Hat From the Past

Royal Hats 49 years to October 14,1971. Queen Elizabeth visited Scammonden Reservoir in West Yorkshire in this graphic floral textured turban. You’ll see from the bottom photo (taken in Canada in May of the same year) it’s a vibrant red. Talk about flower power!

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II, Governor General Michener, Mrs. Trudeau and Prime Minister Trudeau on route to Victoria, B.C. May 3, 1971. (CP PHOTO/Bill Croke)

Photo from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Whoa! I was not expecting that. It’s a lot of look but as others have said, very much of its time. As is Mrs. Trudeau! I can’t help but see a certain video game character though 😀

  2. How interesting…..and thank you Jimbo for the additional images.
    It’s always amazing after literally decades of following HM in the news and royal coverage, to be completely surprised by something not seen before!
    This is a real gem…..totally of it’s time and almost has a Marimekko vibe to the textile print. Looks like a very luxe fabric with the texture and saturated colors, and the coat was clearly designed with the hat in mind (or vice versa) — when one looks at the perfect color match and how the buttons were selected to restate aspects of the print. It’s a bit of a shock to see it now, but this would have been surprisingly au courant back in the day!!

  3. I love this crazy hat! HM must have enjoyed it also, as she debuted it on the previous Christmas. I think poinsettias on the hat would have been more season-appropriate than daisies.

    December 25, 1970: St. George’s Chapel
    Embed from Getty Images

    She visited RAF Brize Norton on March 12, 1971. Every angle of HM’s hat is visible. The beginning of the video shows certain members of the audience going “hog wild!” Happy weekend, all.

  4. Absolutely love this hat. It’s just screams 70s abs so fun to see HM looking right on the money with the trends of the time. The red is beautiful too.

  5. Extraordinary how hats that at the time did not feel so daring, can with the benefit of hindsight be seen as real expressions of the day. I live these graphic embroidered daisies that have an ‘ethnic’ quality to them.

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