the beginning of Mette-Marit’s royal life and lighter ones during more recent years. Second is how few hats have been added over the past decade- just three (and two of them headpieces). And finally, is the sad memory of some wonderful brimmed designs (looking at you, blushing #10 and striking #1) that were worn once or twice and disappeared, seemingly in favour of much smaller designs. Thankfully, dramatic floral and lace statements from headpieces #9 and #12 mitigate this slightly disappointing millinery trajectory a little.

So… what do you notice about this group of hats? Which designs stand out to you most?

Photos from Julian Parker/UK Press, A. Jones/J. Whatling/J. Parker/M. Cuthbert/UK Press, Antony Jones/UK Press, Sven Nackstrand/AFP, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press, Julian Parker/UK Press, Ragnar Singsaas, Julian Parker/UK Press, Sasha Mordovets, Sylvan Lefevre via Getty; Belga and Getty Images as indicated

13 thoughts on “Inventory: Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Purple, Burgundy and Pink Hats

  1. All but the last of these predate my following of hats on any royals other than the British — I have to say that the wide-brimmed look was so unfamiliar to me on M-M that I scarcely recognized her! I’m not sure if I don’t like them, or I’m just unaccustomed to them, but I do like the smaller back of the head hats and the headpieces better. Of this group, I think that 10 and 13 are my favorites.

  2. I was under the impression she had a neck injury so she can’t wear heavy things on her head…

    While I love #11, I do love #13 a lot! I wish she had different colors of #13 rather than a link/ chain headband she uses with different ribbon colours.

    I wonder if those headbands that were quite trendy last year or so could work for her?

  3. #11 is the best of these. It’s really too bad that she no longer wears brimmed hats! I’m not a fan of the hats worn almost vertically on the back of the head. #13 looks a little raggedy in this photo, but better in the others from this occasion. And while #14 is a glorified headband, it’s nicely designed with the half-twist and the loops, which give it some presence. Overall, the pale colors work best for her.

  4. Please correct me if I am incorrect. I understand this lovely lady for a minor medical reason ..possibly headaches..could not wear hats and therefore opt for headbands etc.
    10, 12, 13 are beautiful.

    • Yes- it looks paler in bright sunlight. Here’s Princess Martha Louise wearing the same hat in 2012. It’s definitely pink!
      Embed from Getty Images

      • Yes it’s a really pretty hat HQ, and looks great here on Martha-Louise, better in fact than on M-M; it’s rakish ruffiness really suits Martha-Louise’s outgoing personality. On M-M it looks too big (sitting so low on her brow) and in my view its rough brim looks too casual for M-M’s type of naturally restrained and low-key elegance.

  5. I’m not sure if I like everything she wears. However, Princess Mette-Marit has some elegant and interesting hats like 12 and 13. I think they are pretty and suit her well.

  6. Heavens, so many different styles. MM always strikes me as someone who took a while to find her own look. But when she did, about the turn of the last decade, it worked so so well. That minimal Scandi chic she adopted is just so elegant, I’ll always have such a soft spot for number 12, those back of head pillboxes she wore are lovely. Sadly she’s retreated further and a jewelled headband is the most we get these days, but I still think she does pared down elegance so very well.

    • “Scandi chic” – I love that!
      I agree with you about Hat #12. She looks fantastic in the back of the head pillboxes.

  7. Lots of pretty hats here! M-M looks great in these colours, and I LOVE those dainty hats on the back of her head, especially when worn with a centre part. M-M is lucky to have classic, evenly balanced features which work well with small-scale millinery. #5 is one of my all-time M-M favourites – this 2012 look seems to channel old Hollywood cocktail glamour: Embed from Getty Images
    I also love # 10, 11, 12 and especially #13, as worn (also glamorously) in 2016: Embed from Getty Images

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