Queen Máxima Opens Children’s Art Event

Queen Máxima was in Groninger today to open the first children’s biennale art event held at the Groninger Museum.

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She chose a suitably vibrant and whimsical ensemble for the occasion, topping a pink trouser and tunic with her textured orange straw hat with sharply diagonal sideweeping slice brim.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

It’s a bold look that pulls together with Máxima’s jewelry and patterned pashmina and makes her stand out it a crowd. In some lighting, the hat takes on a pink hue from the tunic, further mellowing the look. It’s the most unexpected ensemble we’ve seen paired with this hat!

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: June 13, 2019; June 3, 2013; November 5, 2009

What do you think of this hat’s outing in Groninger today?

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15 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Children’s Art Event

  1. I really like pink and orange as a color combo, but I think the shades need to be in more contrast than the two presented here. While the color scheme is not done as well as I would like, my real issue here is the quite unflattering (IMO) top; in the last image of the last slideshow (with Máxima wearing a mask and head titled to the side) it looks like a hoodie, and like Lesleyc19 said, it seems to confuse how formal/casual this look should be when paired with everything else.

    Three hats in a row I like on Máxima, but unfortunately they’ve all been let down by their respective outfits this round. But I’m at least grateful for more appearances!

  2. I did not realize this hat was orange until I got here. Now I see it. I think another hat would have been better. i would rather a darker pink hat to keep all the accessories the same. I think the scale of the hat is good, just the color isn’t quite right in pictures. Hopefully it was more successful in person. I love the pink outfit and think it was appropriate for a an event with the kiddos.

    • I like the idea of a darker pink hat with this outfit. Or this whimsical design by Bettina Thomas could work.
      Embed from Getty Images

  3. I kind of love the orange and pink together, it’s bold but Máxima can carry that off. What I don’t love is the fact it’s a trouser ensemble; if it were a plain dress it would have been better. Lesley references The Golden Girls, and I’m definitely getting Dorothy Zbornak vibes now!!

  4. All I saw was a pink hat in all the pictures. It wasn’t until I read the comments that I went back and read the hat is orange. I wonder if she wore that color for the hat to match the kids’ orange shirts?

    I don’t mind the outfit, but it does seem a bit too casual for the hat. I wonder what her brown/beige straw one would look like with this? There’s a lot of colors to control – pink, dark pink, orange, blue mask, and nude shoes and gloves. I do like the jewelry which seems to match the outfit’s pink very well.

    The hat is a great color and shape on Queen Maxima, and it is wonderful to see her smiling and enjoying being with the Dutch people.

  5. It has a bit of a “golden girls go on a cruise” kind of vibe (and not in a good way). We have an orange hat, pink outfit and a dark pink pashmina. The habit of having one side of a top tucked is ok for casual but not for a more formal occasion. She should keep the hat but the outfit fits badly and the fabric is so unforgiving. The real problem with this whole ensemble is it doesn’t know what it wants to be – casual, business casual, semi formal or formal.

  6. I rather like this cheerful look! Nice to see the queen back in a big hat and the collection of pinkish hues look well together.

  7. It feels odd but maybe she wanted to show something artistic as it is an art event. The stance in picture one seems to say something. Trying to figure it out. The angle the hat is on is too snug and pulled down but? I do not get it…sorry.

  8. Well, I love the hat and I love the outfit, but not together. IMO, no amount of Maxima boldness makes these colors go together. I liked the hat much better with the 2019 ensemble. But the whimsical earrings and matching clasp on the necklace are great and a very nice finishing touch!

  9. Not too sure these work together. I like pink and orange. but I think this outfit needs something on a larger scale in orange besides the hat. Maybe a larger orange necklace, shoes, belt, something to tie it together.

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