Inventory: Princess Stéphanie’s Pink Hats

Since joining the Grand Ducal family nearly eight years ago, the Hereditary Grand Duchess has stepped out in several pink hats:

1.  2. 3.
Designer: unknown; Sylvia Martinez; Sylvia Martinez
Introduced: June 23, 2014; June 23, 2017; June 23, 2018

 4.  5. 
Designer: both are Sylvia Martinez
Introduced: June 23, 2019October  16, 2019  

Some of you may remember back in 2016, Spanish-born, France-based milliner Sylvia Martinez participated in an exhibition attended by Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie. Sylvia took the opportunity to create two custom hats for the Grand Duchess and Hereditary Grand Duchess that she presented at this meeting. Stéphanie wore the hat designed for her in May 2017 (the hat designed for the Grand Duchess is the marvelous #5), kicking off an ongoing collaboration with Sylvia  that includes four of the pieces seen above. While I do like to see royals try designs from different milliners, Sylvia’s beautifully detailed work has helped Stéphanie find her own millinery style- she really shines in those bright pink perchers, doesn’t she?

Which pink hats in Princess Stéphanie hat closet are your favourites?

Photos from  Mark Rendersvia Getty; Catholic Church of Luxembourg; Catholic Church of Luxembourg; Patrick van Katwijk and Olivier Matthys/WireImage via Getty

5 thoughts on “Inventory: Princess Stéphanie’s Pink Hats

  1. the first hat looks like a black cake like crown was added (I know it’s from the person behind it)
    I agree with JamesB though if you look at this selection of Sylvia Martinez, she’s quite adventurous with hat shapes and colors

  2. The #2 pink hat reminds me of the pink ensemble the Duchess of Cambridge wore to Trooping the Color 2017. The color really suits her. I absolutely love the magenta #5. The color is fantastic on her!
    I agree with JamesB that the positioning and size of the hats are a bit off. I think they’re slightly too small, and I’d like to see these perchers become larger like the ones the DoC wears. I think that would frame her face in a lovely way and add more substance and style.
    I quite like HGD Stephanie. Her and her husband seem to have a very happy marriage, and a lovely newborn. Although some of her outfits aren’t as stylish as we would like to see, I always go back to her wedding dress which was so stunning.

  3. #5 is lovely. #3 looks too much like a salad, and #4 looks like it’s sporting a plastic aquarium decoration. I’m not quite sure what #1 is, but it looks particularly amusing when combined with the kepi of the soldier standing behind her.

  4. I didn’t know the story of her and this milliner. It makes me like the hats more! She looks so good in pink, especially the bright pinks.

  5. I agree, these hats suit her really well. The magenta one is stunning, and the wide brimmed pale one is so pretty.

    With Stephanie I always feel it’s often a tiny bit off. The placement of the hats is never just right, or the pairing with the outfit a puzzler. She wears some lovely things but her looks so often don’t quite work for me. I think she needs a stylist (or a new one), to just add a bit more polish. But she always looks very happy and also so contented with her husband, so that’s all that matters really I guess!

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