Ascot 2021 Day 2: Earl & Countess of Wessex

The Earl and Countess of Wessex attended Royal Ascot again today, Sophie in another fantastic repeated statement hat. In muted grey-lavender straw, this hat’s button crown is surrounded in a mushroom brim raised on one side, entirely overlaid in ostrich feathers.

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It’s wonderful to see this piece again! The feathers are a triumph, giving wonderful lightness and whimsey to the piece; I so adore the mix of different shades from palest grey-purple to lavender and darker lilac. The impact of this hat simply would not be the same without that dimensional colour mix.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. Blouse by Soler, skirt by Suzannah. 
Previously Worn: Jun 21, 2018

Prince Edward was in his racing finest again today with his beautiful black silk antique top hat. Notice the racing horses on his tie!

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What are your thoughts on the Earl and Countess’ hats today at the races?

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9 thoughts on “Ascot 2021 Day 2: Earl & Countess of Wessex

  1. The “undercarriage” of the hat is a bit bothersome to me. If the brim were a bit more of a mushroom shape it would hide that better. But then perhaps the feathers would be too much?

  2. I love a picture hat and this one is fab; I liked it the first time and the combo with the skirt is lovely. I just feel it needs a bit more something on the top half – it’s been a really hot day so perhaps a jacket got jettisoned, but the blouse just feels a bit casual for Ascot.

    Very happy that Sophie’s doing a bit of a greatest hits. Wonder if she’ll dig out her enormous dusky pink boater tomorrow?!

  3. Not certain if it’s time, the skirt, or a combination of both that make me like this hat more than it’s premiere. I won’t say it’s a favorite (the skullcap base is a bit too visible for my personal taste), but adding more lavender and saturated purples into the outfit really elevated the look. What I’m really not a fan of is the blouse, which feels very casual for both the outfit and the occasion.

    Assuming Sophie attends tomorrow, I wonder what surprise she has in store for us then? Who’s placing bets on this one:

  4. The hat is welll thought out. Good colours and the feathers are Not overdone. Good colouring in the skirt but would like to see a different blouse.

  5. Not really a comment on the hats but, rather, the fact that members of the Royal Family seem to be walking much more out in the open than I’ve ever seen. I noticed yesterday and today in photos that they are walking in open areas of the Royal Enclosure. Over the years I’ve occasionally seen the Dukes of Glouster and Kent, Duchess of Glouster, and some other notables, but never this senior of members of the royals.

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