Prinsjesdag 2020

Members of the Dutch Royal family celebrated Prinsjesdag today, the start of a new session of Dutch parliament. While the event included King Willem-Alexander addressing a joint session of the Dutch Senate and House of Representatives and the royal women wore the traditional gown and hat of 18th century court dress, cancellation of the carriage procession and balcony appearance, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, gave it a very different feel than in years past.

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We’ve come to count on Queen Máxima to deliver glamour and she did not disappoint, standing out in an ochre yellow gown with horizontal, layered silk ruffles topped with a wired gold bandeau headpiece.

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It’s the first time Máxima has worn yellow for Prinsjesdag and it certainly makes a statement! Originally uncertain about the headpiece, closer views have made we warm to it; its lightness and delicacy works well with the gown, which could so easily be dragged down by a heavier piece. I wish the scale extended across the head in a complete bandeau but as it is, it’s a pretty, pared down piece that seems fitting for a pared down Prinsjesdag.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the “Charme” design. Gown by Claes Iversen
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Laurentien was dressed head to hem in grey, black and camel patterned Missoni knit, a three-piece top, skirt and fringed cape combination topped with a matching bandeau headpiece. The bandeau is simply but effectively trimmed with a black stripe.

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I’ll be honest- the 1970s throwback feel, the knit pattern and colour combination of this ensemble doesn’t appeal to me at all. My own bias aside, I have to concede that the choice of a bandeau shape with this outfit was a great call. I particularly like how the bandeau’s black stripe provides a punch of great graphic contrast and links well with the black stripe at the waist of the top. I appreciate the retro glam feel of this ensemble (Laurentien carries it better than most) but all that pattern and all that fringe put it over the top for me. Although…. haven’t we all been waiting months and months for some over-the-top royal fashion?!


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Designer: Eudia. Gown by Hardies Couture. Both are made of Missoni fabric. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new
The dress code of this event usually brings us some dramatic looks and, thankfully, Queen Máxima and Princess Laurentien did not disappoint. What do you think of this year’s pair of Prinsjesdag bandeaux?

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You can see all of the hats Queen Máxima has worn to Prinsjesdag over the years at this post

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14 thoughts on “Prinsjesdag 2020

  1. First and foremost glad we have an event, I agree with James about the colour blending with the hair, it is very minimum almost Mette Marit style I wished for a more substantial hat but under these circumstances I think she look very well put together and elegant.
    As for Laurentien, it suits her style I just don’t like any of it.

  2. The last photo of HQ’s selection – Wax and Max on their thrones in front of that jewel-hue wall – is so beautiful. She really does think about these things (or her dresser does). I’ve been imaging Max and Laurentien on the balcony together – one all in grey with a mustard/orange sash, the other all in mustard with a blue sash. How terrific they would have looked!

    I don’t care for the fabric in Laurentien’s dress or the colour, but it’s okay, not terrible. I don’t mind Max in ruffles, to me they’re a reminder of her Argentinian heritage and if anyone can wear layers of ruffles it’s our lovely, exuberant Max.

    Did you notice, I haven’t mentioned the bandeaux … Max’s is lovely but almost invisible;Laurentien’s is serviceable.

  3. I don’t mind the ochre dress on Queen Maxima, The color actually looks nice with her sash. I also don’t mind the headpiece, but I just wish she would have gone full out with the hat.

  4. Máxima looked extremely elegant in her saffron yellow gown (I chose saffron as I’m not a fan of the condiment mustard haha) and this fascinator plays well off it compared to a larger hat which might overpower/clash; my only real complaint about is, as JamesB said, it blends in with her hair a lot (although she wore it much better than the model).

    Laurentien is fearless with patterns, but this one colorwise is very drab (although overall this dress feels very similar to the bright green outfit she wore in 2015), and repeating the dress material on a bandeau that is quite flat just feels sad honestly. If she had gone with a solid-color contrasting headpiece (again, like she did in 2015), this could’ve looked much better.

    Despite not much substantial royal headgear today (understandably), some of the members of Parliament managed to wear some good hats. The woman in the middle of this photo wore my favorite hat of the day:
    Embed from Getty Images
    (You can see the beautiful cutouts in the felt in this video: [at 5:30, and another good view at 19:25].)

    Additionally, this video interviews a few other nicely hatted members of Parliament beforehand: (start at 5:49).

    (Hope it wasn’t inappropriate to share those; I just figured a little extra hat love would be appreciated!)

  5. Love the headpiece. Sorry I do not like the style or colour of the dress. I know orange relates to the country. I think pure orange may have been nice.

  6. As so often happens, I agree with you, mittenmary.
    I didn’t care for the dress in its original canary yellow, and I am not wild about it in mustard.

  7. Not a fan of the ruffles on QM’s dress though I guess without them it would seem quite dull. I agree that the mustard color works better with her coloring than the sunnier yellow.

    I do not care at all for the Princess’ top/skirt/cape. I did notice the woman in the last photograph wearing colors similar to what I believe QM has worn in the past.

  8. I don’t care for either the ruffles or mustard yellow, so it’s hard for me to like Máxima’s overall look. I agree with JamesB that the headpiece is lost against her hair. It either needs to be a full bandeau, as HQ suggests, or more filled in. And I definitely agree with JamesB about Laurentien!

    Still, it’s good to see the ceremony, even scaled down.

    Did anyone else notice the woman on the right of the last photo set wearing a familiar ensemble: I don’t think it’s the same, but it’s quite similar!

  9. Well it’s a vibrant look for Máx, and her nod towards being pared down was wearing a dress she’s worn before. I really like the dress, it’s certainly festive. My issue with the headpiece is it gets lost amongst her hair, so unless you’ve got a good close up shot it just looks like a few wires sticking Out of her head. On a brunette I think this could be fabulous, on her it’s a bit lost.

    Laurentien has done Head to toe Missoni before, and I’m still not loving it. It’s overkill of a fabric I already find a bit, well…. (I don’t use this word lightly so sorry in advance…) ugly. One element with a plain backdrop could possibly swing me, but this is slightly eating here alive.

    • Interesting note from Josine Droogendijk who writes the excellent Mode Koningin Maxima (Queen Maxima’s Fashion) blog: the gown has been dyed a deeper ochre shade of yellow, as per Maxima’s request. When she first wore it during the Jordanian state visit in 2018, it was a much sunnier hue.

      Embed from Getty Images

      • The mustard is much better IMO. I love the wired headpiece- feels sort of tiara-adjacent; more like hair jewelry than a hat and goes well with the formal long dress. It’s a bit hard to see though, when I initially saw far away photos from the event at first I thought she was wearing a tiara which seemed weird and then it just seemed like frizzy hair. So up close I think it looks great, but from far away, not super successful.

      • I hadn’t realised the colour had changed, but now I see. I like both colours, but the mustard does feel a bit more appropriate for the occasion doesn’t it.

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