Cheltenham Festival 2021 Day 3

For the third day of this year’s Cheltenham Festival at home, stylist Annie Miall put Zara Tindall in a classic felt beret hat trimmed with a large crystal bow. It’s another strong look, the hat’s whimsical bow giving focus and counterpoint to the sleek lines of the rest of the ensemble.

Designer: Julian Garner. Coat by Guinea London
Previously Worn: this hat is new 

Thoughts on this beret on Zara today?

Images from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2021 Day 3

  1. Very understated, but I love the uniqueness of the way the bow is made. The coat doesn’t register as navy to me and I think I would like it better if the coat looked more navy. (It is probably just the light in this picture.). It’s not a stunner like the last couple of days, but still a good, strong hat!

  2. Another winner. A bit of a twist but understated at the same time. And she looks stunning in this picture – really beautiful.

  3. Trickymum, you said 100% of my thoughts! (“Great minds . . .”) Here’s my racing card so far, which could change tomorrow.
    WIN: Day 2 (fantastic texture & color.)
    PLACE: Day 1 (Wonderful contrasting flowers – how would this hat look with Mete-Marit’s 1st look with the black hose on Monday?)
    SHOW: Day 3 (Save this hat for Remembrance Day and funerals. I suddenly have a hankering for a salty pretzel.)

  4. It’s a fine hat, but it just doesn’t make a statement in the way Zara’s hats usually do. I also wonder what it would look like with her hair down, because as is it feels a bit severe, especially with all the black.

  5. Have to say that #3 is my third favourite so far, with yesterday’s in the lead by a head in my Hat Race! If it remains placed by the end of the race is yet to be seen…
    Nothing really wrong with the hat, just that with such minimal decoration, and with the coat, it strikes a military look for me.

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