Ascot 2021 Day 2: The Princess Royal & The Earl of Snowdon

Princess Anne repeated an ivory straw teardrop disc hat with upturn on the rounded back of the design. It is trimmed with looped straw bows, silk flowers and large bows of net veil which give a light and airy feel to the design that is well suited to a day at the races.

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What worked today was the pairing of this hat with Anne’s jade silk jacquard dress. The dress is a statement (and she looks killer in it!) and letting it shine against cream accessories was a great call. Yes, the hat isn’t terribly exciting and yes, the dress is probably originally from the 1980s but together, they create a great look for the Princess Royal.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 20, 2018May 16, 2017June 10, 2014

The Earl of Snowdon also attended the races today in a black silk top hat.

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Do you love this look on Princess Anne as much as I do?!

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6 thoughts on “Ascot 2021 Day 2: The Princess Royal & The Earl of Snowdon

  1. Hmmmm….Did someone declare today “Old Hat Day” at Ascot and forget to alert the rest of us? Seriously though, if one is going to trot out a raft of repeats, this is certainly the way to do it…..All the ladies (and the gentlemen) look fabulous!!

    The Princess Royal: How wrong this could have gone, how very, very wrong…..and yet it works! Rather than an ad-hoc assemblage of dated looks past their pull date, everything works together to make a sum far greater than the parts…..and it’s the accessories that do the heavy lifting, making everything work together and look (surprisingly) fresh!

    The Countess of Wessex: It’s wonderful when a hat repeat is so transformed in a new ensemble that one doesn’t immediately recognize it. The skirt and hat are an amazing combo that work beautifully together. As others noted in comments, the blouse does seem a bit informal, even fussy — and perhaps the only thing that is a small notch off. A bit more simple and streamlined on top would have been lovely. Still, all in all, no quibbles from this onlooker!

    The Duchess of Cornwall: It’s basic vintage Camilla…..but it’s well put together overall, and it all works. This is a wonderful, if very familiar hat — a real Camilla Classic™ if you will. Pearls on the mask are a nice touch! Pearls on the dress bodice however, in a few of the photos, are perhaps a bit, shall we say, awkward in their placement, though MrFitzroy won’t get more specific than that.

    Is anyone else missing our Yorkie Princesses? Hopefully they are yet to appear, and it will be so wonderful to see HM join soon as well.

    Any predictions for HM? Millinery, Colors, New, Repeat? Other than predicting she will stay away from pink after her previous two outings — It will be fun to find out!!

  2. It is a great hat on Anne, and that jade dress is fabulous… and how flattering is it! Wasn’t sure on the pairing at first but I’ve got there.
    But for the love of God, will someone buy her some nicer sunglasses!!

  3. I’ve always enjoyed this hat on Anne and it’s pairing today with the jade/jungle green dress was a most excellent choice (also because I adore this shade of green haha). The only slightly awkward thing is how the downward point of the hat seems to hug Anne’s face when looking at her from (her) left, but seems to float out farther when viewed head-on or from (her) right, but I’ll chock it up to photographic illusions at this point. Definitely a winner!

    A very fine top hat on David, but it does seem to sit a little far back on his head than I would choose to wear it.

  4. Anne looks good again. This is a pretty hat, matched traditionally with her gloves, shoes and bag (not to mention the pearls!) to excellent effect.

  5. I don’t normally like this style hat but this one is really pretty. I don’t know a lot about men’s hats but to my eye, it looks like the Earl’s hat is just a bit too small.

  6. At first I liked the hat but changed my mind when I saw it from the side. The shape does not work. Too severe I think.

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