Queen And Duke of Cambridge Visit Science Lab

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Cambridge visited the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) at Porton Down Science Park near Salisbury yesterday. To view counter intelligence tactics, a demonstration of a Forensic Explosives Investigation and open the new Energetics Analysis Centre, the queen repeated her dusty pink coat and hat with domed crown and downward facing brim, trimmed with black and pink hatbands and a side spray of handmade silk flowers.

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While the hat is covered in the same brushed wool as the Queen’s coat, the overall ensemble does not suffer from ‘one note syndrome’ thanks to contrast provided by the slim black hatband and lovely silk flowers adding some dimension and colour to the design. It remains an impeccably finished and beautifully balanced design.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Mar 13, 2019Mar 27, 2018

What do you think of this hat on its third outing?

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13 thoughts on “Queen And Duke of Cambridge Visit Science Lab

  1. Seeing HM out and about again made me so so so happy! I have always liked this ensemble, it’s cheery which is what we all need right now. Love the dress underneath, not what I would have expected but it goes well with the coat and hat. Thanks Jimbo for posting that! We don’t often see HM in a dress with a dark background. (Of course now I’ll find a million examples). Unusual to see the Grima with this coat, usually HM goes more matchy with the brooches. The trimming on the hat is classic RTM, in other words perfection. That slim black ribbon sets off everything and ties everything together perfectly.

  2. It almost feels like a short step back into normality… but of course it isn’t. Thank you, Madam, and thank you HatQueen for these pictures.

  3. Lovely to see HM out and about (she must have been going stir-crazy, even in a palace), but like others, I worry about the danger of her being among people, even with them having been tested! Pink with black is a combo I’ve always liked, as well as the interesting front closure on this coat. And I do like this brooch best of the three she’s worn with this coat — it’s a bit deeper a shade of pink, which stands out well and coordinates nicely with the hat’s floral embellishment.

  4. How wonderful to see HM out, and from the photos — good to see it was carefully managed in order to keep her safe.
    Pink, at least to MrFitzroy’s eye, often seems to be a ‘hopeful’ color on HM, so perhaps this illustrates the old adage: “The Queen never sends messages through her clothing, except when she does.” While it may seem an odd color for mid October, the heathered tone and the velvety brushed wool fabric makes it perfect for a transitional season outing.
    Even the Grima brooch, always a lightning rod, seems a perfect touch — given its provenance as a gift from Prince Philip, it was a nice symbolic way to have his presence with her.
    The RTM hat, is exactly as HatQueen says, impeccable and balanced.

  5. What an unexpected delight to see HM out yesterday, and in such a wonderful hat and ensemble! It’s especially great to see RTM’s quite flawless work on display for this return.

  6. Great to see her back on the job! The dusty pink is a little unexpected for autumn, but works beautifully in the austere lab setting. The hat is still a charmer. I went back to the posts for the earlier appearances to get a better look at those flowers — so lovely. I hope HM got to pet the dog.

    • I was surprised as well to see dusty rose in autumn, but then I thought it seemed appropriate. It’s very pretty and the hat is lovely and it somehow fits the occasion. I concur with you mittenmary that it’s so great to see her back on the job!!!
      Thank you Jumbo for the photo of the dress underneath, which I quite like!
      I think it was just a lovely event, and I’m happy that everyone physically distanced, conducted the event outside, and were all tested for Covid.
      I like the brooch and it fits well with the pink color, but…it looks so much like the coronavirus cell to me. It doesn’t mean I hate it, it’s just something I can’t unsee now. Sorry!

  7. Yes, it’s great to see HM out and about, having not seen her since the July wedding! The pink/black combination is very nice, especially when we see what the dress underneath looks like. Notice the black trim on the neckline and sleeves.

    October 23, 2019
    Embed from Getty Images

  8. Just happy to see the Queen out! It is a nice hat however and I too liked the pairing with the Grima ruby brooch to co-ordinate with the darker colour flower on the hat.

  9. My first thought, as I’m sure so many others had, was that it’s so fantastic to see HM out and about hatting again. I know it’ll be. Rare sight for a while, but was so great to see.

    The hat is still a winner of course; standard RTM but lovely. I’m still not a huge fan of the stepped collar on the coat, but that’s the most minor of quibbles!

  10. I really like this hat. I really like the whole look actually. I love pink and I love the black accents, they help tone it down a bit. And I’m always thrilled to see that gorgeous modern brooch.

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