1954 Australian Tour: Tasmania & Melbourne

On Tuesday, February 23, 1954, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh left Hobart for Northern Tasmania. Landing in Wynyard, they embarked on a whistle stop tour of Northern towns Burnie, Penguin, Ulverstone, Devonport, Letrobe, Deloraine, Westbury and Longford before stopping in Cressy for the night. For this full day, the Queen wore a sky blue tailored suit and striped blue and white collarless blouse. The lapels of the belted peplum jacket were in the same striped fabric as the blouse, on the bias; the Queen finished the crisp ensemble with a white calot hat with folded back bonnet brim and a waved pleat on the side.

On Wednesday, February 23, 1954, the royal couple spent the morning on Launceston before flying to Melbourne for a series of welcome events that afternoon. The Queen wore a pale gold silk dress dotted with small black spots and matching coat with black buttons and velvet collar (see a better view here, taken in January 1954 in New Zealand). The ensemble was finished with black accessories including a black straw hat with small rounded crown and visor style brim trimmed with a black velvet slim hatband and side bow and a black veil.

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After opening Victoria’s parliament on Thursday, February 25, the royal couple attended a massive gathering of ex-service men and women and war widows at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Queen Elizabeth wore an casque design of individually made, overlapping leaves (or petals?) trimmed with a net veil.

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2 thoughts on “1954 Australian Tour: Tasmania & Melbourne

  1. The Launceton dress made me think of a similar print: Embed from Getty Images The spots/spatters are not quite the same, but how interesting to have an almost-duplicate 30 years later. I prefer the 1954 version!

    These photos show the details so much better than some of the earlier ones. I really like the wave and veil on the black hat and the petals on the casque.

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