Dutch Queen Reopens Haarlem Museum

Queen Máxima was in Haarlem yesterday to open the renovated Museum of the Spirit. To visit this collection of 700 years of healthcare history and contemporary art, she repeated her charcoal felt brimmed hat with sharply upturned slice brim.

Embed from Getty Images

It’s a great go-to look for the Dutch queen and the hat pairs well with this grey dress, leaving its statement ochre yellow lace overlay skirt as the star. This event is this hat’s 11th outing- an understandable statistic, given its neutral colour, but surprising to me nonetheless. I don’t feel the same saturation with this piece as I do with other frequently worn hats we see, perhaps thanks to the significant lengths of time in between each outing, the different ensembles it has topped or it’s streamlined design?

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Natan.
Previously Worn: Oct 10, 2018; Feb 8, 2017; Feb 16, 2016Dec 8, 2015Mar 19, 2015Feb 17, 2015; Apr 5, 2014, Jan 30, 2014Oct 16, 2013Oct 5, 2013

What did you think of Queen Máxima’s grey hat on this occasion?

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated 

7 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Reopens Haarlem Museum

  1. Lovely ensemble, but from the front my goodness the yellow puckers dreadfully, almost looking like she has 2 pockets on her skirt. Otherwise an A1 look for Max.

  2. I’m wondering why I didn’t care for this dress during the last outing because this time I love everything! Grey is one of my favorite colors (certainly my favorite neutral), and this charcoal slice hat is just so easy, fantastic, and flattering; I’m not worried about the greys matching as it is quite difficult to do so with greys (especially with different materials). A delightful autumnal ensemble I was surprised and happy to see!

  3. The first thing that struck me about today’s post wasn’t the hat – it was the museum! Very unique and quite interesting displays for sure. Lately I have felt exactly like the gent in the 1st photo, holding his head up high!
    HQ, your October 10, 2018 link takes us back to the February 8, 2017 link. Maxima was in Mainz, Germany in 2018, wearing the exact combination she wore yesterday. The link below shows some great outdoor photos, and as Bristol stated earlier, the color matching is perfect in the sunlight.
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. This is a really good “work horse” of a hat, isn’t it? Its size and shape make it suitable as a statement hat worn by a Queen, but its colour means it is extremely versatile, and unmemorable (in a good way!), so that, as you say, HatQueen, one doesn’t get bored with it. This is a good outing.

    On my monitor at least, the photos illustrate the perils of colour-matching different fabrics – in outdoor light, the dress and hat colours are excellently matched, while under indoor lighting there’s a definite difference. I wonder if dressers actually try combinations in different lighting and decide what to match to!?

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