Monday Multiples: Crown Princess Mary

One of the winter hats in Crown Princess Mary’s wardrobe we’ve admired in recent years is her deep purple felt pillbox with feather side trim by British milliner Jane Taylor. Princess Mary (and her stylist Anja Camilla Alajdi) have paired this hat with four ensembles so far:

Look #1: With a streamlined ecru Cholé coat for the October 7, 2014 opening of Danish Parliament

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With a latte belted wool Oscar de le Renta coat and cream high-neck silk Prada dress worn for the March 17, 2015 Dutch state visit and April 30, 2016 celebration of King Carl Gustaf’s 70th birthday.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look #3: With a black and white textured Prada suit worn February 7, 2017 to open a jewelry exhibition in Aarhus

Look #4: With a textured pale blue Claes Iversen coat worn for the October 3, 2017 opening of Parliament

Which outfit do you prefer most with this hat?

Thanks to the Style Of Mary blog for ID on this clothing.

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated; Keld Navntoft/Scanpix; Søren Bidstrup/Scanpix;

8 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Crown Princess Mary

  1. That Princess Mary has been able to wear this classic hat so well with gorgeous couture outfits is what makes her an exemplar of elegance, I think; however, I do not find this hat worn with hair down especially flattering. I think #4 is by far the best showing, largely because of the styling of the hair.

  2. While not a huge fan of gravity-defying pillboxes in general, the only one I DON’T care for is #3. Its 1st photo best demonstrates my slight quibble: dark brown hair (yet beautiful,) dark purple hat, and a black fur piece worn outside. When the Royals with white hair wear very light colored hats, the same thing comes to mind for me.

  3. Excellent comments by everyone thus far.
    I love this hat so much. The color and style are so great on CP Mary that the hat works so well with all the outfits.
    I prefer the hat worn with her hair up (only slightly more), so my favorites are #1 & #4. I love how the purple shines in #1 against the white coat, and how the gorgeous fit in outfit #4 is displayed. It’s a very versatile, lovely hat.

  4. Like the previous replies, I find this hat to be so versatile that it goes equally well with all of these outfits, both in terms of style and color. I do find myself influenced somewhat by Mary’s hairstyle each time — I think the hat looks a little better with the hair up than down, and so I will vote for #1 and #4, and hope we have the opportunity to see it again soon!

  5. What a fabulous hat to start the year with. This hat shows Mary’s approach to the mix and match strategy – Máx uses this a lot with a stable of workhorse hats – Mary, does it in a quieter and less bold way, and this hat is such an elegant hat. I love how this purple hat is used as a neutral despite being a strong colour, and it’s styled brilliantly each time. I think my favourite is the fourth look against that lovely sky blue, but frankly they’re all great looks. Mary is a very elegant woman.

    • The styling IS very good each time, isn’t it?! I wouldn’t think to put the purple hat (and other accessories) with a pale blue coat but, as you say, it’s great.

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