Duchess of Cornwall’s Pink Hats

The Duchess of Cornwall celebrated her birthday on July 17, an occasion we belatedly celebrate with another inventory of her hats. This time we’re looking at all of the pink designs in her wardrobe, shown below in order of debut:

1.  2.
Designer: Both Philip Treacy
Introduced: July 22, 2008; June 17, 2009

3.  4.
Designer: Both Philip Treacy
Introduced: June 14, 2016; June 17, 2016

5.  6.
Designer: Both Philip Treacy
Introduced: May 19, 2018; June 18, 2019

It’s a lot of barely-there blush! Camilla clearly prefers pastel hues, especially for her summer wardrobe, and she wears pink well. There are a few surprises here- I don’t recall seeing hat #1 before and it’s lovely! The other surprise for me was aside from the feather pinwheel of #5, these hats are one of two shapes- either the chunky crown/gentle sidesweep of #2 and #3 or the sharp slice sidesweep of #1, #4 and #6. They are wonderfully dramatic shapes that suit Camilla but I’d like to see a little more variation.

What do you notice about these blush beauties? Which hats stand out here most to you?

Images from Getty as indicated; POOL/ Tim Graham Picture Library, Max Mumby/Indigo, Chris Jackson, Chris Jackson, Gareth Fuller/AFP and Mark Cuthbert/UK Press all via Getty

10 thoughts on “Duchess of Cornwall’s Pink Hats

  1. I agree about wishing for a little more variety, not only in shape, but also in colour. I would love Camilla to bust out in a raspberry pink or salmon pink hat for Ascot, I think she would look smashing in stronger pink colours.
    However, number 2 is still in my top 5 hats Camilla has ever worn.

  2. Another hat worth including here, because of its pink trim (the hat is a natural straw) is this one. She wore it before marrying the Prince of Wales and in the early years of her marriage
    Embed from Getty Images

  3. Camilla wears the large brimmed hats very well. She has such confidence in wearing them (like Maxima), which I love. Hat #3 is stunning because of the softness of that flower. I think it’s just so beautiful. I love Hat #2 because of the contrasting pink shades. It’s stunning.

    I do see what Barbara sees in the similarity of Hats #1 & #4, but they aren’t the same hat. Hat #4 has a peekaboo cutout line around the brim, but other than that, yes, I can see them being the same hat with different flowers and ribbons. Strange that she bought 2 hats with the same style and texture and color, and then added a third one that is the same style and color. Regardless, they are all beautiful and she wears soft colors so well.

  4. Other than the interesting pinwheel (which I love BTW, it’s a work of art, even if it’s not flattering from every angle…) this is basically just two hats repeated. Number 2 is a classic, and has had a fair bit of wear. The upturned brims, well I’m just not sure why she needs a collection; they’re pretty much the same hat!
    I do wish Camilla would try some bolder colours for summer, they suit her so well!

  5. Camilla looks great in these hats. She and Maxima are the two royal ladies who I think carry off large hats so well. I don’t remember #5 at all, but I love it. They are all beautiful, if a little similar. My only small quibble is that I’d like to see her pair these hats with outfits in other colors. I like the monochrome look, but I think sometimes she could mix it up and go for a bolder color in her outfit. She can wear bold, saturated color as well as pastels, so it would be a nice thing to see once in a while.

  6. I like Camilla in all her pastel ice cream colours – although I secretly love her even more in dark colours. I think her collection of large hats far surpasses Maxima’s in design and Camilla wears the hats they never wear her. I love No2 and No5.

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