Monday Multiples: Queen Mathilde

 Queen Mathilde has, so far, paired her Fabienne Delvigne designed textured woven pink calot with multi-looped side bow with two pink frocks:

Look #1: With a pink curved seam sheath dress with deeper dusty pink ultrasuede sleeves and neckline by Esmeralda Ammoun worn May 19, 2016 during a Jordanian state visit

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With a floral printed pleated neckline midi dress with unlined floating sleeves by Giambattista Valli worn on a trip to Germany, July 10, 2019

Which dress do you prefer most with this hat?

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated 

15 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Mathilde

  1. I’ll go with the second dress because of how the design picks up the floral motif in the dress. In theory, I shouldn’t like this hat since it does read a little fussy. But the texture is appealing and a little unexpected with the retro shape.

  2. Funny how the opinions in this post are going in every direction, positive and negative on both the hat and the two dresses. My own opinion — I like both of the dresses, and when I see only the front rim of the hat plus a bit of the bow, I like the hat with both dresses. (Though better with the first.) But then I look at the close-up of the hat and my opinion is very negative. “Textured” is a kind word to describe this hat. The bow is fine, but that criss-cross design on the netting does not, in my opinion, look like a couture design befitting a queen. I would have preferred the hat if it were of solid material with the netting only used for the bow, and lose the criss-cross decoration entirely. One other thing: in the slideshow of the first dress, in the third photo, Mathilde is positioned so that the hat is perfectly aligned with what appears to be the top of a lamp-post, and the little green things look like they’re part of the hat, which actually makes it look much more interesting.

    Of the three alternatives suggested by EM, I like the first two, though I’m wondering if they’re too pale a shade of pink. The third suggestion, not so much.

  3. I don’t really care for the hat either. It’s too fussy. Also, this type of hat, with its placement the back of the head, reminds me of graduates who wear their mortar board on the back of their head so that they don’t mess up their bangs. I love the second dress though, so I guess I’ll pick Look #2.

    • I also don’t like this hat for the same reasons. Fussy and the bow is messy. I also really don’t like the fleshy top and sleeves on the first dress. The second dress is very pretty and if it was with a different hat it would be a great outfit.

      • Embed from Getty Images

      • Embed from Getty Images

      • Embed from Getty Images

      • Embed from Getty Images

      • Embed from Getty Images

      • Embed from Getty Images

      • Embed from Getty Images

      • Embed from Getty Images

    • Embed from Getty Images

    • Embed from Getty Images

  4. My initial response is what a nice hat, but I don’t really like either dress. The colour goes beautifully with the terrible top of the first dress; and the overall look blends with the pink chrysanthemums on the second dress. I like the second dress slightly better than the first, so that gets my begrudging vote!

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