Favourite New Royal Hat: November & December 2020

In November and December, a number of new hats made their debut. We return to these  bumper, pillbox, beret, boater, saucer and brimmed designs now with the intent to select a final semifinalist for Favourite New Royal Hat of 2020.

Please click on each caption link to jump to original feature posts with additional views, information and discussion on each hat. Here are the new hats you most admired in November and December, shown in random order:


1.   2.
Princess Kiko’s pale chartreuse silk bumper hat worn November 8
Duchess of Cambridge’s black felt beret percher with multi bow by Philip Treacy worn Nov 8
3.   4.
Princess Hisako’s green silk hat with ombre leaves on the brim worn November 8
Princess Charlene’s black Dior stemmed beret with veil wrap worn November 19

5.   6.
Queen Margrethe’s aubergine and red boater hat by Mathilde Førster worn Nov 27
Queen Elizabeth’s black hat with stitched leaf trim worn for Remembrance Sunday on November 8

   7.  8.
Princess Hanako’s apple green silk saucer with ivory leaves and feathers worn November 8
The Countess of Wessex’s black felt pillbox with applique feather by Jane Taylor worn Nov 8

This poll will remain open until Monday, February 8 at midnight GMT.  As usual for these polls, each computer or mobile device can vote twice per day for as many hats as you wish. Happy voting!

2 thoughts on “Favourite New Royal Hat: November & December 2020

  1. Hello HatQueen,
    I found a typo in the caption. No.7 is Princess Hanako (of Hitachi). No.3 is correct, Princess Hisako (of Takamado).

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