Favourite New Royal Hat of 2020

I’ll skip the introduction and get right to the reveal- here are your top five Favourite New Royal Hats of 2020:

Embed from Getty Images
Duchess of Cambridge’s blue felt Hicks and Brown fedora with pheasant feather hatband 
worn Jan 5

Embed from Getty Images
Duchess of Cambridge’s red felt saucer with flowers and oxblood bow by Sally Ann Provan
 worn March 10

Embed from Getty Images
Duchess of Sussex’s green teardrop beret with net veil wrap and bow by William Chamber
worn March 10

Embed from Getty Images
Zara Tindall’s claret felt curved percher with cutout bow and arrow feathers by Juliette Botterill
 worn March 11

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Queen Máxima’s cream, tan and black striped straw saucer by Bettina Thomas
 worn Sep 16 

This poll was also a tight race for its runners up (again, just 100 votes separate these top five)- jump over to this post to see the final results in detail
Images by Getty as indicated

4 thoughts on “Favourite New Royal Hat of 2020

  1. Some stellar hats here. We may not have had a lot but the ones we had were GOOD! Máx’s is a worthy winner, but I thought Meghan’s stupendous green hat would clinch it.

  2. I wondered whether our enthusiasm for Max’s hat was due to being hat-starved for so long…nope it’s THAT good! The runners-up are also great, although I agree with Jimbo about #3 and #5. Don’t the pre-pandemic hats seem like a lifetime ago?

  3. I’m probably the odd man out, but I’d switch #3 and #5. As wonderful as the emerald green ensemble color and styling is, I think it’s over dominated by the netting.

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