Bourbon Parma Wedding Ten Years On

Prince Carlos and Princess Annemarie of Bourbon-Parma celebrated their 10th anniversary last week. Today and tomorrow, we’ll mark this anniversary with a look back at their religious wedding.

The couple was married civilly on June 12, 2010 in Wijk bij Duurstede in the Netherlands. Their church wedding was scheduled to follow on August 28 but was postponed due to the August 18 death of the groom’s father. Following a suitable period of mourning, the wedding was held November 20, 2010 in La Cambre Abbey in Brussels, the city where the couple met. Annemarie Gualthérie van Weezel was a parliamentary journalist in The Hague and Brussels for the Dutch public channel NOS while Prince Carlos w as a public affairs consultant for European Public Policy Advisors (EPPA).

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Annemarie turned to Brussels designers Jacques Devos and Pamela Hoffman for her wedding dress. They created an off-the shoulder gown in ivory silk with crossover V-neck ruched bodice and three quarter length sleeves.

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A slim silhouette followed the empire waist to the knees where it opened into a trumpet skirt. The back of the skirt flowed into a circular two meter long train.

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Annemarie wore the Dutch emerald parure tiara, a convertible piece with emeralds replaced with diamonds and pearls. Her veil was made by Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgreve out of….. paper! Chosen with a concern to sustainability (it was reported that Carlos and Annemarie wanted to emphasize their concern for a more sustainable world, the veil was handpainted and, as you can see here, was indistinguishable from lace (see its detail here, here and here). The ensemble was completed with pearl and diamond drop earrings and a white and pink bouquet.

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Ten years on, this gown has held up well. The paper veil is astounding, it’s  lace pattern pairing so well with the silk gown , giving both textural contrast and interest while not throwing the overall look out of balance. That’s not to mention the million points it already earns for its sustainability. The tiara was a bit too pointy for my taste but I can appreciate how the shape mirrored the gown’s neckline and I adore how the scalloped edge of the lace veil beautifully framed Annemarie’s beaming face. The whole look suited her well.

Today, the couple are parents to two daughters, Princess Luisa and Princess Cecilia, and a son, Prince Carlos.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at hats worn by family members and royal guests to this wedding. For now, I’m curious, dearest readers- what do you think of this bridal look a decade on?

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8 thoughts on “Bourbon Parma Wedding Ten Years On

  1. It’s a beautiful bride, mainly because of her lovely face and because she looks over-happy. The dress seems to be compiled from a lot of different dresses: a v-neckline, but still an empire waist, but also a mermaid skirt, a romantic veil, and so on.

  2. I feel that neckline requires a necklace? The bride must find it difficult to walk with that skirt design. And I find that the veil while unusual, does look like something white is sticking out of her head at some angles …

  3. Agree and appreciate all the comments on the fit and cut of the dress, but agree with Shanon—the smile and evident happiness really shine through!

  4. It is a little unusual to pair an empire waist with a skirt that flares from knee-level. The ‘rhythm’ of the skirt leads us to expect a drawing in at the waist to echo the drawing in at the knee, instead of going straight up from hip to bust.
    But as others have noted, the main thing here is the happiness, not the clothes.

  5. I agree with JamesB that this dress didn’t move well – possibly the narrow knee can’t pull a very large circular train without dragging the shape out. But I’ll bet the officially posed pictures were fabulous! I love the hair/tiara/veil combo, that was very successful. Overall, a win!

  6. It is a lovely dress and the fishtail is quite an unusual shape for a royal dress. The issue is that it won’t always photograph well as someone moves and jn a few shots the fit looks out, though I think it actually fits perfectly. My only issue with the dress is where the draped bodice meets the skirt, I feel it’s missing something.

    She looks so happy, and even though the toara has a few issues, she’s rocking it.

  7. She looks absolutely lovely. I do agree with k2classroom about the fit on the dress (thanks for pointing that out).
    I find I look straight at the bride’s face and merely glance at the dress. When I see someone so happy to be wed, I find they glow and look so beautiful, regardless of the dress they wear. Perhaps this comes from a very memorable wedding I went to when I was a teenager when the bride looked so angry coming down the aisle. She had obviously been in a disagreement with someone and it was so uncomfortable to watch and be part of that day.
    In one photo Annemarie looks so much like Princess Madeleine. What an absolutely lovely couple. I can’t wait to read the ensuing posts. Hopefully there’ll be mention of the smart dressed ladies holding the train!

  8. Annemarie looks gorgeous! I just wish the dress was fitted better around her waist before flaring out. I also would prefer flowers on the lace of the veil instead of the dots.

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