Norwegian Royal Wedding 20 Years On: European Royals

We conclude our look back at Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s wedding today with the remaining royal guests and what a glittering group it was!

Queen Paola wore the elegant Queen Elisabeth’s Art Deco Bandeau. She and King Albert attended with Prince Phillippe, the men both in uniform with caps (Princess Mathilde was in the last trimester of her pregnancy with Princess Elisabeth and remained at home).

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Princess Kristine Bernadotte (3rd wife of Prince Carl Bernadotte who was born a Swedish prince/Duke of Östergötland but ended up a Belgian prince thanks to his mother’s lineage after relinquishing Swedish succession) wore a tiara of unknown origin which, following her death in 2014, remains a mystery.

Grand Duchess Josephine wore the Belgian Scroll Tiara.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore the Luxembourg Chaumet Choker Tiara with diamond lattice base and pearls

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Princess Sibylla of Luxembourg wore her diamond Art Deco Tiara.

Queen Sofia wore the exquisite Spanish Floral Tiara.

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The Countess of Wessex wore her wedding tiara, a piece rumored to be made from four alternative sections from Queen Victoria’s Regal Circlet.

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Princess Laurentien wore the Dutch Ears Of Wheat Tiara.

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Prince Willem-Alexander attended with fiancé Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti (they married a few months later on February 2, 2002) who wore the base of the Dutch royal collection’s Antique Pearl Tiara. While we’re used to seeing this tiara with the pearls, this was Máxima’s first tiara outing and the smaller scaled version made a great inaugural piece for her.

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And finally- a pair of bachelor prince heirs, both in military uniform with caps.

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One poignant comment yesterday wondered if we’d ever see such a glittering array of jewels at a single event. After all of the social distance and pared-down scale of events we’ve all experienced over the past year and a half, it seems impossible, doesn’t it? I have, however, hopeful that as the next generation of crown princesses enters adulthood, the weddings of these future queens will enthrall and delight just as those of their parents did.

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Images from Getty as indicated; Scanpix and Corbis

7 thoughts on “Norwegian Royal Wedding 20 Years On: European Royals

    • They were engaged March 30, 2001 so their own wedding plans were well underway. Maxima would not have worn a tiara if Queen Beatrix had not offered one to her- I see this as a lovely gesture of welcome and inclusion of Maxima into the family. The tiara was also the smaller version of one of the more modest tiaras in the Dutch royal collection- a sort of “starter” tiara!

  1. Interesting to see that Sibylla, a lower-ranking royal from one of the smallest countries, has one of the best tiaras. She chose her parents well!

    I agree with JamesB that Letizia and Mary would have been welcome additions to this round-up, but at least we have Max already looking very regal in her entry-level tiara. Otherwise, Sofia and Paola are standouts.

    Thanks for the retrospective, HQ. As Beth commented yesterday, it’s good to have the diversion with so much bad news.

  2. Isn’t it odd to see some of our favourites missing/not yet on the scene. Letizia and Mary would certainly have brought it!!
    Again a bit of a mixed bag, though Sibilla really wowed; her Art Deco tiara is a stunner.
    Laurentien has always ploughed her own furrow… thankfully she’s decided to leave the ears of wheat alone for some time!

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