Monday Multiples: Princess Benedikte

One of the hats that fared well in our recent repeated hats poll was Princess Benedikte’s purple felt trilby. She has added two different hatbands to this hat and paired it with four ensembles:

Look #1: With a graphic grey and camel coat worn March 8, 2013 to a manufacturing facility

Look #2: With a magenta suit worn for a December 3, 2013 visit to an elder care facility

Look #3: With a grey textured suit with fur stole and a grey leopard print hatband added to the hat worn March 3, 2017


Look #4: With a multicoloured woven textured coat and heather purple dress, along with a purple silk hatband added to the hat, worn October 3, 2020 for the opening of Parliament

 Embed from Getty Images

Which hatband, and which ensemble do you prefer most with this hat?

Photos from from Niels Henrik Dam;  Allan Nørre Overgaard; Lars Krogsgaard; Ole Jensen and Ole Jensen via Getty; Getty as indicated 

17 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Princess Benedikte

  1. I always love it when royals make small changes to their hats in order to get wider use out of them.

    #1 – I think I would have liked better with either a solid camel or solid grey suit/coat — the purple would have gone well with either. Somehow as a third color, it just seems like an afterthought.

    #2 – an excellent combo, which could have been even more perfect had she been carrying the handbag from #1.

    #3 – this is an interesting one, as everyone is referring to it as grey, but on my monitor and screen it looks much closer to brown. As brown, the animal print hatband is a perfect choice — on grey, I’m not so sure, but I do like the suit with fur collar regardless of the correct color. Regarding the extra photo posted by Jimbo, I think I like the fur better around the neck than on the head.

    #4 – my favorite, with both the hat and the bag/shoes picking up the wonderful colors of the coat’s fabric.

  2. I seem to be in the minority here in that my two favorites are, in order of preference, #3 and #1. I love the exuberance of #3 and all the texture of the ensemble. And for me, #1 reads as true color blocking. The purse and hat are enough of a connection for me with those strong lines of taupe and black (or dark gray). The tones of the colors in #2 are so similar that it doesn’t read to me as color blocked, nor does it have texture. I admit regarding #4, I’m more than a little biased: the fabric of the suit reminds me very strongly of the couch my grandmother had from 1986 until her death in 2009, and that that’s all I can see.

  3. #2 is my absolute favorite! It’s a great and unexpected color combination, and the color blocking with the hat, suit, and shoes is just fantastic.

    #4 is a great look overall, but honestly a bit predictable for me in its sedateness and color coordination.

    I actually like #1 with the hat (and purse) bringing splashes of color to a neutral outfit (I’m also of the belief that not everything has to tie together color-wise to make an outfit successful). With the simple lines, colors, and details (i.e. trim), it all works for me!

  4. I’m in agreement with all the comments. I think the ensemble improved with each successive outing.
    #1: for a new hat, she could have come up with something better.
    #2: beautiful rich color combination. Nice touch with the shoes.
    #3: Benedikte wore the same beautiful suit just 5 weeks earlier, with a different purple/charcoal grey combination. Better of worse?

    February 01, 2017: Hanover, Germany
    #4: Just wonderful. Classy and elegant, as always.

    Get out your telescopes for the Great Conjunction tonight.

    • Jimbo, post photos of the Great Conjunction if you see it. We do have a telescope, but it has been cloudy for the past month, and we’re getting a big snowstorm tonight, so I can’t see it 😦 I did manage to see the moon up close 2 nights ago, and a falling star popped right over my head. That was very cool! Happy stargazing!

      • Come now Shanon, we are Royal HAT gazers, not star gazers. Google will have plenty of photos for you to enjoy. Where I live, It’s presently very cloudy and overcast, but Jupiter and Saturn did indeed come together.
        Happy holidays to you and your family.

  5. A good solid hat which suits Benedikte. Excellent combination in number 2 as the two colours complement each other so well. Number 4 is great too, with the hat picking up the colour themes of the outfit. Number one is not good at all, the addition of the purple hat and bag just make the whole thing look a mess. Number 3 works best in the first photo, when one can almost fool oneself that the hat is a similar colour to the coat collar, less well when the purple is more apparent (although I do think the hat band does nothing to make it fit in, it would have been better without).

  6. #4 unequivocally wins for me. It complements the coat so nicely.
    Although I love the outfit in #1, and the trilby style looks fantastic with it, the purple is perplexing when it doesn’t work with any of the other colors.
    The magenta works nicely with the purple in outfit #2, and I’m also impressed how she matched the hat with the purple on the natty gentleman’s wheelchair.
    Outfit #3 is glorious! She looks sensational, but, like Buffy mentioned the hatband doesn’t work well with tying the entire outfit together.
    Overall, it’s a great hat, and she looks exceptional in the trilby style.

  7. #1 is the only true fail — there is a purple purse there to tie it together but it’s not really enough. The purple flowers in the bouquet tried too!
    #2’s magenta paired with purple is striking. #4’s stripes are elegant. I’m in love with the fur collar in #2 but the animal print hatband isn’t the best choice. A plain grey one along the lines of #4 would have been better.

  8. I agree entirely with James B. I was favouring 2 until I reached 4. I’m all in favour of purple being viewed as a neutral colour that can be worn with anything, but also find #1 a bit puzzling as a combo.

  9. 4 and 2 no doubt. The last look is finally right with the out pie picking up that lovely textured suit. Abs red and purple is always a winning combo as in look 2. The first look is a puzzler as nothing links the hat to the outfit.

    A useful titfer though!

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