Holyrood Week: Day 2

On the second day of Holyrood Week yesterday, Queen Elizabeth opened the new Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Museum at Stirling Castle.

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For this event, she repeated her mulberry straw hat with stepped crown and gently sideswept brim, trimmed with a side posy of handmade silk flowers and mulberry a straw multi-looped bow.

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The stepped crown shape comes off the same block as Monday’s new blue hat, this one a touch crisper in straw than the blue hat’s crown which is covered in fabric. The sidesweeping brim also works better in this iteration, giving a sense of lightness and lift to the piece while balancing with the silk flowers and bows on the opposite side. And the colour- well, it’s just sublime on Her Majesty.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat and dress by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn: Jun 8, 2018; April 1, 2018;  July 12, 2017June 24, 2017

We’ve seen this hat a few times- have your thoughts on it changed with this outing?

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9 thoughts on “Holyrood Week: Day 2

  1. Once again, the Queen is wearing a regimental brooc, this time a rep,I a of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, cap badge. The Argylls became part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland in 2006.

  2. I love the lightness of the straw on this hat as well as the profusion of flowers, and HM wears this color so well. Comments have been made over the past few posts about The Queen wearing many repeats rather than new things, but I wonder if at her age, she is getting particular pleasure out of revisiting some of her own favorites from the past. And what a happy smile — clearly the return to Scotland is proving to be an event to lift her spirits!

  3. Still an absolutely wonderful color for HM and I like the lightweight feel of the parasisal straw compared to her usual fabric-covered hats. Nothing else to say other than she’s putting on a good show for us with her hats during this Holyrood Week!

  4. Technically, this is a double hat day! I find it amusing that The Queen is viewing a museum exhibit on herself that features a previously worn beautiful blue hat. I would actually like to see her wear this blue hat again. It’s a nice shape, and can be updated with a different fabric bow on top.

    As for the mulberry straw hat she is currently wearing, there is nothing bad to say about it. It’s a lovely shape and color and the flowers and bows add a touch of whimsy. It’s a bright, cheery outfit and The Queen looks delighted to be back in Scotland.

  5. A wonderful color on HM! Like HMQM with her signature hat style, could HM’s current hat design be coming a go-to standard for her? I don’t mind it, and find it very flattering on her.

  6. I love this color and this outfit. I love that the hat is straw- it provides such a great textural contrast to the solid wool of the coat. I’m not crazy about the flowers on the hat, but that’s just a personal thing.

  7. Our Queen can wear every colour and this shows it again. I so wish they would give her some new hat designs. Also it would be nice if different trims were found. The artificial flowers are overused. Imagine 95 years old and can still do all that physical stair climbing and walking. So proud of her.

  8. This remains such a beautiful hat, and entire outfit. I predicted when this was first worn that it would get a fair bit of wear, and I was right – with good reason, it’s lovely. I think it’s the colour that does it for me, it’s so striking, and the cut and embellishment is left relatively plain to leave that to shine.

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