Danish Opening Of Parliament 2020

Members of the Danish royal family attended the official opening of the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen today.

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Queen Margrethe repeated her blue hat with low, rounded crown and short, sidesweep brim. The hat is covered in the same finely woven wool as her jacket and the hat is simply trimmed with a hatband and side bow in the same checked tweed as her skirt.

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Designer: Mathilde Førster
Previously Worn: Feb 8, 2020; Jan 14, 2020

Crown Princess Mary repeated her cuffed calot hat in black velvet felt. The feather trim we saw on the left side of this hat on its inaugural outing (to this same event, two years ago) was not present today, making me hope it is a removeable embellishment and not a permanent edit.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: Oct 2, 2018

Princess Benedikte topped a multi-coloured woven coat with her stylised purple felt trilby. The leopard print hatband we saw trimming this hat on its last outing was replaced with a silk one in a lighter shade of purple that gives a lovely note of both color and textural contrast and links beautifully with her coat.  It remains a great hat on Benedikte- the brim shape dictates it be worn at a jaunty angle that suits her so very well.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Mar 7, 2017; December 3, 2013;  March 8, 2013

What do you think of this trio of repeated hats today in Copenhagen?

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4 thoughts on “Danish Opening Of Parliament 2020

  1. 1st place: Benedikte. The purple of the hat is a slightly unexpected but inspired addition to this outfit, which is gorgeous right down to the colour of her lipstick.
    2nd place: Mary. Lovely outfit (those shoes too), I love the “event” effect of the satin skirt — like Queen Sonja in her velvet jacket worn recently. The hat adds elegance and restraint. The look is rather austere with this hairstyle; I prefer the softer effect of her hair as she wore it to this event in 2018; larger earrings too would complement the hat as it is so plain.
    3rd place: Margrethe. I don’t feel this hat style is her best look, and her suit looks too business- like and ordinary for an event like this. I would prefer to see her in one of her dressier ensembles and hats.

  2. Benedikte has experimented quite a bit with this hat! This is my favorite look for it. The hatband links it perfectly to that covetable coat. Margrethe’s blue remains one of my favorites, but it seems subdued for this occasion. I prefer the way Mary positioned her calot on its first outing, not so far back on her head.

    Love how they are modeling the non-contact greetings!

  3. Great choices of hats today. As much as I’d love to see a trio of new, flashy hats, that wouldn’t make much sense for an opening of Parliament. Queen Margrethe’s hat suits her well. The style is great. CP Mary looks very polished in her calot. I agree with Jake that Princess Benedikte wins today in her beautiful trilby. The color and style look great on her.

    Thanks for including the videos Hat Queen. It’s nice to see how the Royals are dealing with social distancing. Obviously every country has different rules, but I like the respectful head bob the Queen gives to everyone and the sweet blowing of kisses to her family. I miss seeing Princess Marie and Prince Joachim today, but I assume Joachim is convalescing. Hopefully he’s healthy enough to attend more events (New Year’s perhaps?) in the next few months.

  4. A more sedate opening of Parliament compared to many years (to be expected, of course), and it’s reflected in these choices of hats. All simpler and elegant, but of course my favorite (like usual) is Benedikte’s purple trilby. Trading out the previous two hatbands for this one in silk/grosgrain/satin/whichever material is ultimately is was the correct choice to give a nice contrast that ties in well with the coat without being too jarring.

    Grateful for the gifts of these hats in such uncertain times.

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