This Week’s Extras

Also on Wednesday, Empress Masako and Princess Mako were in hats to mark the anniversary of Empress Kojun’s death

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Patterned pink straw hat with darling lace butterfly trim by Ghanan milliner Velma Owusu Bempah
Lime waved disc with crin brim and silk flowers by London-based Irish milliner Philip Treacy
Striking white and gold leather folded pinwheel design by British Milliner Jennifer Rowley
Charming blue straw capulet with straw flowers and leaves by French brand Mei Mei France Chapeaux
Forrest green velvet bandeau headpiece with leafy vine by Scottish milliner Sarah Macgregor-Norrie
Adore the soft but strong statement made by this peach brimmed hat by Australian milliner Chris Mullane

Wonderful spring green brimmed hat with straw loops and feather by German milliner Ulrike Strelow
Exquisite 3D lace applique trimmed bandeaux headpieces by Tasmanian milliner Cessiah Alice
White teardrop percher with whimsical purple daisies by Australian brand Monroe Millinery
Sky blue bandeau with beautiful silk and velvet flowers by British milliner Inna Walker
Navy straw vertical saucer with gravity-defying fuchsia ribbon by London-based Filipa Cardoso
“Lemon Drop” design with fantastic graphic brim by Australian milliner Angie Jackman

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. As stunning as the hats are, I am most impressed by Sophie’s interview. She brings so much empathy to her work!

    • She does. And the subject is so heartbreakingly important. It helps when someone who is so much in the public eye draws attention to this.

  2. Thank you Hat Queen, for featuring my panama design “Dawn”.
    I love Ian Bennett’s exuberant rose headpiece and Inna Walker’s sky blue bandeau with silk rose. And also all the flower decorated hats shown last week in honour of British Flowers Week (all real flowers!):

    For those of your readers interested in Panama straw: “Dawn’ was my entry for this year’s Hat Design Contest of the Dutch Hat Association, where it took second prize. The theme of the competition was “Waste not, want not” and the challenge was to make something from a damaged Panama capeline and some brim off-cuts. Each contestant received a surprise package with materials provided by the Panama Hat Company (based in Luton, UK).
    Swipe to see the package I received:

    I had hoped for some colourful or patterned straw, so I was rather disappointed when I opened my parcel. Panama straw is quite sturdy and proved resistant to dying; it was a struggle to turn my bland capeline into something attractive!

    • I loved this even before I saw the “before” photos, but, wow, what a transformation! I never would have guessed that those raw materials could yield such a stunning result. The handstitched ribbon in sunrise colors is beautiful.

      And how fun is the fresh flower-decorated hat!

    • It’s always great to see how your hats come to life Wies, but this one was especially a treat since it was a specific challenge put to you. Are we gonna get a guest post(s) from you in the near future?? 😉

    • Thanks for highlighting the hats from British Flowers Week- I’ve been admiring them and meant to include them! And for the background story on your beautiful hat. I adore the woven ribbon.

  3. – I love Wies’ Panama capeline. Well constructed Wies! I loved seeing all the “progress” photos on Instagram.
    – the mustard boater by Sarah Sokol is very stylish. I could see Charlotte Casiraghi in this or Princess Elisabeth of Belgium.
    – love the white/gold pinwheel design by Jennifer Rowley. Maybe Princess Beatrice?
    – the blue straw capulet by Mei Mei France Chapeaux is beautiful. Maybe Beatrice Borromeo?
    – very funky peach brimmed hat by Chris Mullane. This would be stunning on Queen Mathilde.
    – the navy saucer with fuchsia ribbon by Filipa Cardoso would be gorgeous on Princess Eugenie or Zara Tindall.
    – I love the lemon drop graphic brim by Angie Jackman for Princess Laurentian.

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