This Week’s Extras

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella in sweet summer hats to cheer their mum’s participation in the Calvi to Monaco Water Bike Challenge in support of her charitable foundation. Prince Jacque’s monogrammed cap is very sweet!
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Queen Margrethe repeated a cream felt hat with peach wool covered curved brim today to open an outdoor museum at Trundholm Mose, Odsherred, site where the famous Bronze Age “Sun Chariot” figure was found in 1902.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel hiked the Jämtlandstriangeln trail last weekend to advocate best ways to access nature
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Amazing how a cream straw trilby can be utterly transformed with a dotted veil. By Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Green straw bandeau with stunning floral and feather trim by Australian milliner Cessiah Alice
Elegant charcoal button percher with dip-dyed black stripe bow by British milliner Karen Geraghty
Indigo shibori dyed straw hat with hand embroidery by Australian brand Somewhere Here

Dior brimmed showstopper with hand sewn black and white braid brim by Australian milliner Christine Waring

Black felt teardrop percher with emerald and ivory silk abaca statement bow by British milliner Camilla Rose
Charming ecru and dusky pink straw boater with floral trim by American brand Victoria Regina
Navy and emerald felt fedoras that come to life with patterned hatbands by British milliner Jess Collett
Whimsical white and yellow straw brimmed hat with oversize feather daisies by Canadian milliner David Dunkley
Fantastic texture on this folded purple, gold and lime patterned-ribbon bandeau by UK brand Florey Millinery
Lovely jade straw and crin hat custom made to precise specifications by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit (see front view here)
Stunning black pleated crin headpiece with Lady Amherst feathers & vintage crystals by British brand John Boyd Hats
Streamlined felt hat with flat topped crown in the loveliest shades of blue by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Pale gold straw freeform hat with crin edge and dramatic black quills by British milliner Lucy Bowler
Navy parasisal beret percher with bronze levitating leaves by Australian milliner Lauren Ritchie
Tall mustard felt cloche with black beading and a decidedly 1960s vibe by New York brand Genevieve Rose
Whimsical beret in vibrant crin stripes by American milliner Amy Fowler. It’s so happy!

On Thursday, Princess Hisako unveiled a statue of her late husband, Prince Takamado
Princess Kiko celebrated her 54th birthday yesterday. The Imperial Household Agency released some lovely new photos to celebrate her birthday.

Photos from social media as indicated

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. 1. Water Bike? Never heard of it – it looks awesomely fun!
    2. HatQueen: a) another stellar week of the “Caught my Eye” Department.
    b) Robert Lovie’s brief video was delightful! I love the Scottish brogue. Just today I watched a Columbo TV show from 1990 with Ian Buchanan starring as the murderous villain, pearly white teeth and charm out the wazoo, and his Scottishness came through loud and clear!
    3. Wies: A fantastic new millinery display! Your “Camera Eye” hat (for me) takes top billing because of the color! I’ll order your “Bonheur” in that color combination, please. When I saw the alternate (front) picture, immediately pictures of 1947 Princess Elizabeth came to mind.

  2. I’m impressed at Princess Charlene’s skill on a water ike. I admit I’ve never heard of that contraption before and I suspect it quite challenging. I adore the photos of Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques.

    Happy birthday Princess Kiko! Gorgeous photos!

    – I just love the cream straw trilby with dotted veil by Jolana Kotabova. Very chic and stylish. I think this would be fun on CP Victoria.
    – The indigo shibori dyed straw hat with hand embroidery by Australian brand Somewhere Here is funky. The style and color variation are remarkable. I can see Princess Beatrice in this.
    – Christine Waring’s Dior brimmed showstopper with hand sewn black and white braid brim would look great on Princess Charlene.
    – Wies’ jade straw hat is so gorgeous. The color is exceptional and the style reminds me of the lovely vintage hats worn in the ’40’s. Just beautiful! Well done Wies!
    – I can see Queen Maxima in the black pleated crin headpiece with Lady Amherst feathers & vintage crystals by John Boyd Hats.
    – Princess Eugenie would look great in the whimsical beret in vibrant crin stripes by Amy Fowler. Now that is a fun hat!

  3. Of the many striking new creations this week, Wies Mauduit’s Camera Eye is my favorite. Love the vintage meets modern shape and the glorious colors!

    HQ, sometimes you expand my horizons in topics behind hats! I’m sorry to say that I hadn’t heard of the Danish Sun Chariot until now, so thanks for the introduction! And Victoria and Daniel’s 47-km trek comes at a time when I’m trying to walk more. I’m inspired by their example.

    • I think, mittenmary, you’ve just explained why royalty is relevant- they bring attention to things worth giving attention to! It’s also a good reminder for us that, while the hats are always important, there’s usually something more important about the events they are worn to.

  4. As the year advances, more and more rescheduled millinery events are being cancelled (again) and opportunities for hat wearing seem to vanish as fast as they appeared. So it is particularly enjoyable to see all those lovely, cheerful hats in your selection HatQueen!
    Thank you for featuring my “Camera Eye” hat. I am grateful for clients who are still willing to order beautiful things awaiting better times to come.

    • It’s my honor to be in a position to support and champion the immense art and skill behind millinery, Wies. We’d have nothing to talk about if you, and others, did not continue to create.

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